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Poe 3.22 Currency Farming: Quickly and Easily Essence Rush Method

Effective method to quickly and easily farm Poe currency before diving into those uber facetank builds. With this method, I've managed to accumulate nearly 20+ divine orbs. The best part? You don't need a super powerful build for this; just allocate around 31 Atlas tree passives to cover almost all white tier maps, making it viable for any build. I call this strategy Essence Rush.


Poe 3.22 Currency Farming: Quickly and Easily Essence Rush Method


The Basics of Essence Rush

  • Map Selection: Start by running low-level maps, ideally tier 1 to tier 3. Chances are, you have a stockpile of these lower-tier maps stashed away. The goal is to target the map's essences and clear the encounter swiftly.
  • Optimal Map Layouts: Maps with simple layouts like Barrows, Beach, Dunes, Mesa, Strand, Atoll, Cemetery, and maybe Tropical Island are recommended. These maps feature straight lines or large zones, making it hard to miss the essence encounters.
  • Why Barrows Map: Personally, I often use the Barrows map. It's an open area with a few side zones that you can ignore since essences rarely spawn there. Barrows maps are readily available from other players, often at a cost of just one alchemy orb.
  • Essence Scouting: As you rush through the map, focus on locating and engaging with essences. If you're after efficiency, consider using skills like Shield Charge for faster navigation.
  • Remember "MEDS": To decide whether to corrupt certain essences with a Remnant of Corruption, remember the acronym "MEDS" - Misery, Envy, Dread, or Scorn. These initial letters correspond to special essences that can yield significant value.
  • Special Essences: The most lucrative essences include Insanity, Horror, Delirium, and Hysteria. These can bring in substantial profits.


Optimizing Your Strategy

  • Consider Kirac's Missions: Adding Kirac to the mix can yield more missions, which can be beneficial for future atlas completion.
  • Using the Map Device Essences: Using essences from the map device is a good idea. They cost only 2 chaos, and even if you encounter some unlucky streaks, the investment generally pays off.
  • Using Remnants of Corruption: Absolutely use them! You'll likely over-sustain these essences, allowing you to sell the surplus for additional profit.
  • Amplified Energies: Aim for Amplified Energies to raise your essences by one tier, boosting their value.


Enhancing Your Atlas

Allocate passives strategically on your Atlas tree to maximize essence encounters. 

Here's a simple path:

  • Take essences nodes to ensure every map has at least one essence.
  • Head towards Crystal Lattice for a chance at more imprisoned essences.
  • Move to Crystal Resonance, which can duplicate Shrieking essences upon release.
  • Consider taking Remnant of Corruption essence chance nodes to enhance your profits.


Atlas Tree


Selling Your Essences

  • Don't Upgrade Too High: While you can upgrade to Shrieking, avoid going further to Deafening. These higher-tier essences may be harder to sell, limiting your target market.
  • Pricing Consideration: Check the market for essence prices. While common essences typically go for around 1 chaos per piece, some might be slightly more valuable.
  • Quick Selling Tip: If you receive a flood of whispers within seconds of listing your essence, you might have underpriced it. Double-check the price to ensure you're getting your worth.


Final Thoughts

Essence Rush is a reliable method to farm currency efficiently, even without a top-tier build. By focusing on special essences and optimizing your Atlas strategy, you can make substantial profits. In my experience, I've managed to gather around 20+ divine orbs using this method, which has been a great boost to my early league progression.

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