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POE 3.22 SST Bleed Gladiator Build: Low Budget, Tanky, SSF Friendly

Welcome, everyone, to another guide for Path of Exile 3.22! In this guide, we're going to delve into my choice for the 3.22 league starter: a Spectral Shield Throw (SST) Bleed Gladiator build. This build has seen various changes over the patches but remains strong, especially in Solo Self-Found (SSF) gameplay. We're going to break down the build's pros and cons, its gear progression, optimal farming methods, leveling guide, gem setups, and more. So, let's get started!


POE 3.22 SST Bleed Gladiator Build: Low Budget, Tanky, SSF Friendly


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Pros and Cons

  • + Great clear speed with low budget due to bleed explosions.
  • + Extremely tanky with 75% block and 100% spell suppression.
  • + SSF-friendly build with minimal reliance on unique.
  • + Not affected by 15% mana reservation efficiency node removal.
  • + Capable of handling maps efficiently.
  • + Significant buffs in Patch 3.19, making Fortify more accessible and improving survivability.
  • - Scaling capped damage due to offhand damage and bleed mechanics.
  • - Lower single-target DPS compared to some other builds.
  • - Time-consuming against Uber-endgame bosses.
  • - Limited spell suppression early on.


Optimal Farming Methods

The build excels in various farming methods, particularly in endless heists, due to its mobility, clear speed, and tankiness. The bleed explosions make it well-suited for farming endless heists, and you can find a brief guide for this in the spreadsheet. Endless heists are highly recommended. Brute Force is also potentially profitable, especially with valuable unique items being more lucrative in 3.22. Expedition log book farming is another strong option due to bleed explosions, range, and tankiness.


Leveling & Passive Tree

POE 3.22 SST Bleed Gladiator Build Passive Tree Screenshot

Follow a detailed leveling route through acts, offering gem suggestions and vendor recipes. Consider switching to Spectral Shield Throw when you obtain a decent shield, possibly in Act 4. Transition into the build's mechanics while leveling, ensuring a smooth progression.


Gear Progression

Early Gam
  • Tabula Rasa for a budget chest option.
  • Any high-armor shield for survivability.
Mid Game
  • Armor resistance chest for improved defenses.
  • Duresso's Courage unique shield (100% chance to block spells if blocked an attack recently).
End Game
  • Rare evasion-armor hybrid chest with 100% spell suppression.
  • Exarch and Eater-influenced gloves for Frenzy charges and other mods.
  • Physical Damage Over Time multi-modded weapons.
  • Exarch and Eater-influenced boots for attack speed, chance to avoid elemental ailments, and more.
  • Ryslatha's Coil belt for extra damage scaling.
  • Special amulet with Fizz Damage Over Time Multiplier and other useful mods.
  • Steel rings with life, resistance, and damage over time modifiers.


Gem Setups

Spectral Shield Throw with Brutality, Vicious Projectiles, Damage on Full Life, Cruelty, and Swift Affliction (in order of importance).

  • Movement setup: Shield Charge linked with Faster Attacks and Lifetap.
  • Auras: Flesh and Stone, Pride, War Banner, and Herald of Purity.
  • Defensive setup: Ancestral Protector, Blood Rage, and Cast When Damage Taken linked with Val Molten Shell.
  • Additional damage and utility: Corrupting Fever setup with Efficacy, Brutality, Swift Affliction, and Corrupting Fever.


Remember that gem links may evolve as you acquire better gear and ascendancy passives. Adapt these setups as needed.


POE 3.22 SST Bleed Gladiator Build Ascendancy Screenshot


Bandits: Kill all bandits

This gear progression ensures a solid balance between survivability and damage output, making the build viable for various end-game content and farming methods.



That wraps up the in-depth guide for the 3.20 league starter Spectral Shield Throw Bleed Gladiator! This build offers great clear speed, tankiness, and versatility, making it a strong choice for both newer and experienced players. The guide covers gear progression, optimal farming methods, and leveling strategies, providing you with a comprehensive toolkit to succeed in the upcoming league. Feel free to leave feedback, and happy hunting in the new league!

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