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PoE 3.22 Tornado Shot Magic Find Currency Farming Ranger Deadeye Builds

Welcome to our Tornado Shot Magic Find (MF) Ranger build guide! This article will delve into optimizing your character for practical Poe Currency farming and map clearing. Our build focuses on using Tornado Shot as the primary skill, replacing Lightning Arrow, and implementing strategic changes to the Atlas progression. Let's dive in and explore the steps and decisions that have shaped this robust MF build.


PoE 3.22 Tornado Shot Magic Find Currency Farming Ranger Deadeye Builds


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Early Progression and Loot Goblin Adventures

Right from the start, our goal was to transition from Lightning Arrow to Tornado Shot for improved map clear speed and efficiency. Additionally, we made slight adjustments to our Atlas strategy to maximize the rewards from map drops. Early on, luck was on our side as we obtained the Apothecary card in just the fourth map. This served as the foundation for our build's success.


But before we proceed, let's take a moment to examine our initial loot goblin conquest, although not particularly astounding. Our first priority was obtaining a suitable weapon base for crafting. We acquired a Spine Bow with a fractured modifier that grants 2 additional arrows. This base will play a crucial role in our crafting endeavors aimed at boosting physical damage.


Furthermore, we acquired a Thread of Hope with a well-rolled Massive ring, a valuable addition to our build. Our first step was to enhance the quality of the bow by applying a 30% quality improvement. With the foundation set, it was time to delve into essence crafting.


Essence Crafting and Crafting the Quiver

The path to crafting the perfect gear is often riddled with challenges. Our initial target was to obtain at least T2 increased Physical Damage or T4 hybrid increased Physical Damage using Deafening Essence of Contempt. However, despite using over 300 essences, the desired outcome eluded us. Determined, we continued our farming efforts.


Parallel to our essence crafting, we embarked on another project involving a unique quiver. Since we favor the use of Ascetic in MF builds, we needed a specific quiver. We set out to craft a normal quiver with an additional arrow or chain modifier.


Our quiver crafting involved broadhead arrow quiver bases, followed by adding 10% increased attack speed to each quiver. Subsequently, we converted all quivers to rare quality. The addition of a Gilded Fossil was pivotal, imparting the "Item sells for much more to vendors" implicit to the quiver. By strategically corrupting the quivers, we aimed to attain the desired implicit modifier.


Crafting the Perfect Bow and Atlas Strategy

Returning to our bow crafting, the objective was to achieve a T4 hybrid Physical Damage mod along with an open prefix. The crafting process involved locking the prefix with "Prefix cannot be changed" and then applying Veiled chaos orbs or Aisling's crafting option. Despite the ups and downs, our commitment to veiled chaos orbs persisted due to its affordability and relative safety.


Our journey wasn't without setbacks; currency depletion and unfortunate crafting outcomes tested our resilience. However, with persistence, we managed to craft a bow with substantial physical damage. Though it lacked certain modifiers, it showcased 665 physical damage, a testament to our dedication.


Gear and Atlas Tree Optimization

To support our Ascetic playstyle, we carefully curated our gear. Our quiver, with added chain and attack speed, proved invaluable. Additionally, a helmet with rarity modifiers complemented our build. Despite the option to craft rarity from the bench, our chosen helmet served its purpose.


We also optimized our passive tree by swapping out attribute nodes for rarity-enhancing alternatives. Our Atlas strategy revolved around prioritizing Wandering Path for initial MF card testing. With Apothecary secured early on, we embraced this strategy, focusing on nodes per legion and beyond, increased modifiers effect, and specific keystones like The Seventh Gate.


Atlas Tree Planner


Final Thoughts

As we wrap up this guide, we invite you to share your impressions of the league and our build in the comments section. Our Tornado Shot MF Ranger build combines strategic crafting, gear optimization, and Atlas progression to create a formidable item-farming machine. We appreciate your support and encourage you to like and subscribe for more engaging content. May your maps be bountiful and your loot overflowing!

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