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Path of Exile Vendor Recipes Guide for Early Game

Are you just starting out in Path of Exile and looking for ways to optimize your early game experience? Look no further! In this guide, we'll explore a comprehensive list of vendor recipes that can significantly boost your progress, especially in solo self-found (SSF) play. These hidden gems can help you make the most out of your early game vendor interactions. This guide is based on the insights provided by Sherbert and is designed to give you an edge in your journey through Wraeclast.



Socket Crafting and More

  • Crafting Speed Boots: Vendor three pairs of magic boots with 20% increased movement speed, and you'll receive a new pair of boots with a random movement speed modifier. This can be repeated up to 30 times.
  • +1 Physical Damage Weapons: You can combine quality gems, up to a total quality of 40, with any normal intelligence-based weapon to obtain a +1 to physical damage modifier.
  • +1 to Spells Weapons: Similar to the +1 physical damage recipe, you can also use quality gems to achieve a +1 to spell skill gems modifier on any normal intelligence-based weapon.
  • Minion Skill Helm: Turn any normal helmet and any quality minion skill gem totaling 40 quality into a helm with a +1 to all minion skill gems modifier.
  • Combining Animate Stones: Combine the Might, Harmony, and Eminence Animate Stones to create an Animus Stone.



Unique Item Recipes

  • Kingmaker and Soul Taker: Trade in Kingmaker's Might, Harmony, and Eminence Animate Stones to create the Kingmaker unique item. Note that Soul Taker is expensive, but Kingmaker is a must-have.
  • Creating Magma Eclipse: Combine Invictus Solaris and a fusing orb to create the Magma Eclipse shield, a valuable addition to early SST (Spectral Shield Throw) builds.
  • Law of the Wilds: For any 60 unique rings, you can obtain a Law of the Wilds ring, offering a unique set of stats and properties.
  • Combat Focus Jewels: Combining 20 skill gems with any combination of rings results in Combat Focus jewels, providing unique bonuses to skills.
  • Dead Reckoning for Skelly Mages: Create a Dead Reckoning jewel by combining a 20 quality Summon Skeletons gem with a normal, magic, rare, or unique gem of the same base type.


Gem and Experience Management

  • Downgrading Gem Levels: Using a Scouring Orb and a gem, you can reduce a gem's level by one. Combine it with a Gemcutter's Prism to reduce the level from 20 to 1, offering a cheap method to level new gems.
  • Divine Vessels: While this method may seem expensive, combining three Divine Vessels results in an unidentified Divine Vessel. Use this for capturing map bosses' souls for future crafting purposes.


Path of Exile Vendor Recipes Guide for Early Game


Scarabs, Maps, and More

  • Scarab Synthesis: Combine any three scarabs to obtain an upgraded version of the same scarab, giving you enhanced map rewards.
  • Map Upgrading: Trade in three maps of a lower tier to get a map of the next tier. This recipe can save you time and effort when progressing through maps.
  • Chaos Recipe: Collect rare items for a full set of gear (weapon, helmet, body armor, gloves, boots, amulet, two rings, and belt) to obtain Chaos Orbs. This is a valuable early-game currency farming method.


These recipes can be incredibly helpful in optimizing your early game experience in Path of Exile, particularly if you're playing solo self-found. They can enhance your gear, skills, and progression through maps, giving you a significant advantage as you traverse Wraeclast. Make sure to bookmark this guide and refer back to it whenever you need to refresh your memory on these valuable vendor interactions. 

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