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POE 3.22 Crit Spark Inquisitor Deepdive Build: High DPS, Clear Speed and Strong Aoe Damage

Welcome to the POE 3.22 Crit Spark Inquisitor Deepdive Build Guide! Today, we're diving into an in-depth exploration of my high-powered Spark character. Get ready for a comprehensive breakdown of this build, from its mind-blowing DPS calculations to its strategic defensive considerations. Whether you're a seasoned Exile or a newcomer looking to harness the might of Spark, this guide has got you covered. Let's dive right in and uncover the secrets behind maximizing your damage potential and fortifying your defences like a pro.


POE 3.22 Crit Spark Inquisitor Deepdive Build: High DPS, Clear Speed and Strong Aoe Damage


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Calculating Maximum DPS

Let's start by discussing the core of this build: the damage per second (DPS) output. At its core, the build achieves a bare minimum of 6.5 million DPS against a single enemy, assuming Spark projectiles never return. However, when considering skill effect duration, we can achieve up to 4.8 hits, which can be rounded down to 4 for a more realistic estimate. When multiplying this with the skill's damage, we reach a staggering maximum DPS of 28 million. This is particularly effective in smaller maps, where the build truly shines.


Defensive Considerations

While our damage output is impressive, we must also address the defensive aspects of the build. The character has solid, effective hit points (EHP) pool, largely due to the Aegis Aurora shield. However, one notable weakness is the vulnerability to physical hits. As it's week one of the league, there's room for improvement in terms of defenses.


Gear Breakdown

Now, let's delve into the gear required for this build. We'll break it down into two sections: attainable gear and niche items that might need to be more easily obtainable in the future.


Attainable Gear (Baseline Cost: 67 Divine Orbs)

  • Replica Dragon Fang: A budget alternative to the pricey "Ashes of the Sun." It grants +3 to Spark skill gems.
  • Awakened Spell Echo: Provides a damage boost and is a solid investment for our build.
  • Perfect Wandcraft: A crafted mod that enhances our wand's power.
  • DPS Body Armor: Another crafting option that contributes to our damage output.
  • Rare Gloves and Boots: These provide basic stats and can be crafted to enhance the build.
  • Aegis Aurora: Provides additional EHP and synergizes well with the build's defenses.
  • Bottled Faith: Grants a +3 Spark enchant for added damage.
  • Watcher's Eye: Ideally, with an extra damage mod and an attack block mod.
  • Divine Inspiration and Anomalous Enlargement: Boosts our DPS.
  • Rares with Intensity and other damage mods: Enhances our overall performance.


Niche Items (Total Cost: 121 Divine Orbs)

These items might not be easily accessible and are largely focused on adding damage.

  • Forbidden Flame and Flash: These boost damage significantly but may vary in cost.
  • Explode Flask: Adds AoE clear potential.
  • Blue Nightmare (or upgraded Blue Dream): Enhances lightning and chaos damage.
  • Rare Critical Multiplier Jewel: Provides a damage boost.
  • Tattoo Tech with Blue Nightmare: Improves stats and spell block.


Passive Skill Tree

Our passive skill tree is a vital part of this build. We aim for a balance between strength and intelligence to maximize crit chance. Notably, we utilize Tattoo Tech to add spell blocks and damage. For min-maxing, we can consider options like Leafy Shade or even self-chill with specific gear swaps.

POE 3.22 Crit Spark Inquisitor Deepdive Build Passive Skill Tree Screenshot


Gem Setup

Spark Supported by Increased Critical Damage, Awakened Lightning Penetration, Awakened Spell Echo, Pinpoint Support (for higher Intensity), and Hypothermia (situational).
Shield Charge Linked with Faster Attacks and Sniper's Mark.
Frost Shield Combined with Power of Frost, Life Tap, and Steel Skin (or Molten Shell).
Herald of Ice For explosions and clear.
Enlighten Enhances aura mana reservation.
Blood and Sand Anomalous version for added movement speed.
Petrified Blood Enables low-life setup.
Arcane Surge and Flame Dash Flame Dash provides Arcane Surge buff.
Enduring Composure, Adrenaline, and Onslaught Provides various buffs and bonuses.
Clarity, Wrath, and Zealotry Enhance damage output.
Zealotry Support and Tempest Shield Boosts defenses and damage.


Configurations and Extras

  • Bandits: Kill all for extra skill points.
  • Pantheon: Brine King for Canopy and Soul of Yugul for reflect immunity and curse reduction.
  • Attributes: Aim for balanced strength and intelligence, keeping Dex above the required thresholds.
  • Defensive Flasks: Consider Basalt Flask for added armor against physical hits.
  • Frenzy Charges: Utilize the Body Armor craft for extra charges.
  • Consecrated Ground: Zealotry and Focus generate consecrated ground for added damage.
  • Attack Styles: Shield Charge with Faster Attacks for mobility, Steel Skin for defense, and Arcane Surge with Flame Dash for mobility and mana sustain.


POE 3.22 Crit Spark Inquisitor Deepdive Build Ascendancy Screenshot


Final Thoughts

And there you have it, the detailed guide to our Crit Spark build! With our carefully selected gear, optimized gem setup, and clever passive skill tree choices, we can achieve staggering DPS numbers while maintaining decent defenses. Keep in mind that certain items might not be easily attainable as the league progresses, but our baseline setup still provides impressive results. Remember to constantly adjust your build to the evolving game meta and have fun shredding through enemies with your powerful Spark character. Until next time, Exiles! Stay tuned for more exciting content on my Twitch channel. Peace out!

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