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PoE 3.22 Sanctums Farming: Maximum League Mechanics Currency Profit

The Sanctum has made its triumphant return to Path of Exile, offering players one of the most profitable and exciting League mechanics in the game. With some major differences and an increase in difficulty, it's essential to understand the nuances of this League to reap its rewards. In this guide, we'll delve into the distinctions between the old Sanctum and the new version, provide tips on how to prepare for, obtain, and successfully run Sanctums, and offer insights on optimizing your runs for maximum Poe Currency profit.


PoE 3.22 Sanctums Farming: Maximum League Mechanics Currency Profit


Understanding Sanctum Mechanics

Sanctum, a favorite among many Path of Exile players, is back in the game with new twists and challenges. The League revolves around unique enemies, rare monsters, and specific room types, creating a thrilling experience with substantial rewards.


Accessing Sanctum

To enter the Sanctum, players can acquire the Forbidden terms, which are surprisingly affordable. These can be purchased or obtained from various sources, offering both low-level and high-level Sanctum experiences. Unfinished Sanctums can also be bought from other players, providing a lucrative opportunity even for those less experienced.


Rewards and Challenges

Completing Sanctums yields unique Relics dropped by bosses, with Lycia's unique Relic being particularly valuable. Some rewards include powerful items like Eternal Dominance and Sandstorm Massage, along with additional loot drops. Tailoring your character's build for optimal mobility and damage output is crucial for surviving and thriving in the Sanctum.


Preparing for Sanctum Success

Before diving into the Sanctum, take these key factors into consideration:


Mobility is Paramount

Given the challenging nature of the Sanctum, emphasizing mobility is vital. This can involve using skills like Explosive Arrow, Enraging Spirits, or summoning minions to handle attacks while you maneuver around.


Utilizing Chill and Debuffs

Chill effects are extremely potent in Sanctum, so incorporating them into your build is recommended. Consider using Skitterbots with Unbound Ailments support for increased chill. This can help control enemy movement and increase your survivability.


Automated Damage and Avoidance

If possible, opt for automated damage sources that don't compromise your mobility. Totem-based builds like Explosive Arrow are particularly effective. For melee builds or those using skills like Righteous Fire, expert gameplay and awareness of enemy attacks are essential due to their limitations.


Running Sanctums Efficiently

Once you're prepared, it's time to run the Sanctums strategically:


Avoid Backtracking

Running in circles and avoiding unnecessary backtracking is the key to success. While some deviations may be required, minimizing backtracking helps maintain a continuous flow and enhances your survivability.


Choosing Buffs Wisely

Select your buffs carefully, as they significantly impact your performance. The "Summon Spirit of Ikihoa" buff can be incredibly advantageous, granting increased cooldown recovery of travel skills. This buff syncs well with mobility-focused builds.


Room Awareness and Enemy Tactics

Become familiar with different room types and their mechanics, allowing you to strategize effectively. Learn how enemies in each room behave and adapt your approach accordingly.


Major Boons and Map Revelation

Acquiring major boons is worthwhile, as they enhance your runs. Sacrificing some Max Resolve for major boons can lead to substantial rewards, especially if you're confident in your abilities.



Mastering the Sanctum in Path of Exile requires a blend of strategic planning, adaptability, and mobility. With careful preparation and a well-tailored build, you can conquer this challenging League and reap its substantial rewards. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the Sanctum, embracing its mechanics and optimizing your approach will elevate your gameplay experience.

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