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FFXIV Beginner Ultimate Guide For 2023: From Novice to Hero

Welcome to Embarking on Eorzea: The Ultimate FFXIV Beginner's Guide for 2023 Adventurers! Whether you're a newcomer stepping into the realm of Final Fantasy XIV or a returning player seeking a refresher, this guide is your compass to navigate the vibrant world of Eorzea. We'll unravel the intricacies of combat, delve into the art of crafting and gathering, unravel the mysteries of endgame content, and explore the social fabric of grand companies and free companies. 



FFXIV Beginner Ultimate Guide For 2023: From Novice to Hero



Final Fantasy XIV has come a long way since its initial release. The original version of the game faced significant challenges and negative feedback, prompting the developers to rework the entire game. The result is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which starts with your character being teleported five years into the future after the world of Eorzea has recovered.


One of the standout features of the game is its captivating story focus. The MMORPG offers a narrative experience unlike any other in the genre. Therefore, a crucial tip for newcomers is to take your time and immerse yourself in the story. Rushing to endgame content might lead to disappointment, so enjoy the journey.

Combat and Abilities

Final Fantasy XIV offers a dynamic combat system that involves using abilities, also known as skills or spells, to defeat enemies. Abilities are typically grouped into a hot bar, which you can customize. As you level up your character, you'll gain access to new abilities and traits that enhance your gameplay. Each class/job has a unique set of abilities, and it's crucial to learn how to effectively use them for optimal damage, healing, or tanking.

  • Abilities and Rotations: As you progress through the game, you'll unlock more abilities and traits. Experiment with different rotations (sequences of abilities) to maximize your damage output or healing efficiency. Online resources and guides can help you understand the most effective rotations for your chosen class/job.
  • Cross-Class Abilities: Some abilities can be shared between different classes/jobs. These cross-class abilities can provide added utility or enhance your gameplay. Be sure to explore which abilities can be useful across multiple roles.


Duties, Dungeons, and Raids

Final Fantasy XIV features a variety of group content, ranging from solo quests to large-scale raids. Dungeons and trials are cooperative experiences that require players to work together to defeat challenging enemies and bosses.

  • Dungeons: Dungeons are instanced areas that usually require a party of four players to complete. They often contain multiple bosses, trash mobs, and puzzles. As a beginner, let your party members know that you're new to the dungeon, and they'll likely provide guidance.
  • Trials and Raids: Trials are single-boss encounters with unique mechanics, while raids involve multiple bosses and more complex mechanics. These activities often require coordination and teamwork, and they offer some of the most exciting and rewarding experiences.


FATEs, Leves, and Side Quests

  • FATEs (Full Active Time Events): These are dynamic, open-world events that players can join to defeat enemies or complete objectives. FATEs are an excellent way to gain experience points, Gil (currency), and various rewards. Participating in FATEs can also be a fun way to engage with the game's world and other players.
  • Levequests: Levequests are repeatable tasks that you can undertake to earn experience and rewards. They are available from Levemete NPCs in each major city and are an efficient way to level up additional classes/jobs.
  • Side Quests: While the main story quests are vital to the game's progression, side quests offer additional lore, storylines, and opportunities to explore the world. You can choose to complete side quests that interest you to learn more about the game's characters and lore.



Free Companies and Linkshells

  • Free Companies (FCs): FCs are player-created groups or guilds that provide a sense of community and camaraderie. Joining an FC can enhance your gameplay experience by connecting you with other players who share similar interests. FCs often have their own chat channels, housing, and events.
  • Linkshells: Linkshells are player chat groups that allow you to communicate with other players outside of your FC. They can be used to coordinate events, share information, or chat with friends.


Crafting and Gathering

Final Fantasy XIV features an in-depth crafting and gathering system that allows players to create items, gear, and consumables.

  • Crafting Classes: Disciples of the Hand are crafting classes that specialize in creating items such as weapons, armour, and consumables. Experiment with different crafting classes to find which ones you enjoy the most.
  • Gathering Classes: Disciples of the Land are gathering classes that let you harvest resources from the environment, such as mining, botany, and fishing. Gathering materials can be used for crafting or sold on the market board.


Endgame Content

Once you reach the level cap, the game's focus shifts to endgame content, which includes challenging trials, raids, and activities like the Gold Saucer, a casino-themed amusement park.

  • Savage Raids: These are more challenging versions of raid content that require exceptional teamwork, coordination, and skill. They offer some of the best gear and rewards.
  • The Gold Saucer: This entertainment hub offers a variety of mini-games, including Chocobo racing, Triple Triad (a card game), and the Jumbo Cactpot (a lottery-like game). The Gold Saucer is a great place to unwind and enjoy some leisure activities.


Crafting and Gathering Basics

Crafting and gathering are essential activities in Final Fantasy 14. These jobs are known as Disciples of the Land (gathering) and Disciples of the Hand (crafting). Just like combat jobs, you unlock these jobs and level them up to gain abilities.

  • Unlocking Jobs: Similar to combat jobs, you unlock crafting and gathering jobs through quests.
  • Leveling: Crafters and gatherers have their own abilities. Learn how to craft on one job, and the others will function similarly. Keep in mind that botanists and miners have similar abilities, while fishing has a unique set.
  • Starting Point: It's advisable not to start crafting or gathering too early. The returns in the early zones might not be significant, and the methods for leveling aren't all available at the start.
  • Economy Awareness: Crafting and gathering require investment, and early players might lose more Gil than they make. It's better to gain more understanding of the game's economy before fully diving into these activities.
  • Game Progression: Consider reaching at least the "Heavensward" expansion before fully embracing crafting and gathering. Also, remember that the free trial only grants access to retainers or much inventory space.


Companies and Social Aspects

  • Grand Companies: There are three major grand companies: Immortal Flames, Maelstrom, and Order of the Twin Adder. You'll choose one during the main story. These companies offer various missions, such as supply and provisioning missions, which can yield experience and gear.
  • Free Companies: These are player-run guilds. Joining one can provide you with helpful buffs and a sense of community. You can even buy apartments within houses owned by Free Companies.


Combat Basics

Abilities and Actions Your abilities are called actions in FF14. They are categorized into weapon skills, spells, and abilities. Understand the differences between them, especially in relation to the global cooldown.
Weaving Abilities The game encourages using abilities back-to-back during the global cooldown. Weave your abilities between your main skills to optimize your damage output.
Proc Abilities Some abilities will "light up" during your rotation. These are proc abilities, and using them strategically can enhance your damage or utility.
Roles in Combat Understand the roles of tanks (generate enmity), healers (keep the party alive), and DPS (deal damage). Different DPS classes offer varying utility to the party.
Positions Melee DPS classes often have positions which require positioning around the boss for optimal damage. This becomes more significant as you progress.
Buffs and Debuffs Pay attention to your buffs and debuffs. Move your debuffs to a more visible location for quicker response. Some debuffs can be dispelled.


Gearing and Glamour

  • Gear Acquisition: Through your main story and dungeons, you'll earn gear. Use Need rolls to acquire gear that upgrades your equipment. Currency like Tomestones can be exchanged for high-level gear.
  • Glamour: Once you unlock it, the Glamour system allows you to change the appearance of your gear. This helps maintain your desired aesthetic without sacrificing stats.


Overall Experience and Tips

  • Slow Start: The game has a slow start, both in terms of story and abilities. Give it time, and the quality and interest level will increase.
  • Voice Acting: The quality of voice acting improves as the story progresses.
  • Daily Duty Roulettes: Completing daily duties not only rewards you with Tomestones but also provides FFXIV Gil. This is a steady income source, especially if you play different roles.
  • PvP: At level 30, you can participate in player-versus-player content. PvP abilities are separate from your regular abilities.
  • Community: The game is more enjoyable when played with others. Joining a Free Company can enhance your experience and provide valuable buffs.
  • Level Progression: Give the game some time, and reach at least the "Heavensward" expansion to appreciate its depth fully.



From understanding the engaging story to mastering combat, exploring group content, delving into crafting and gathering, and venturing into endgame pursuits, this guide is your compass. Embrace the journey, savour the intricacies, and remember that patience is key. Whether you're forging alliances in Free Companies, perfecting your combat rotations, or pursuing crafting mastery, the realm of Eorzea offers endless possibilities. So, set forth with confidence, for this guide has primed you for a seamless and enjoyable adventure in the breathtaking realm of Final Fantasy XIV.

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