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POE 3.22 Cold DOT Elementalist Build: Versatility, Fast Speed, and Budget Friendly

Are you looking for a versatile and well-rounded League starter build? The Cold DoT Elementalist might be the perfect choice for you. This build is highly efficient for levelling, mapping, and tackling various content in Path of Exile 3.22. While it might not excel at being the best in any specific area, it can handle a wide range of challenges with minimal gear investment. In this guide, we'll cover the key aspects of this build, including skills, passives, gear, and gameplay tips.


POE 3.22 Cold DOT Elementalist Build: Versatility, Fast Speed, and Budget Friendly


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The Cold DoT Elementalist build provides solid all-around performance, making it a great choice for league starters. It's capable of clearing maps, defeating bosses, delving, and even handling Trial of the Ancestors content. While not the most optimal build for exclusively farming bosses, it can handle a variety of activities efficiently, especially when you're just starting a new league.



This build revolves around three main skills: Vortex, Cold Snap, and Creeping Frost. These skills synergize well together, allowing you to apply multiple damage-over-time effects. Vortex is your passive damage tool and is placed on your left click for constant coverage as you move through maps. Cold Snap serves as a ranged option for freezing enemies and offers some crowd control. Creeping Frost is for additional damage, particularly useful against tougher enemies and bosses.


Skill Setup

  • Vortex: Set this skill on your left click for passive damage while moving through maps.
  • Cold Snap: Use this skill at range to freeze enemies and provide crowd control.
  • Creeping Frost: Use this skill when stopping to deal additional damage to bosses and tanky enemies.
  • Awakened Controlled Destruction: Increases damage over time and does not require crits.
  • Swift Affliction: Enhances damage over time with less duration.
  • Awakened Elemental Focus: Provides a damage boost to your DoT effects.
  • Empower: Increases the level of your supported skill gems for more damage.
  • Portal and Frostblink: Portal for convenience and Frostblink for mobility.


Passive Tree

The passive tree focuses on key nodes that boost your damage and defenses. Eldritch Battery is essential to ignore mana costs. Consider using a cluster jewel for additional dual sockets, and prioritize life and damage over time multiplier nodes.

POE 3.22 Cold DOT Elementalist Build Passive Tree Screenshot



This build offers solid defenses to keep you alive during battles. The Lightning Coil chest and Taste of Hate flask mitigate physical damage, while Arctic Armor provides protection against hits. A combination of block, ailment immunity, and spell suppression enhances your survivability. The key is to manage your defenses and positioning effectively to avoid dangerous situations.


POE 3.22 Cold DOT Elementalist Build Ascendancy Screenshot



  • Wand: Look for a wand with increased cold spell damage and damage over time multipliers. Roll it with Essences until you get desired mods.
  • Helmet: The unique helmet "Icetomb" can be a budget option for early games.
  • Chest: Opt for a Lightning Coil for physical damage mitigation or a Cloak of Flame for a different defensive approach.
  • Gloves: Craft gloves with Essences for damage over time multipliers and chaos resistance.
  • Amulet: Consider using a synthesized amulet with increased damage over time and cold skill gems. Anoint "Ash, Frost and Storm" for extra damage.
  • Rings: Essence-craft rings for damage over time multipliers, chaos resistance, and other relevant stats.
  • Belt: Roll a belt with chaos, resistance and life using an Essence of Torment.
  • Boots: Focus on life, resistance, and movement speed.
  • Shield: Choose a shield with cold skill gems and life. Consider unique options like Aegis Aurora or Chimeric Ward.
  • Jewels: Prioritize jewels with cold damage over time multiplier, life, and any relevant modifiers.



  • Stibnite Flask: To deal with bleed and provide evasion.
  • Basalt Flask: Reduces incoming physical damage.
  • Taste of Hate: Grants cold damage mitigation.
  • Quicksilver Flask: Increases movement speed for faster clearing.
  • Jade Flask: Offers additional evasion and defense.


Gameplay Tips

  • Vortex should be placed on your left click for passive damage as you move.
  • Use Cold Snap for ranged freezing and Creeping Frost for additional damage.
  • Maintain good positioning and map awareness to avoid traps and hazards.
  • Utilize your defenses effectively, such as block, ailment immunity, and spell suppression.
  • Adapt your skill choices and flasks for different situations, including boss fights and Delve encounters.



The Cold DoT Elementalist build excels as a league starter due to its versatility and efficiency in handling various content. While it might not be the ultimate boss killer, it can handle mapping, delve encounters, and Trial of the Ancestors content with ease. By following the skill setups, passive tree guidance, gear recommendations, and gameplay tips outlined in this guide, you'll be well-equipped to embark on a successful journey through Wraeclast. Remember, as with any build, it's important to adapt and optimize based on your own preferences and playstyle. Good luck, and enjoy your time in Path of Exile!

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