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Which Necrom Armour Sets are Good for PVP in ESO, 2023?

Greetings, fellow ESO enthusiasts! The Necrom chapter has graced us with its presence for quite some time now, bringing with it an array of new content, zones, quests, and of course, the arcane Necromancer class. Today, we'll delve into the new armour sets introduced in this chapter, with a particular focus on their effectiveness in PvP scenarios. The selection of armour sets can greatly influence your PvP experience, and in this guide, we'll break down and rank the viability of these sets in different PvP environments.


Which Necrom Armour Sets are Good for PVP in ESO, 2023?


Understanding the Rankings

Please keep in mind that these rankings are based on my personal opinions and insights. PvP is a diverse and dynamic field, and individual preferences may vary. The beauty of ESO lies in the fact that there's no one-size-fits-all approach, and players can experiment to find their own playstyle. Let's dive into the armour sets and assess their potential in PvP combat.


Overland Armor Sets

Vivex Duality:

  • Set Stats: Max Magicka, Max Stamina, Max Magicka Recovery
  • Five-Piece Bonus: Restores Magicka and Stamina after staying on one bar for 15 seconds.
  • Verdict: Not recommended for PvP due to the fast-paced nature of combat. Waiting 15 seconds for resource restoration can leave you vulnerable and hinder your ability to react effectively.


Kinmune's Whim:

  • Set Stats: Weapon and Spell Damage
  • Five-Piece Bonus: Gains weapon and spell damage based on monster XP gained from kills.
  • Verdict: While intriguing, this set isn't suitable for PvP, as consistent monster kills aren't a viable strategy. The bonus needs to translate better into player combat.


Adamant Lurker:

  • Set Stats: Max Health, Health Recovery
  • Five-Piece Bonus: Offers significant Health Recovery while stationary.
  • Verdict: Due to Battle Spirit's effect on Health Recovery and the prominence of the vampire curse, this set needs to provide optimal benefits for PvP scenarios.


Crafted Armor Sets

Shattered Fate:

  • Set Stats: Offensive Penetration, Weapon and Spell Damage, Critical Chance
  • Verdict: A strong contender for boosting damage output. However, the loss of two-to-four piece bonuses from different sets prevents it from entering the highest tier.


Telvanni Efficiency:

  • Set Stats: Max Stamina, Max Health, Max Magicka
  • Five-Piece Bonus: Reduces ability cooldown for living companions or resource cost without a companion.
  • Verdict: While an interesting concept, other sustain sets outshine this option for PvP due to the specific requirements needed to activate its bonuses.


Seeker Synthesis:

  • Set Stats: Max Health, Max Magicka, Max Stamina
  • Five-Piece Bonus: Reduces potion cooldown when casting abilities in combat.
  • Verdict: Potentially useful in specific builds, but its niche applications may not outweigh the benefits of other sets designed for PvP combat.


Trial Armor Sets

Peace and Serenity:

  • Set Stats: Minor Slayer, Weapon and Spell Damage
  • Five-Piece Bonus: Grants damage bonus when stationary or moving.
  • Verdict: The standing still requirement is detrimental in PvP, making this set unsuitable for dynamic engagements.


Soul's Torment:

  • Set Stats: Critical Chance, Offensive Penetration
  • Five-Piece Bonus: Increases damage after interrupting an enemy.
  • Verdict: The situational nature of the bonus and the inclusion of a minor Slayer, more suited for PvE, render this set less viable for PvP.


Transformative Hope:

  • Set Stats: Healing Done, Minor Aegis
  • Five-Piece Bonus: Grants major heroism when healing allies below 50% health.
  • Verdict: While potentially useful for support healers, other sets provide more effective sustain options for PvP.


Tavas's Resolve:

  • Set Stats: Armor, Minor Aegis
  • Five-Piece Bonus: Provides mitigation and buffs when under 50% health and stamina.
  • Verdict: The set's requirements and the irrelevance of minor Aegis for PvP diminish its potential impact.


Mythic Armor Sets

Mage's Amulet of Velocity:

  • Set Stats: Penetration, Damage to Monsters
  • Verdict: Designed for PvE purposes, this set needs to be better-suited for PvP due to its trade-off in light and heavy attack damage.


Esoteric Environment Greaves:

  • Set Stats: Damage Reduction
  • Verdict: The substantial loss of stamina outweighs the damage reduction benefit, making this Mythic less practical for PvP.


Crypt's Canon Vestments:

  • Set Stats: Ultimate Gain, Minor Heroism
  • Five-Piece Bonus: Transfers ultimate resource to group members and provides minor heroism.
  • Verdict: The support-oriented nature of this set may not compensate for the sacrifices in personal combat effectiveness.



The Necrom armour sets introduced in ESO's Necrom chapter offer a diverse array of effects, but their PvP viability varies greatly. While some sets show promise in certain scenarios, none stand out as must-have options for PvP combat. It's important to adapt these sets to your preferred playstyle and experiment with combinations that suit your character build. As ESO continues to evolve, we hope for more PvP-focused content and armour sets that cater to the dynamic world of player-versus-player combat. Remember, the enjoyment of ESO lies in its versatility, so explore, experiment, and find your own path to PvP success!

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