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Path of Exile 3.22 Frostblade Trickster League Starter Atlas Guides

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for starting a Frostblade Trickster in the latest Path of Exile league. In this guide, we will cover our Atlas progression strategy and the goals we aim to achieve as we progress through the campaign and into the endgame. By following this guide, you'll be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the league while optimizing your character's growth.


Path of Exile 3.22 Frostblade Trickster League Starter Atlas Guides


Early Atlas Setup - Focus on Unveils and Crafting

Atlas Tree:

Our initial Atlas setup is designed to prioritize unveiling items for important crafts while setting up our Syndicate interactions efficiently.

Here's how we break it down:

The Core Setup (30 Points)

  • Prioritize Unveils: Gathering unveils is essential for crafting optimal gear. It's recommended to focus on Syndicate encounters to unveil items efficiently.
  • All Hands In and Covert Stakeouts: Utilize these new mechanics to engage with the Immortal Syndicate more frequently, boosting your chances of encountering key members for unveils.
  • Essence Crafting: Use Essences to improve your early game gear, especially since initial gear can be suboptimal in Maps.


Notable Crafts and Unveils

  • Fire and Lightning Damage Taken as Physical: Obtain the Gravicious crafting option from the Betrayal board.
  • Weapon Mods: Look for mods like Elemental Penetration, Hits Can't Be Evaded on weapons, and other essential modifiers.
  • Chaos and Elemental Resist Hybrids: These are crucial for endgame survivability, especially given the importance of Chaos resistance.


Transition to Wandering Path - Tier 16 Mapping

Atlas Tree:

As you progress through the Atlas and complete your initial goals, it's time to transition to the Wandering Path setup for higher-tier maps.

Here's what you'll focus on:

Mapping Efficiency (Transition Points)

  • Progress to Tier 16 Maps: Aim to build a pool of Tier 14+ maps to prepare for the next phase.
  • Acquire Void Stones: Obtain your first two Void Stones to enhance your map drops.


Wandering Path Skill Tree

  • Maximize Connected Map Drops: Allocate nodes to maximize chances of additional map drops in your maps.
  • Utilize Support Nodes: Allocate useful nodes for higher-tier map farming, such as increased item quantity and rarity.


Final Setup for Embers and Acres Farming

Atlas Tree:

As you continue to progress, it's time to focus on acquiring specific resources for crafting and improving your character's gear. 

Here's the final stage of your setup:

Gathering Crafting Resources (48-52 Points)

  • Embers and Acres Farming: Acquire materials like Embers and Acres to craft powerful items, especially your endgame claw.
  • Crafting Mechanics: Utilize Crystal Resonance, Prolific Essence, Amplified Energies, and Harvest to create exceptional gear.
  • Yoke of Suffering: Aim to acquire the Yoke of Suffering for its potent bonuses.


Legion Farming and Profit

  • Farm Legions: Engage with Legion encounters for loot and the chance to obtain a valuable Timeless Jewel.
  • Profit Potential: With the changes in the league mechanics, Legion farming might be more profitable, making Timeless Jewels more valuable.



With this comprehensive guide, you're well-equipped to embark on your Frostblade Trickster journey in the new Path of Exile league. As you progress through your Atlas and follow our PoE Currency strategic setup, you'll be primed to tackle the league's challenges and take on even the most formidable endgame content. Good luck, and may your league start be a great success! Remember, the PoE planners for each stage are provided in the description below for your convenience.

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