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How to Sort Your Loot Quickly and Efficiently in Diablo 4, 2023?

Are you tired of spending excessive time in town sorting through your loot in Diablo 4? Want to optimize your downtime and streamline your town rotations? Look no further, as we've got some expert tips to help you efficiently manage your loot sorting process and maximize your in-game experience. In this guide, we'll break down the techniques and strategies used by experienced players to quickly sift through their loot and get back into the action.


How to Sort Your Loot Quickly and Efficiently in Diablo 4, 2023?


Sorting for Efficiency

Before diving into Sorting Your Loot Quickly, familiarize yourself with Sorting for Efficiency. Know the essential stats, skills, and abilities that your build relies on. This knowledge will guide your decision-making process when evaluating items. Utilize the sorting feature in your inventory to group similar Dablo 4 items together. Sorting by item power will help you quickly identify the most potent items for your character. Keep the highest item power items on the left for easier evaluation.


  • Primary Stat: Look for helmets with your main stat (e.g., intelligence for sorcerers).
  • Cooldown Reduction: Prioritize helmets with cooldown reduction, a valuable attribute for most classes.
Chest and Pants
  • Survivability: Seek chest and pants with attributes like life, armour, and damage reduction.
  • Special Bonuses: If your build benefits from specific conditions (e.g., having a barrier), look for corresponding bonuses.
  • Offense: Gloves are for offense, so focus on attributes like critical strike chance, attack speed, and bonuses to your core skill.
  • Movement Speed: Always aim for movement speed on boots.
  • Supporting Skills: Look for boots that grant bonuses to your supporting skills or attributes relevant to your build.
  • Passive Enhancement: Prioritize amulets that enhance your preferred passive skill.
  • Movement Speed: Select amulets with movement speed bonuses.
  • Resource Management: Consider amulets that reduce resource costs or improve generation.
  • Critical Focus: Look for rings with critical strike chance and critical strike damage bonuses.
  • Vulnerable Damage: Seek rings with increased damage against vulnerable enemies.
  • Resource Bonuses: Consider bonuses to resource generation or other relevant attributes.
Weapons and Offhands
  • Maximum Item Power: Aim for the highest item power level on your weapons and offhands.
  • Legendary Power: If the Legendary Power doesn't align with your build or isn't perfect, consider discarding it.
  • Optimal Affix Rolls: Evaluate the range of affix rolls and aim for stats that closely match the upper bounds.


Minimize Downtime for Maximum Efficiency

One of the fundamental principles of Diablo 4, and any ARPG for that matter, is to minimize downtime as much as possible. Spending too much time in town sorting through your loot can eat into your gameplay efficiency and overall experience per hour. Here's how you can quickly sort your loot to maintain your gaming momentum:

  • Utilize the Mark as Junk Feature: On the PC version of Diablo 4, you have the option to mark items as junk with a simple keypress (usually a spacebar). This marks the items with a slash and grays them out, indicating that they are junk. By using this feature, you can quickly identify items you want to sell or salvage without spending too much time analyzing each item individually.
  • Prioritize Quick Decisions: Train yourself to make quick decisions about items. Glance at each item for just a split second, and if it doesn't seem promising or useful, mark it as junk. The goal is to move through your loot efficiently without getting bogged down in item analysis.


Sorting Techniques for Different Item Types

Now let's break down how to sort through different types of items in Diablo 4 quickly:


Weapons: Focus on Item Power

When evaluating weapons, prioritize the item's power. If a weapon's item power is significantly lower than what you're already using or doesn't offer valuable bonuses, mark it as junk without hesitation. Generally, avoid weapons that are below a certain item power threshold.


Armor and Jewelry: Prioritize Stat Combinations

For armor and jewellery, the key is to focus on the combination of stats. Quickly scan the item for multiple stats that you don't want. If an item has more than one undesirable stat, mark it as junk. Since unwanted stats are more common than desired ones, this technique allows you to sift through items efficiently.


Exceptions and Early Game Considerations

While the above techniques work well for most scenarios, keep in mind a few exceptions:

  • In early game stages, you might tolerate some sub-optimal items with high item power for the sake of immediate power boosts.
  • High-item power weapons that offer a significant damage upgrade can be worth considering, even if their other stats are less than ideal.


Undoing Mistakes and Final Thoughts

One of the advantages of the Mark as Junk feature is that you can undo a decision if you realize you marked an item incorrectly. If you accidentally mark something as junk and then change your mind, unmark it before moving on to the next item.


By adopting these techniques and practising them consistently, you'll gradually become faster and more efficient at sorting your loot. Remember, the key is to assume that most items are junk unless proven otherwise.



Optimizing your loot sorting process in Diablo 4 is all about quick decision-making, utilizing the Mark as Junk feature effectively, and focusing on item power and stat combinations. By minimizing your downtime and streamlining your town rotations, you'll be able to spend more time enjoying the action-packed gameplay that Diablo 4 has to offer. Good luck, and happy looting!

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