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RuneScape 3 AFK Hermod Boss Guide: Easy Strategies and Setup

Are you ready to take on the Hermod, the first boss of the Necromancy release in RuneScape 3? This guide will show you a fully AFK strategy to defeat Hermod and improve your chances of obtaining the elusive pet and RS Gold drop. Follow our tips to streamline your experience and optimize your gear setup for efficient kills.


RuneScape 3 AFK Hermod Boss Guide: Easy Strategies and Setup


Boss Mechanics Overview

Hermod may seem daunting at first, but its mechanics are relatively simple to manage.


Here's a breakdown of its key mechanics:

- Slam Attack

Hermod periodically performs a slam attack during the fight. This attack is easily telegraphed, giving you ample time to dodge it. Alternatively, you can choose to tank the attack, as its maximum hit is around 2500 when the full book is active.


- Phantoms and Immunity Phase

Around the 50 to 55-second mark, Hermod will spawn Phantoms and become fully immune to damage. These Phantoms must be eliminated before you can damage Hermod again. If you don't have sufficient DPS, you might struggle with this phase and eventually succumb to the damage, making it important to manage your damage output.


Gear Setup

Having the right gear setup is crucial for a successful AFK Hermod encounter. Here's a breakdown of the recommended gear:


- Relics

Use Persistent Rage as it's essential for regenerating adrenaline between kills. Other relics are flexible but consider prioritizing ones that boost your damage potential.


- Armor and Weapons

  • Use power armor such as tier 70 or 80, or even tier 90 for more consistent results.
  • Equip the Salve Amulet (e) for its impressive damage bonus against undead creatures.
  • Utilize tier 90 weapons for optimal damage output, and if not available, tier 80 can work well too.



Ensure your inventory includes essential items like weapon poison, overloads, and other potions for sustained performance. The Cinderbanes gloves are recommended due to the poison damage synergy with the blood reaver. You can customize the rest of your inventory according to your preferences.


Action Bar and Abilities

For your action bar, focus on abilities that maximize your damage output. Utilize the Skeleton Warrior special attack, Death's Swiftness, and Volatile Magic. A simple yet effective action bar setup will help you achieve consistent results.



Before engaging Hermod, ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • Necromancy level 80 or above.
  • Herblore level 100 or higher for crafting Elder overloads.
  • Prayer level 92 or higher for access to Soul Split. Consider reaching level 95 for the best curse.
  • Invention level 99 or 120 for optimal perks.


Quests and Skills

Completing specific quests is necessary to access Hermod and enhance your capabilities:

  • Spirit of War: Unlocks access to Hermod.
  • Haunted Mine: Grants the Salve Amulet (e).
  • The Temple at Senntisten: Provides access to powerful Curses.
  • Plague's End: Unlocks combination potions, enhancing your effectiveness.


Strategy and Execution

Here's a step-by-step guide to the AFK strategy against Hermod:

  • Position yourself close to the boss entrance.
  • Ensure you're fully prepared with overloads, prayers, and other necessary items.
  • Activate your Penance aura for prayer sustain.
  • Engage Hermod and follow the action bar abilities, emphasizing the Skeleton Warrior's special attack, Death's Swiftness, and Volatile Magic.
  • During the Phantom phase, eliminate the Phantoms to remove Hermod's immunity.



With this guide, you're well-equipped to tackle the Hermod boss in RuneScape 3 using an AFK strategy. Optimize your gear, action bar, and abilities to improve your chances of success and obtain the coveted Hermod pet. Remember, persistence pays off, and by following these strategies, you'll be well on your way to conquering this boss. 

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