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PoE 3.22 Atlas Strategy: Efficient Farming Currency in T16 Map

The path to profitability in Path of Exile lies in the careful crafting of a farming Poe Currency strategy that maximizes your character's strengths and exploits every opportunity. In this guide, we will explore an advanced T16 map farming strategy that has evolved from humble beginnings into a juggernaut of efficiency. We'll delve into the key elements of this strategy, including the Atlas tree setup, character optimization, and the art of swiftly dispatching map bosses.


PoE 3.22 Atlas Strategy: Efficient Farming Currency in T16 Map


The Strategy's Core Tenets

  • Character Prowess: The success of this strategy hinges on having a character that's been meticulously geared and honed to perform. It's crucial to reach a point where your character comfortably handles T16 maps, allowing you to pivot between strategies with ease.
  • Focus on Map Bosses: Central to this strategy is rapid and efficient map boss extermination. Your goal is to reach map bosses and eliminate them within 30 seconds. The ability to consistently down bosses swiftly directly impacts your profit margins.
  • Witness Bosses: The newly introduced Witness mechanic adds an exciting twist to the strategy. You're required to complete 10 different maps, each witnessing a map boss, to earn an invitation. Strategically utilizing this mechanic is key to maximizing your gains.
  • Map Preparation: Adequate preparation is essential to maintain the fluidity of this strategy. Plan to do a group of 10 maps before engaging in an Invitation encounter. This rhythm ensures that your progress is uninterrupted and maximizes your efficiency.


Atlas Tree Planner


Optimizing the Atlas Tree

  • Wandering Path Dominance: In your Atlas tree, opt for a Wandering Path setup. This configuration yields more map drops compared to specific boss nodes, providing a steady influx of maps for your strategy.
  • Keystone Choices: Prioritize the Wandering Path and Destructive Play keystones for their direct synergy with this strategy's goals. Additionally, consider investing in the Shadow Shaping Keystone, which empowers you to block unwanted maps and further fine-tune your map pool.
  • Map Blocking for Efficiency: Utilize Shadow Shaping to block maps that are either time-consuming due to layout or boss mechanics. This curates your map selection, focusing on maps that align with your quick-clearing approach.


Character Optimization

  • Speed and Targeting: Your character should be geared for swiftness while retaining ample single-target damage for bosses. Aim to eliminate map bosses within 30 seconds to maintain efficiency.
  • Movement Speed Investment: Allocate movement speed nodes on the skill tree to enhance your character's speed. Quick Step is an essential skill that further accelerates your movement.
  • Action Speed Boost: The Loyalty Tattoo of Rakata provides a significant action speed boost upon marking a unique enemy. This skill synergizes perfectly with your strategy, especially when used just before encountering the boss.
  • Skill and Gem Adjustments: Fine-tune your skills and gem setups to emphasize movement speed and attack speed. Consider swapping to skills like Haste for heightened efficiency in clearing maps.


Executing the Strategy

  • Loot Filter Precision: Employ a strict loot filter to prioritize high-value drops. Stop to pick up items that are worth at least a chaos orb, ensuring that your time is spent efficiently.
  • Map Selection: Choose maps that fit two criteria: swift traversal and easy boss access. Linear maps or those where you can quickly reach the boss within 30 seconds are ideal candidates.
  • Boss Witnessing: Remember that Witness bosses only count for map bosses that you've marked on the Atlas. To achieve an Invitation, you must complete 10 different maps, each witnessing a map boss.


Profit and Rewards

  • Map Drops: With the optimized strategy, you'll notice a steady influx of maps. Conqueror maps, Elder Guardian maps, and Shaper Guardian maps will become regular rewards.
  • Invitations and Caravan Missions: The Invitation encounters not only provide a unique challenge but also accumulate Caravan missions. These missions can be used strategically to obtain unique maps, Conqueror maps, and fragments, thereby bolstering your profit.
  • Valuable Drops: While your primary focus is on bosses, the speed and frequency of boss encounters ensure consistent PoE currency drops, divination cards, and the potential for unique item finds.



Mastering this efficient T16 map farming strategy requires a mix of character optimization, meticulous map selection, and strategic execution. Through optimized keystones, map blocking, and character adjustments, you'll be able to efficiently clear maps, farm bosses, and accumulate valuable rewards. This strategy is a testament to the depth and complexity of Path of Exile's endgame content, offering both thrilling challenges and rewarding profits for those willing to master its intricacies.

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