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FFXIV X Fall Guys Crossover Guide: Costumes and Rewards

Welcome to this comprehensive guide that will walk you through the exciting Fall Guys crossover event in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV)! This guide will focus on the Fall Guys side of the crossover, highlighting the various costumes and rewards you can obtain by participating in this event. Get ready to dive into the world of Fall Guys within the realm of Eorzea!



FFXIV X Fall Guys Crossover Guide: Costumes and Rewards


Fall Guys Crossover Introduction

The Fall Guys Crossover event in Final Fantasy XIV brings the whimsical world of Fall Guys into Eorzea. Players get the chance to earn unique costumes, titles, and rewards inspired by Fall Guys' iconic characters and elements. This crossover adds an exciting twist to FFXIV's gameplay and allows you to explore the fun-filled realm of Fall Guys within your favourite MMORPG.


Acquiring the Fame Pass

To access the Fall Guys crossover event, players need to acquire the Fame Pass available in the FFXIV store. The Fame Pass comes in different tiers, offering various levels of rewards based on your purchase. There is a premium option that grants additional benefits and unlocks more rewards as you progress through the tiers.


Fall Guys Crossover Costumes & Rewards

Let's delve into the exciting costumes and rewards you can unlock through the Fall Guys Crossover event. Please note that this is just a sample of the available rewards:


Fat Chocobo Costume Transform into the adorable and chubby Fat Chocobo from the world of Final Fantasy.
Warrior of Light Title Showcase your valour and heroism with the Warrior of Light title, a homage to FFXIV's main character.
Immortal Flames Title Show your allegiance to the Immortal Flames Grand Company with this prestigious title.
Lally Ho Emote Bust out the "Lally Ho" emote to cheer on your fellow adventurers.
Kudos Currency Acquire Kudos currency, which might have special use in the crossover event.
Moogle Cap Don the Moogle Cap and embrace the whimsy of the Moogles.
Gooboo Costume Assemble the Gooboo costume and become one of Eorzea's adorable and mischievous creatures.
Elegant Homestone Nameplate Display your elegance with a stunning nameplate for your home.
Minions of Eorzea Pattern Customize your outfit with this pattern that features a variety of Eorzea's adorable minions.
Meteor Nameplate Showcase the iconic meteor in your nameplate design.
Zion of the Seventh Dawn Title Be recognized as a stalwart member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.
Gentlemanly Pose Strike a gentlemanly pose that exudes charm and sophistication.
Spriggan Cap Sport the Spriggan Cap and channel the mischievous spirit of these forest-dwelling creatures.
Order of the Twin Adder Title Display your loyalty to the Order of the Twin Adder Grand Company.
Alphinaud Costume Transform into Alphinaud, one of the beloved characters from FFXIV's storyline.
Warrior of Darkness Title Embrace the enigmatic title of Warrior of Darkness.
More The crossover offers a plethora of other rewards and cosmetics to enhance your FFXIV experience.


How to Playing Fall Guys in FFXIV?

To participate in Fall Guys within FFXIV, follow these steps:

  • Acquire the Fame Pass: Visit the in-game store to purchase the Fame Pass, which will grant you access to the Fall Guys crossover content.
  • Unlock Rewards: Progress through the tiers of the Fame Pass to unlock various costumes, titles, emotes, and more.
  • Customize Your Character: Equip the costumes, titles, and emotes you've unlocked to immerse yourself in the Fall Guys experience.
  • Join the Fun: Engage in Fall Guys-inspired activities or mini-games within FFXIV's world, and interact with other players who are also enjoying the crossover event.
  • Collect Achievements: Complete challenges and achievements related to the crossover event to earn additional rewards and recognition.



The Fall Guys Crossover event brings a splash of fun and excitement to the world of Final Fantasy XIV. From quirky costumes to entertaining emotes, this event offers a range of rewards for players to enjoy. Whether you're a seasoned FFXIV player or a Fall Guys enthusiast, this crossover provides a unique opportunity to explore both worlds in a delightful way. Embrace the joy of Fall Guys within Eorzea and discover new adventures with this whimsical collaboration.

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