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POE 3.22 Full Atlas Guide: How to Make 100 Divines in Ancestors?

Welcome, fellow Exiles! Embark on a journey of triumph in the Ancestors League with our comprehensive guide. In this guide, We are sharing strategic prowess to help you attain an astounding feat – crafting your first 100 Divine Orb in POE 3.22. From essential keystones to map selection, delve into the depths of strategy, Delirium, Beyond, Harvest mechanics, and more. Let's unravel the intricacies of maximizing Atlas progression and currency generation, empowering you to conquer challenges and amass riches. 



POE 3.22 Full Atlas Guide: How to Make 100 Divines in Ancestors?


League Start Essentials

Before we delve into the strategy, there are a few key elements to highlight. First, our initial poe currency generation came from Expeditions, which provided a solid foundation for our progression. We'll elaborate on this later in the guide. Notably, the Atlas region we focused on had no Sextant mods. This is advantageous because it prevents inflation of item prices, especially in regard to God the Creator. Moreover, we exclusively utilized Rusted Scarabs, with their specific types being less important.


Keystones Explained

Understanding the keystone passives is pivotal to comprehending this strategy. There are four keystone passives that play a pivotal role in this following:

Wandering Path
  • Effect: All notables have no effect, while small nodes have doubled effectiveness.
  • Rationale: Not all notables greatly impact your strategy, such as Legion or Essence. Focusing on small nodes, which double in effectiveness, offers a stronger outcome.
  • Impact: It enhances map sustain by increasing connected map drop chances, doubles map duplication nodes and strengthens quantity and rarity nodes.
Seventh Gate
  • Effect: All possible League map crafting options are available when all gates are allocated.
  • Implementation: Allocate the gates strategically to unlock the seventh gate and gain access to all map crafting options.
  • Benefits: By bypassing the need for specific crafting options, you can utilize powerful mechanics like Beyond regardless of sextant locations.
Growing Hordes
  • Effect: Consumes scarabs in map device for pack size rather than their typical effects.
  • Usage: Place rusted scarabs in all slots of your five-slot map device.
  • Reasoning: The enhanced pack size is essential for maximizing the benefits of other mechanics in the strategy.
  • Note: Using polished scarabs is possible, but rusted scarab is more cost-effective.
Singular Focus
  • Effect: Increases favourite map drop chances by 200%, but non-favourite maps drop as currency.
  • Application: Select two favourite maps to focus on.
  • Importance: This Keystone ensures a sustained map pool by increasing the chances of desired maps dropping.
  • Consideration: While over-sustaining maps are possible, converting excess maps into currency offers an additional income stream.


POE 3.22 Keystones Explained Screenshot


Map Selection Strategy

  • Choose two maps to focus on, ideally with a connected layout.
  • Ensure that these maps have a high preference (favourite) in your Atlas settings.
  • Consider the quantity of these maps in your map pool (e.g., 8 of one and 4 of the other).
  • This setup optimizes the chances of your desired maps dropping.



Delirium orbs are a key component of the Delirium mechanic that can significantly boost your currency gains. Here's how to make the most of them:


  • Acquiring Delirium Orbs: Farm Delirium encounters to obtain Delirium orbs, which can be valuable items to sell.
  • Conversion Process: At the Hoarder crafting station, convert Delirium orbs into valuable currencies like Diviner's orbs and Skittering orbs. This process can be profitable and yield good returns.
  • Focus on Key Orbs: The Diviner's orb and Skittering orb conversion offers the most substantial profit. Although Skittering orbs are rarer, their value is high, making them the most sought-after outcome.
  • Optimizing Delirium Encounter: Enhance your Delirium encounters for better rewards by using passive nodes that extend the duration of Delirium fog. This can provide more time to maximize the rewards from your encounters.



Utilizing the Beyond mechanic can enhance your map-clearing efficiency and boost your currency income:

  • Beyond Map Device Mod: Activate the Beyond modifier on your map device to summon Beyond monsters. This can help you clear maps faster and get more loot.
  • Beyond Node Buffs: Enhance your Beyond experience by investing in the passive nodes that increase item quantity and the chances of encountering Beyond bosses.
  • Farm Beyond Bosses: Focus on defeating Beyond bosses, as they offer valuable drops and the potential to spawn Delirium bosses as well.



The Harvest mechanic provides a stable and consistent currency income that's less reliant on rare drops:

  • Optimal Seed Choice: Choose the most valuable seeds to plant in your Sacred Grove for maximum returns. Focus on seeds that yield rare items or valuable currencies.
  • Harvest Enhancements: Invest in passive nodes that boost Harvest chances and rewards to optimize your farming efficiency.
  • Bulk Sales: Wait until you have a significant amount of harvested items before selling them. Selling in bulk can yield better deals and higher overall profits.


Eldritch Altars

Eldritch Altars allow you to upgrade maps and add modifiers that enhance the map rewards:

  • Map Choice: Choose your maps wisely based on your strategy and investment. Some maps are more suitable for specific mechanics.
  • Upgrade with Scarabs: Apply scarabs to enhance your map drops. Consider which scarabs are more valuable for your goals, and apply them in bulk for efficiency.
  • Efficient Scarab Usage: Use scarabs that are abundant or less valuable compared to the market for optimal currency farming.


POE 3.22 Eldritch Altars Screenshot


Transitioning to Expedition for Better Single-Target Damage

For players struggling with Beyond bosses due to single-target limitations, transitioning to the Expedition mechanic can be beneficial:

  • Choose Expedition: If your build struggles with Beyond bosses, swap out Beyond for Expedition in your map device.
  • Expedition Focus: With Expedition, your focus shifts to clearing maps more efficiently without relying heavily on Beyond bosses.
  • Archeology Keystone: Consider the "Extreme Archeology" Keystone to save time during Expedition encounters. However, be aware that this Keystone can make encounters more challenging.


POE 3.22 Map Receptacle Screenshot


Choosing the Right Maps

Optimal Map Choices

When selecting maps, it's crucial to consider their tier and layout. For example, a tier 13 map might not be suitable due to restrictions on certain influences. Choose maps that allow you to leverage your build's strengths.

  • Beach: This map offers an open layout and a chance to drop the "Fortune" divination card, which can yield valuable rewards.
  • Strand: Known for its linear layout, Strand is excellent for quick runs and efficient clearing.


Map Synergies

Pair maps that are adjacent to each other on the Atlas. This synergy increases the chances of sustaining these maps, making your overall mapping experience smoother.


Alternative Choices

Consider other map options like Mausoleum and Glacier. Mausoleum, like Jungle Valley from a previous league, doesn't spawn the boss, ensuring only desirable rewards. Glacier is fun and has abundant monster packs for "Beyond" encounters.


Sustaining Your Map Pool

  • Over Sustain: Your goal should be to over-sustain your maps, ensuring you always have a healthy pool to choose from. If you need more time-sustaining, troubleshoot your strategy.
  • Singular Focus: If you're not achieving your desired sustain rate, consider inspecting the "Singular Focus" node temporarily to improve your map drops.


Juicing Your Maps

Enhancing Your Maps

To enhance your map rewards, follow these steps:

  • Chisel: Use chisels for quality to improve map item quantity.
  • Alch or Regal: Apply an Orb of Alchemy or Regal Orb for better modifiers.
  • Scarabs: Add scarabs for additional rewards. Metamorph, Torment, and Delirium scarabs can be particularly valuable.
  • Beyond: Use the Beyond modifier for increased monster spawns and more rewards.
  • Delirium Orbs: Use Delirium Orbs for added challenges and higher rewards.


Delirium and Boss Encounters

Navigate Delirium encounters carefully. If a Delirium boss spawns and the map becomes too challenging, consider retreating from the fog. At the five-reward point, you can exit the Delirium encounter and still reap lucrative rewards.


Managing Other Encounters

For Expedition encounters, customize your approach based on your build's capabilities. Extreme Archeology may enhance rewards but also increase the challenge. Make informed decisions based on your build's strengths.

POE 3.22 Checklist Screenshot


Expedition Swap

If Beyond encounters become too challenging, consider transitioning to Expedition encounters.


Adjusting Strategy

Focus on Expedition nodes that suit your build. The Extreme Archeology node can provide powerful explosions but also makes encounters tougher.


Checklist for Success

  • Assess the current value of tainted currency and Beyond content.
  • Examine the cost-effectiveness of Seventh Gate Sextants.
  • Ensure your build can handle Beyond boss encounters.
  • Confirm that your map sustain is effective.
  • Determine if you need to adjust Delirium timer nodes.
  • Optimize your pathing through the Atlas for efficiency.



By leveraging keystones like Wandering Path, Seventh Gate, Growing Hordes, and Singular Focus, alongside mastering mechanics like Delirium, Beyond, Harvest, and Eldritch Altars, you can optimize your map clearing, sustain, and currency generation. Carefully selecting maps, synergizing layouts, and adapting between Delirium and Expedition encounters are pivotal aspects of this strategy. Remember to assess your build's capabilities, adjust as needed, and follow the provided checklist for a successful path to acquiring those coveted Divination Cards.

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