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POE 3.22 Ghost Busting Strategy: How to master it and improve rewards and currency?

In PoE 3.22, a previously unpopular league mechanic has risen to an S-tier ranking for magic finding. This guide will dive deep into the emerging meta of Ghost Busting, a farming strategy that utilizes the Keystone Speaker of the Dead to maximize your loot and currency gains. Whether you're a seasoned magic find enthusiast or new to the concept, this guide will help you navigate the intricacies of this strategy and capitalize on its potential.


POE 3.22 Ghost Busting Strategy: How to master it and improve rewards and currency?


The Ghost Busting Meta

The Ghost Busting strategy harkens back to the Calandra league, reminiscent of forgotten farming techniques. While some might assume this technique is only viable for coordinated group play, it's important to note that solo players can also benefit from the right setup. With the Speaker of the Dead Keystone at the core of this strategy, you can embark on an adventure to boost your magic, find potential and maximize your currency gains.


The Numbers Behind the Strategy

  • Possessed Buff: The possessed buff is known for providing wild and substantial increases to both quantity and rarity. Monsters that have been possessed by a ghost can drop unprecedented amounts of loot, including rare and unique items.
  • Touched Buff: The Ghost Busting strategy centers around the Touched Buff, which enhances item quantity and rarity multipliers on monsters that are touched during the 20-second possession period. The increase in item quantity is estimated to be in the range of 600-800%, while item rarity gets boosted by around 300-400%. These multipliers significantly influence loot drops, making it a lucrative endeavour.
  • Synergies and Combos: Particularly effective is pairing the Ghost Busting strategy with enraged strong boxes, as their 500% increased item quantity modifier synergizes with the touched monsters' quantity and rarity bonuses. This synergy can elevate loot drops to extraordinary levels.


Multiplier Dynamics

Understanding the various quantity and rarity multipliers is crucial to grasping the effectiveness of the Ghost Busting strategy. There are three main types of multipliers:

  • Player Quantity and Rarity: These are influenced by your gear and build choices.
  • Area Quantity and Rarity: This can be modified through map modifiers, Sextants, and other map mods.
  • Monster Quantity and Rarity: This is where the Ghost Busting strategy shines. Enraged strongboxes offer a 500% increased quantity bonus, which works additively with the Ghost Busting touched buff, potentially resulting in a 1200-1300% increase in quantity and significant rarity boosts.


Implementing the Strategy

  • Preparation: Create a well-balanced magic and find a character with decent tankiness. Equip gear that enhances both quantity and rarity.
  • Map Setup: Opt for high-tier maps (Tier 14+) with modifiers that support the strategy. Alters, Enraged Strongbox Sextants, and other modifiers play a crucial role.
  • Execution: Spawn ghosts using the Speaker of the Dead Keystone. Possess monsters and touch them before eliminating them. Target strongboxes and utilize your DPS strategically to prevent over-killing.
  • Loot Management: Manage your looting efficiently, as touched monsters will drop enhanced quantities of valuable items, including divination cards and uniques.


Challenges and Rewards

While the Ghost Busting strategy offers impressive rewards, it's challenging. Balancing DPS and phasing to touch monsters efficiently, optimizing map choices, and mastering the strategy's nuances can be demanding. However, the potential for significantly increased POE currency gains, enhanced loot drops, and unique items make it a compelling and rewarding endeavour.



As PoE players delve into the magic find meta of PoE 3.22, the Ghost Busting strategy emerges as a powerful and dynamic technique for enhancing your loot and currency gains. By harnessing the power of the Speaker of the Dead Keystone and understanding the complex multiplier dynamics, you can embark on an exciting journey to maximize your magic potential. Ghost Busting offers an unparalleled opportunity to thrive in the world of Path of Exile. So, gear up, embrace the strategy, and watch your loot pile grow like never before!

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