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POE 3.22 MoM Crit Coc Ball Lightning Assassin Build: Fast Speed, Versatility, Budget Starter

Welcome to this detailed guide on the Mjolner Cast on Crit Assassin build utilizing Poison Ball Lightning in Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors. This build combines the power of the Mjolner unique hammer, Cast on Critical Strike Support, and the synergy of poison mechanics to create a potent and exciting gameplay experience. Please note that this guide is based on a solo self-found (SSF) perspective, showcasing the journey from leveling to endgame gear collection.


POE 3.22 MoM Crit Coc Ball Lightning Assassin Build: Fast Speed, Versatility, Budget Starter


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Leveling Phase

  • Start with the Poison Concoction skill for smooth leveling.
  • Obtain gear with life, resistance, and spell suppression for durability.
  • Utilize Plague Bearer and Shield Charge for fast mapping during leveling.


Transition to Endgame

  • As you approach level 80, the transition from Poison Concoction to Cast on Crit setup.
  • Respec your skill points as necessary for the build's core nodes.
  • Acquire gear with attribute requirements suitable for the Mjolner (400 Strength, 300 Intelligence).
  • Obtain an Elegant Hubris Timeless Jewel with Supreme Ostentation to mitigate attribute requirements.
  • Utilize Divine Orbs to acquire the Elegant Hubris with desired modifiers.


Key Gear Acquisition

  • Mjolner: Obtain the Mjolner hammer to enable the Cast on Crit mechanic.
  • Armor Selection: While ideal gear includes Skin of the Lords with Mind Over Matter, a solo self-found approach may lead to using Covenant for a 6-link setup.
  • Cluster Jewels: Craft cluster jewels with relevant modifiers for enhanced damage and survivability.
  • Enlighten and Empower Gems: Obtain these support gems to enhance the build's efficiency.
  • Watcher's Eye: While the original idea was to use a specific Watcher's Eye, explore alternatives, such as crafting a Shaper-influenced ring for desired modifiers.
  • Despair on Hit Ring: Craft or obtain a ring with Hunter influence to introduce Despair on Hit.


Crafting Strategy

  • Utilize Harvest crafting to acquire desired modifiers on gear pieces.
  • Maximize the quality of armor before attempting to 6-link it.
  • Utilize bench crafting for quality and exalted slams as needed.
  • Focus on crafting a pair of gloves that enable lightning damage to poison conversion.


Endgame Transition

  • Acquire Enlighten level 3 and Increased Duration level 4.
  • Transition to trade league to access better gear and awakened gems.
  • Obtain awakened support gems and gear upgrades to enhance the build's potential.
  • Acquire gear that improves damage, survivability, and utility, such as the Devouring Diadem.


Build Mechanics and Playstyle

  • The core mechanics revolve around Cyclone, Cast on Crit, and Ball Lightning.
  • Cyclone's critical strikes trigger Cast on Crit Support, casting Ball Lightning.
  • Ball Lightning's slow-moving projectiles periodically damage enemies with bolts of lightning, which can poison due to gloves.
  • Poison is the primary source of damage, and the build focuses on scaling poison damage over time.


Benefits of Poison Mechanic

  • Poison damage is powerful with minimal investment, making it suitable for the build's focus on solo self-found gameplay.
  • The high attack speed of Ball Lightning enables the application of multiple poison stacks.
  • There's no limit to the number of poison stacks a target can have, enhancing damage potential.


Comparisons and Considerations

  • The choice of Assassin over Hierophant allows for a unique gameplay experience.
  • While other builds may be more powerful, the focus here is on enjoying a non-meta, self-made journey.
  • The guide acknowledges trade league advantages for obtaining gear, and the build performs better there.



The Mjolner Cast on Crit Assassin build featuring Poison Ball Lightning offers an exciting and engaging gameplay experience. While it may not be the most optimized choice, it brings the thrill of crafting, upgrading, and exploring a unique build path. Whether played in a solo self-found or trade league, this build showcases the versatility and creative possibilities of Path of Exile.

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