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RuneScape 3 Rasial: Necromancer Final Boss Fight Guides

Rasial, the first Necromancer and the final boss of the Necromancy skill in RuneScape 3, poses a challenging test for even experienced players. This guide will help you tackle this formidable opponent, acquire the coveted tier 95 necromancy gear, and refine your bossing skills. While Rasial may not be an easy foe, you can triumph over this boss and improve your combat proficiency with dedication and practice.


RuneScape 3 Rasial: Necromancer Final Boss Fight Guides


Gear and Setup Recommendations

To prepare for the Rasial fight, you should follow these gear and setup recommendations:

  • Tier 90 Tank Armor: Opt for tier 90 tank armor for its significant damage reduction and health boost. This is vital for surviving Rasial's powerful attacks.
  • Tier 19 Necromancy Weapons: Equip tier 19 necromancy weapons for maximum effectiveness against Rasial. A tier 90 weapon can also be useful, as demonstrated in the guide.
  • Soul Amulet (E): The best-in-slot necklace for this fight, providing a substantial damage boost.
  • Igneous (Zuke) Cape: Use the Igneous Cape for necromancy for better kill times. This cape significantly improves damage output compared to other options.
  • Undead Slayer Perk: Include this perk on your weapon or armor for a flat 7% damage increase against undead, including Rasial.
  • Summoning Familiar: A Hellhound familiar, and later a Blood Reaver, can provide damage reduction and aid in the fight. Use the Prism of Restoration or a special familiar pouch to keep them alive.
  • Aegis Aura: Recommended for learners, as it provides an extra 10 damage reduction.
  • Enhanced Devoted Perk: Highly recommended to mitigate damage and improve survivability.
  • Invention Perks: Equip perks like Enhanced Devoted, Precise, and Undead Slayer for optimal combat efficiency.


Entering the Fight

When entering the fight, follow these steps for optimal setup:

  • Overload Potion: Consume an overload potion before entering the arena.
  • Conjure Summons: Conjure your zombie and skeleton before entering the fight. You can cast your ghost's command ability if not in combat.
  • Invoke Death: Cast Invoke Death on your next attack target. This is essential for optimal damage.
  • Vulnerability Bomb: Start the fight with a vulnerability bomb to enhance damage output.


Ability Rotations

During the fight, your ability rotations will vary based on your combat style and familiarity with the mechanics.

Here are general guidelines for both Revo and semi-manual combat:


- Full Revolution (Revo):

While full Revo is not ideal for Rasial, this setup can still be used with certain manual input. Your Revo bar should include abilities like Soul Sap, Touch of Death, and your basic attacks. Fire off Finger of Death and Volley of Souls manually when necrosis stacks are available.


- Semi-Manual Combat:

Semi-manual combat provides more control and optimization. Utilize the basic attack, Soul Sap, and Touch of Death abilities manually to build adrenaline efficiently. Fire off Death Skulls while under the Living Death effect for rapid cooldown. Switch to full manual combat during the final phase to effectively dodge Rasial's attacks while maintaining damage output.


Final Phase Strategy

During the final phase, focus on running and attacking to maximize damage and minimize damage taken from Rasial's bombs. Utilize Soul Split to sustain yourself and Reflect or Debilitate when necessary. Keep an eye on your ability cooldowns, specifically for Living Death and Death Skulls, to make the most of your damage output. Adjust your movement to avoid the bombs on the ground for improved survival.



Conquering Rasial, the first Necromancer, requires dedication, practice, and a solid combat strategy. While not suitable for beginners or those relying solely on Full Revo, the journey to mastering this boss can significantly enhance your combat skills and understanding of manual combat mechanics. By following the gear recommendations, ability rotations, and strategies outlined in this guide, you'll be better equipped to face the challenge and emerge victorious in your battles against Rasial and other formidable bosses in RuneScape 3.

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