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POE 3.22 General's Cry Shield Crush Berserker Build: 70M DPS & High Critical Strike Multiplier

Welcome, everyone, to another exciting POE 3.22 Build Guide! In this article, we're diving deep into the mechanics and strategies behind the General's Cry Shield Crush Berserker build - a fearsome DPS powerhouse that excels at farming content with efficiency and style. This build centers around Emperor's Vigilance, providing sky-high damage potential while ensuring your enemies cower in fear before you. Without further ado, let's delve into the intricacies of this build.


POE 3.22 General


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Build Overview

The General's Cry Shield Crush Berserker is a high-DPS farmer build that utilizes the power of Emperor's Vigilance to achieve exceptional damage numbers. This build can easily reach over 70 million DPS, primarily due to the shield's ability to provide more than 1000% increased critical strike multiplier and capped critical strike chance. This guide will cover the essential aspects of the build, including gear, skills, gem links, ascendancy choices, and more.


Build Cost

The General's Cry Shield Crush Berserker is relatively budget-friendly, except for the choice of Emperor's Vigilance shield, which can vary in cost depending on its stats. However, even a lower-tier version of the shield can provide substantial damage output. The overall gear cost is reasonable, with the recommended jewels, weapons, and other pieces totaling around 34-45 divine orbs. As for the gems and jewels, they can be tailored to suit your budget, making this build accessible to a wider range of players.


How It Works

Divergent Shield Crush is the main skill, and it benefits from Emperor's Vigilance's high critical strike multiplier. Seething Fear and Darkscorn provide additional critical strike chance and multiplier, further boosting damage. Generals Cry support gem summons Mirage Warriors from nearby corpses to attack enemies. The build utilizes corpse generation to maintain a steady supply of Mirage Warriors. The Berserker ascendancy offers increased damage, rage generation, and attack speed bonuses.



  • Ayala's Malice: Provides critical strike multiplier and increased maximum life.
  • Ashes of the Sun: Grants critical strike multiplier for Shield Crush.
  • Emperor's Vigilance: Essential for boosting critical strike multipliers and capping critical strike chance.
  • Darksign: Offers increased global damage, maximum life, and immunity to blindness.
  • The Magnate: Provides strength, resistance, and bonus damage against enemies with double or triple damage modifiers.
  • Sinistral Gloves: Boosts attack damage with off-hand and grants chaos resistance.
  • Burgonet with +Mirage Warriors: Increases the maximum number of Mirage Warriors summoned.
  • Rings and Amulet: Focus on life, resistances, accuracy, and damage-related stats.


Skill Tree

POE 3.22 General's Cry Shield Crush Berserker Build Skill Tree Screenshot

  • Prioritize energy shield nodes for increased shield effectiveness.
  • Acquire crit chance and multipliers, attack speed, physical damage, and impale nodes.
  • Invest in Warcry nodes to enhance your Generals Cry setup.


Gem Links

  • Divergent Shield Crush (6-link)
  • Awakened Melee Physical Damage Support
  • Generals Cry
  • Awakened Brutality Support
  • Impale Support
  • Pulverize Support
  • Shield: Determination
  • Gloves: Pride
  • Helmet: Dread Banner
  • Blood and Sand
  • Portal
  • Cast When Damage Taken Support (linked to various defensive skills)
Ancestral Warchief Setup
  • Ancestral Warchief
  • Maim Support
  • Blinding Strike Support
  • Shield Charge (useful for mobility)
Utility for Mapping
  • Splitting Steel
  • Chain Hook
  • Call of Steel
Utility for Enduring Cry
  • Enduring Cry
  • Life Tap Support
  • Berserk
Curse Setup
  • Vulnerability
  • Cast When Damage Taken Support



  • Major: Soul of Lunaris or Soul of Solaris (for mapping or bossing, respectively)
  • Minor: Soul of Shakari or Soul of Ryslatha (for poison immunity or life flask recovery)



POE 3.22 General's Cry Shield Crush Berserker Build Ascendancy Screenshot

  • Warbringer
  • Rite of Ruin
  • Crave the Slaughter
  • Aspect of Carnage



The General's Cry Shield Crush Berserker build offers immense DPS and efficient farming capabilities. With the right gear, skill tree, and gem links, you'll be able to shred through enemies and bosses alike. The build's synergy between Shield Crush, Mirage Warriors, and Warcries results in a fast-paced and powerful playstyle. Whether you're focused 

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