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PoE 3.22 Fast Leveling with Cold Dot Elementalist Vortex Build

Are you struggling with leveling in Path of Exile, constantly finding yourself distracted while trying to progress through the campaign? If so, you're not alone. Many players face this challenge, especially when they're streaming their gameplay. However, fear not, as I've recently set a new personal best in leveling speed during the Trial of the Ancestors league. While my pace might not match the world's fastest racers, I'm proud of the progress I've made, and I'm here to share my experience and some tips with you.



PoE 3.22 Fast Leveling with Cold Dot Elementalist Vortex Build


The Build: Cold Dot Elementalist

The key to my speedy leveling in the Trial of the Ancestors league was my choice of build: Cold Dot Elementalist. This build can be a savior for players who struggle with leveling. Here's why it's so effective:


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Vortex - The Instant Cold Damage Over Time Skill

The cornerstone of the Cold Dot Elementalist build is the skill Vortex. This instant cold damage over time skill becomes your primary source of damage. The beauty of an instant skill is that you can place it on your left-click button and let it do its work. As enemies come into its radius, they passively take damage and die. This means you can focus on moving forward, maintaining your Quicksilver flasks, and navigating through the zones without the constant interruption of stopping to attack enemies.


Passive Damage and Quick Progression

With Vortex handling the damage, you're freed from the usual struggles of stopping to clear mobs. This leads to a smoother, more efficient progression through the acts. Act by act, your leveling pace accelerates, and you'll find yourself reaching higher levels in less time.


Solo Self-Found Friendly

Even if you're not well-equipped with the best gear, the Cold Dot Elementalist build can carry you through. As long as you have the appropriate sockets and links for your skill gems, you can breeze through content. I personally managed to level up significantly without focusing much on gear optimization.


Navigating the Trial of the Ancestors

The Trial of the Ancestors league introduces a unique mechanic that might seem complex at first. You'll encounter enemy totems that you need to channel to drain their health while avoiding incoming attacks. Likewise, you can stun enemies by channeling their totems briefly and then interrupting the channel, leaving them vulnerable.


Tips and Thoughts on the League

Trial of the Ancestors presents a refreshing change of pace from traditional Path of Exile gameplay. The rewards you obtain are diverse and often substantial, rivaling some of the league mechanics of the past. While the league might not suit everyone's playstyle, its unique mechanics and challenging gameplay can offer a fresh and exciting experience.



If you, like me, struggle with leveling but still want to progress efficiently through the game, the Cold Dot Elementalist build might be your answer. Its reliance on an instant damage over time skill frees you from the usual leveling frustrations and enables you to focus on movement and positioning. Trial of the Ancestors adds a new layer of challenge and strategy to the game, and while it might not be for everyone, it's definitely worth trying out.

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