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Poe Currency Farming Guide: Maximizing Profits Atlas with Mausoleum Maps

Greetings, Exiles! In this guide, we'll delve into an electrifying Poe currency farming strategy that focuses on the Mausoleum map. The peculiar behavior of the Mausoleum boss and strategic node placement make this method a lucrative endeavor. Get ready to boost your currency stash and dominate the economy!



Poe Currency Farming Guide: Maximizing Profits Atlas with Mausoleum  Maps


The Strategy Unveiled

Our strategy centers on Mausoleum maps due to the unique behavior of its boss. Unlike most bosses, the Mausoleum boss remains dormant until engaged. This oddity grants us constant access to the minion encounter option, which presents an excellent opportunity to amass currency.


Altar Tree


To amplify our success, we'll employ three key elements

  • Boosting Pack Size: Increasing pack size directly correlates with higher mob count, including influenced mobs. The altar spawns rely on these mobs, so a larger mob pool equates to more opportunities for altars to emerge.
  • Utilizing the New Node: This league introduced a game-changing node that accelerates encounter completion. It streamlines the Expression encounters, making them quicker and smoother, and synergizes perfectly with our strategy.
  • Growing Hordes: This modifier augments pack size and synergizes seamlessly with our approach. As the mob count rises, the altar spawns increase, bolstering our chances for profitable outcomes.


Setting Up the Strategy

Here's the setup we recommend for optimal results:

  • Equipment: Utilize four random Scarabs and equip the Growing Hordes unique Jewel.
  • Influence Choice: Opt for the Red Influence for consistent currency drops.
  • Favorite Map: Select Mausoleum as your favorite map.
  • Skill Tree Nodes: Prioritize nodes that enhance Expression encounters and improve pack size.
  • Torment Nodes: Invest in nodes that enhance Tormented Spirit effects, especially those that boost quantity drops upon contact.
  • Map Mods: Select modifiers that augment pack size, currency drops, and the overall map experience.


Test Results

In a series of 20 Mausoleum map runs, the strategy yielded impressive results:

  • Currency Earnings: Approximately 1400 Chaos orbs (70 Exalted Orbs at current rates).
  • Supplementary Drops: Valuable items, including Exotic Coinage, Fragments, and other tradable goods.
  • Effective Rate: Around 3.75 to 5 Exalted Orbs per hour, contingent on your build's clear speed.

Remember, each run took approximately three to four minutes. Faster clear speeds could potentially boost your hourly returns further.



Embracing this Path of Exle currency farming strategy capitalizes on the unique boss behavior of Mausoleum maps, bolstered by pack size enhancements, the new node, and Growing Hordes. By implementing this setup and executing it efficiently, you can achieve a steady influx of Exalted Orbs, Chaos orbs, Divines and other valuable drops.

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