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POE 3.22 Hybrid Crit Lightning Trap Assassin Build: 50M DPS, Versatile and Budget-Friendly

It's time to dive into a league starter build for Path of Exile 3.22. This time around, we're focusing on a Lightning Trap build, known for its excellent mapping capabilities and solid single-target damage. This build is budget-friendly and boasts an intriguing gear progression that allows us to scale our damage effectively. In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to succeed with this Lightning Trap Assassin build, from leveling to endgame content like the Trial of the Ancestors.


POE 3.22 Hybrid Crit Lightning Trap Assassin Build: 50M DPS, Versatile and Budget-Friendly


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The Lightning Trap Assassin build is designed to clear all non-endgame content with minimal equipment investment, making it an ideal choice for league starters. The focus is on comfortable Atlas completion and currency farming in the early game. Lightning Trap excels in both map clearing and single-target damage, and the gear progression is well-balanced.


Skill Gems and Links

  • Leveling: You can start using Lightning Trap from level 12. Prior to that, you can use Storm Blast Mine or another suitable skill. For the Lightning Trap setup, use a three-link setup of Lightning Trap - Pierce Support - Swift Assembly Support.
  • Four-Link Setup: Once you have a four-link available, add Trap and Mine Damage Support to your Lightning Trap setup.
  • Single Target: For increased single-target damage, consider adding Lightning Spire Trap.


Gear Progression

Here's a detailed breakdown of the gear progression for this build:

  • Early Stages: Focus on progressing through the campaign with basic gear. Lightning Trap is already quite effective, even with minimal investment.
  • After Completing Acts: Start saving currency for Tinker Skin. This unique chest provides frenzy charges, phasing, and life/energy shield recovery, greatly enhancing survivability.
  • Crafting Weapon: If you still need to acquire a suitable weapon, consider crafting one with Shrieking Essence of Torment for added trap damage.
  • Gem Upgrades: Obtain a Divergent Lightning Trap to improve both map clearing and boss damage. The cost for these gems should be reasonable, especially as the league progresses.
  • Entering T14 Maps: Invest in clusters and gear upgrades to achieve 100% spell suppression chance, which is vital for tackling T16 maps.
  • Six-Link Priority: Aim for a six-link to boost your DPS significantly.
  • Unique Upgrades: Obtain Glorious Vanity and Slave Driver's Hand. Glorious Vanity enhances energy shield, improving survivability, while Slave Driver's Hand enhances trap throwing speed and provides a damage boost.
  • Change Ascendancy: Transition from Saboteur to Assassin for increased damage output. Acquire Forbidden Jewels with Pyromaniac for better trap sustain.
  • Maximize Damage: Purchase two Void Batteries and a Badge of the Brotherhood for a significant damage boost, enabling efficient content farming.
  • Additional Min-Maxing: If you wish to optimize your build further, acquire rings and a helmet with +1 maximum power charges. These items can double your damage.
  • Double Corrupted Tinker Skin: This option provides another DPS boost.



With these upgrades, your Lightning Trap build's damage should reach around 50 million, making it suitable for tackling almost all content efficiently. If you're looking to maximize damage output, consider using Relicsh's Impatience boots for quick charge generation in boss fights.


DPS Calculation Considerations

Calculating DPS for this build can be tricky due to several factors that need to be accurately represented in the Path of Building (POB). Some key considerations include:

  • Unaccounted Modifiers: POB may not include modifiers like Swift Assembly Support, Chance for Trap Triggered an additional time, and Chance to return to you.
  • Conditional Damage: Damage increases against Low Life or single Rare/Unique enemies nearby aren't fully accounted for.
  • Trap Stacking: Before boss battles, you can stack traps for burst damage.


Minimum DPS Formula

To estimate your minimum DPS, use the formula: (Skill Avg Hit x Trap Throwing Time) x 1.6 x 1.18. Remember, this is a baseline, and the in-game DPS will be higher due to the factors mentioned above.



Why Divergent Lightning Trap (LT)?

Divergent LT improves map clearing due to its effects. It also enhances boss damage potential, especially when projectiles return and hit the boss.


Why use Scepters?

Scepters enable the use of Vaal Smite (more damage) and Leap Slam (mobility). Opt for ones with high base attack speed for better mobility.


What's the purpose of Vaal Smite?

Vaal Smite grants a damage-boosting buff, greatly enhancing your map-clearing capabilities.


Why not use Vaal Smite with endgame gear?

Due to the weapon choice (Void Battery), Vaal Smite and Leap Slam can't both be used simultaneously.


How to increase extra survivability in T16 Maps?

Your defense is decent, but consider replacing Wrath with Grace for extra survivability.


How to increase more damage?

If you're well-geared and have high resistance, consider swapping your belt for Arn's Anguish to increase damage output.


Is it possible to start as an Assassin in a new league?

Yes, you can, but note that the campaign and early map progression might be more challenging compared to other choices.



The Lightning Trap Assassin build offers excellent mapping capabilities and strong single-target damage with minimal gear investment. Despite recent ascendancy changes, the build still excels as a league starter. The detailed gear progression provided in this guide should help you smoothly transition through different stages of the game, allowing you to tackle the Trial of the Ancestors and other challenging content with confidence.

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