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POE 3.22 Ficker Strike Slayer Build: 70M Damage, 100% Spell Suppression

Welcome, Exiles, to a guide that will redefine your experience with Flicker Strike! In this article, we'll delve into a powerful build that boasts astonishing damage, incredible speed, and impressive tankiness in PoE 3.22. With the ability to deal around 70 million damage, maintain 100% spell suppression, and have max block chance, this build utilizes a unique weapon that is currently underutilized. If this sounds too good to be true, prepare to be amazed as we break down every detail of this build, from ascendancy choices to gear selection.


POE 3.22 Ficker Strike Slayer Build: 70M Damage, 100% Spell Suppression


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Pros & Cons

  • + Massive Damage: This build can dish out a staggering 70 million damage, making it a force to be reckoned with against all foes, including bosses.
  • + Swift Clearing: With its exceptional movement and attack speed, this build excels at clearing maps quickly and efficiently.
  • + Strong Survivability: Boasting 100% spell suppression, max block chance, and substantial life recovery, the build is highly durable, even against powerful enemies.
  • + Unique Weapon: The use of The Savior weapon with reflections adds a distinct flair to the build, setting it apart from others.
  • + Maximized Frenzy Charges: The build's synergy ensures a high frenzy charge count, bolstering both damage and performance.
  • + Versatile Ascendancy: Slayer's mix of offense and defense offers versatility and enhances the build's overall capabilities.
  • + Dynamic Gameplay: The teleport-like movement and rapid attacks of the Flicker Strike create an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience.
  • - Gear Demands: Optimal gear, including specific unique items and mods, may require substantial investment, posing a challenge for newer players.
  • - Savior Weapon Focus: The build relies heavily on The Savior weapon's reflections for damage, potentially limiting weapon variety.
  • - Varied Damage: Flicker Strike's targeting randomness can lead to varying damage output and clear speed.
  • - Reflected Damage Risk: High damage output carries the risk of dealing significant reflected damage, especially against reflect monsters.
  • - Stun Vulnerability: Despite solid defenses, prolonged boss battles might expose the build to stun mechanics.
  • - Complex Crafting: Crafting necessary items and jewels, such as the synthesized shield, could require advanced knowledge and resources.
  • - Costly Investment: While the build offers impressive potential, recommended gear and jewel setups could prove expensive for newer players.



POE 3.22 Ficker Strike Slayer Build Ascendancy Screenshot

Duelist, Ascendant into Slayer is our chosen path due to its optimal balance between melee damage and tankiness. Let's explore the four key ascendancy nodes:

  • Impact: This node provides essential accuracy and strike range while also offering 15% increased damage to enemies based on proximity. Melee skills like Flicker Strike greatly benefit from proximity modifiers, maximizing damage potential.
  • Brutal Fervor: The core defensive node in this build, offering doubled life recovery from Leech and 10% global damage reduction while leeching. It allows sustained survival against tough bosses and extended encounters.
  • Masterful Form: This unique node sets our maximum endurance charges equal to our maximum frenzy charges. It also increases our maximum frenzy charges by one. A key factor that elevates Slayer above Raider in this build.
  • Bane of Legends: Provides a flat 20% more damage multiplier against unique enemies and 10% more damage if you've killed recently. Both bonuses stack, contributing to substantial damage output.


Passive Tree

POE 3.22 Ficker Strike Slayer Build Passive Tree Screenshot

Our passive tree focuses on frenzy charges, sword nodes, attack nodes, crit nodes, spell suppression, block, life, and speed. We utilize two large cluster jewel setups to enhance our leech capabilities and provide additional dual sockets. Notables such as Feed the Fury, Fuel the Fight, Marshall Prowess, and Gladiator's Fortitude contribute to our overall power.


Mastery Choices

Choose the 40% Physical Damage Converted to Cold mastery, as it's essential for this build. Additionally, the 120% Increased Critical Strike Chance with Swords mastery is selected, although it sacrifices 20% critical strike multiplier. This downside is compensated by the 25% Increased Critical Strike Multiplier against Unique Enemies from the Slayer ascendancy.



  • Main Hand Weapon: The Savior. Utilizing this unique weapon is unconventional but highly effective. Its recent buff makes it comparable to the best rare swords, especially when paired with the reflections it creates.
  • Synthesized Rare Shield: This shield provides bonuses like +1 maximum frenzy charges and block chance. Crafted with the essence of sorrow, it offers a desirable combination of stats for our build.
  • Replica Farrul's Fur: Generating maximum frenzy and endurance charges, this unique item enhances our damage potential.
  • Darkray Vectors: Offering increased frenzy charge generation and movement speed, these boots synergize well with our build.
  • Arms of Anguish: This unique belt converts endurance charges into brutal charges, granting a significant damage boost.
  • Synthesized Rare Ring: This ring provides +1 maximum frenzy charge, along with various damage mods.
  • Rare Amulet: A generic rare amulet with life, crit chance, crit multi, and added physical damage to attacks. Anoint the Forensic notable for an additional frenzy charge.
  • Unique Flicker Gloves: These gloves come with +2 maximum frenzy charges, +2 strike targets, and physical damage converted to cold.


Gem Setup

  • Main 6-Link: Flicker Strike, Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks, Awakened Cold Penetration, Awakened Multistrike, Ice Bite, Close Combat Support.
  • Primary Reservation Setup: Hatred, Precision, Herald of Purity, Level 3 Enlighten.
  • 4-Link Damage Support: Divergent Assassin's Mark, Awakened Added Cold Damage, Enhance, Life Leech Support.
  • Primary Mobility Setup: Leap Slam, Faster Attacks, Fortify, Lifetap Support.
  • Miscellaneous Gems: Ancestral Protector, Portal, Enhance Support.



  • Watcher's Eye: Look for mods that grant physical damage conversion to cold while affected by Hatred and cold penetration while affected by Hatred.
  • Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel: Socket this jewel in a specific location to maximize its effect. Prioritize bonuses like double damage chance and melee crit multiplier.
  • Normal Rare Jewels: Fill any remaining dual sockets with rare jewels providing life and critical strike multiplier.


Bandits and Pantheon

Choose to help Alira with the bandit quest. For the major god, select Soul of the Brine King, and for the minor god, choose Soul of Abberath.


Congratulations, Exile. You now possess the knowledge to construct a truly exceptional Flicker Strike build that delivers unmatched damage, speed, and survivability. Embrace the power of this unique setup and pave your path to victory in Path of Exile!

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