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PoE League Start Currency Guide: Atlas Progression Strategies

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into a powerful league start strategy for Path of Exile that includes an innovative Atlas progression approach and two distinct currency-making strategies. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to optimize your progression or a new player seeking effective ways to build wealth in the game, this guide has you covered.


PoE League Start Currency Guide: Atlas Progression Strategies


Atlas Progression: Wandering Path Strategy

Traditionally, players have focused on strategies involving Essence Strongboxes and Expedition to build up map pools and progress through map tiers. However, a new approach has emerged, known as the Wandering Path Strategy, which aims to provide both map sustain and progression speed. This strategy is particularly effective for builds that require minimal Poe currency investment.


- Atlas Tree


- Core of the Strategy: Wandering Path Passive

At the center of this strategy lies the "Wandering Path" passive on the Atlas passive tree. This unique passive doubles the effect of all small Atlas passive skills while disabling notables. The key nodes to focus on are the ones that grant a percentage chance for monsters to drop additional connected maps. By investing enough points in these nodes, you can achieve a 100% chance to drop connected maps.


- Advantages of the Strategy

  • Infinite Map Sustain: Running maps will consistently drop connected maps, ensuring a continuous map pool.
  • Higher Map Tier Drops: Connected maps are likely to be of tier-appropriate or even higher tiers.
  • Targeted Map Completion: The strategy allows for targeting maps adjacent to ones you already have, aiding overall map completion.
  • Map Overabundance: You'll accumulate an excess of maps, potentially enabling map sales for additional currency.
  • Faster Atlas Progression: The abundance of maps enables quicker tier progression and easier access to end-game content.


- Implementation Steps

  • Allocate points to the Wandering Path passive on the Atlas passive tree.
  • Prioritize nodes that grant a percentage chance for connected map drops.
  • Progress through maps efficiently, focusing on boss kills for map completion.
  • Experience the benefits of infinite map sustain and targeted map drops.


Currency-Making Strategy 1: Legion Stream of Consciousness

The Legion Stream of Consciousness strategy leverages the new Kirac modifier for Legion encounters to maximize currency gains. This strategy is ideal for players seeking consistent currency accumulation and who are interested in Legion mechanics.


- Atlas Trees


- Key Features

  • Kirac Modifier: The new Kirac modifier boosts Legion encounters, enhancing profitability and accessibility.
  • Efficient Clearing: Open-layout tier 14 to 16 maps are ideal for quick Legion farming.
  • Smooth Transition: The strategy is a seamless transition from the Wandering Path approach.
  • Currency and Emblems: Focus on generating currency, which can be invested in emblems for boosting profits.


- Execution

  • Chisel and Vaal a tier 14 to 16 map.
  • Apply the Kirac Legion modifier and activate Legion encounters.
  • Focus on opening as many Legion mobs as possible and acquiring currency items.
  • Accumulate currency for gear upgrades and other investments.


Currency-Making Strategy 2: Seventh Gate Heist Essence Speed Farming

The Seventh Gate Heist Essence strategy is designed for players interested in quick currency gains by utilizing Heist and Essence mechanics. It's an excellent choice for those who enjoy fast-paced gameplay and want to capitalize on the exclusivity of Seventh Gate.


- Atlas Trees


- Key Features

  • Exclusive Modifier: Seventh Gate grants access to all Kirac modifiers, offering a significant edge over competitors.
  • High Monster Kills: This strategy generates a substantial number of monster kills per hour, leading to silver coin and sanctum book drops.
  • Smooth Transition: Like the previous strategy, this one also provides a seamless transition from the Wandering Path approach.
  • Accessibility: No need for a significant investment in favorites or void Stones.


- Execution

  • Choose a tier 14 to 16 map and apply the Heist Kirac modifier.
  • Focus on opening Heist caches, Essence cases, and killing the boss.
  • Quickly move through maps, accumulating currency and sanctum books.
  • Capitalize on exclusivity and generate profits by selling Heist contracts and blueprints.


Choosing Your Strategy

Both the Legion Stream of Consciousness and Seventh Gate Heist Essence strategies offer unique advantages. The former provides a reliable currency income with streamlined Legion encounters, while the latter offers exclusivity and fast-paced gameplay. Choose based on your preferences and playstyle.



With the Wandering Path Strategy as your foundation, you can progress through the Atlas swiftly and embark on one of two powerful currency-making strategies: Legion Stream of Consciousness or Seventh Gate Heist Essence Speed Farming. Whether you seek consistent currency gains or an edge over competitors, these strategies will equip you to conquer Path of Exile's challenges and thrive in its ever-evolving economy.

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