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PoE Maximizing Farming Currency and Items Rewards in Patch 3.22.0b Hotfix

The Patch 3.22.0b Hotfix for Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors has brought significant changes, massively boosting the rewards of the league mechanic. If you're a dedicated Exile looking to optimize your loot gains, this guide will break down the changes, provide insights into the new mechanics, and offer strategies to maximise your time spent in this challenging content.


PoE Maximizing Farming Currency and Items Rewards in Patch 3.22.0b Hotfix


Changes and Enhancements

The surprise patch has overhauled the rewards in Trial of the Ancestors, making it more enticing than ever.

Some notable changes include:

  • Scaling Rewards: Loot now scales much better at higher rankings, making the rewards more lucrative as you progress.
  • Expanded Reward Availability: You now have a chance to obtain rewards that were previously exclusive to the final round in all rounds of the trial. This increases your chances of scoring big hits during earlier rounds.
  • Higher Valuable Rewards Drop Rate: The patch has increased the drop rate of valuable rewards, such as higher stack sizes for items like divine orbs, exalted orbs, and scarabs. Domination cards now come in varying stack sizes as well.
  • New Final Round Bomb Drop: The final round now features a new bomb drop that yields three to five tattoos of a Clan-specific type, providing more opportunities for valuable rewards.
  • Improved Favor Gains: The amount of favor earned from each round has been improved, making it easier to accumulate units and progress to higher ranks.
  • Buffed Loot and Life Quality: The overall quality of life has improved with these changes, and the loot has seen a substantial boost as well.


Maximizing Your Loot: Strategies and Results

To assess the effectiveness of the changes, the author undertook rigorous testing, spending eight hours straight engaging with the trial.

Here's what they found:

  • Currency Bonanza: Non-exclusive rewards yielded significant results, including 9 divines, two annulment orbs, and 17 exalted orbs. The improved drop rates of these valuable Poe currencies contributed to higher earnings.
  • Bubble Gum Currency Overflow: The new patch introduced larger stack sizes for currency items, resulting in stack sizes of 8 to 15 for awakened sextants and chaos orbs, and up to 20 for lower-tier currencies.
  • League-Exclusive Rewards: The new patch's focus on better scaling has improved the drop rates of good tattoos, making the valuable ones more common. Some rare and valuable tattoos include +1 Power Charge, +1 Frenzy Charge, and +1 Dex.
  • Uniques and Omens: The guide discusses how some uniques and Omens have seen price drops due to the shift in the meta and builds, impacting the overall value of the loot.
  • Juicy Rewards: The author highlights their haul, accumulating currency, exclusive rewards, and league-specific items. With these combined, the total value was approximately 32.9 divines, translating to around four divines per hour.
  • Luck Factor: The author emphasizes that Trial of the Ancestors has a significant luck factor, which can lead to extraordinary rewards. Dropping items like major blades, headhunters, and other high-value items can greatly impact overall earnings.


Is it Worth Farming?

Ultimately, whether you should farm Trial of the Ancestors depends on your preferences and goals:

  • Enjoyment of the Mechanic: If you enjoy the Trial of the Ancestors gameplay, the improved rewards make it worth your time.
  • Risk and Reward: The mechanic's variability means that while you might not consistently get high returns, the chance for extraordinary luck can make up for it.
  • Time Investment: Consider if you're comfortable investing your time into a mechanic with variable outcomes.
  • Current Market Trends: Keep an eye on market trends and the prices of rewards, as they can impact your overall earnings.
  • Comparative Farming: While the Trial of the Ancestors rewards have improved, other mechanics like Legion, Delirium, and Expedition remain competitive in terms of farming efficiency.


In conclusion, the changes brought by the patch have significantly improved the rewards in Trial of the Ancestors. While the variability remains, the increased baseline rewards and the potential for exceptional luck make it a worthy endeavor for those who enjoy the content. Stay informed about market trends, consider the time investment, and remember that sometimes, luck can truly turn the tide in your favor.

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