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POE 3.22 New Skill Tattoos Guide: Everything You Need To Know

The world of Path of Exile is about to experience a seismic shift with the introduction of the much-anticipated 3.22 update. One of the most thrilling additions in this update is the incorporation of powerful new skill tattoos. These innovative passive skill tattoos, introduced in the Trial of the Ancestors expansion, are set to revolutionize build customization and playstyle diversity. Among the exciting lineup are the Journey tattoos, each offering unique advantages to players seeking to maximize their characters' potential. In this guide, we'll delve deep into the intricacies of these new tattoos and their impact on the PoE meta.


POE 3.22 New Skill Tattoos Guide: Everything You Need To Know


The Journey Tattoos

The Journey tattoos are poised to redefine the way players approach passive skill allocation. Each Journey tattoo offers distinct bonuses and replaces specific attributes on your passive skill tree, opening up avenues for strategic decision-making and customization. Let's explore the intriguing offerings of these Journey tattoos:


Journey Tattoo of the Mind

POE 3.22 Journey Tattoo of the Mind Screenshot

  • The Journey Tattoo of the Mind introduces a novel way to bolster your character's mana pool. With every allocated Journey Tattoo of the Mind, you gain 30 maximum Mana, replacing 20 dexterity notables on your passive skill tree.
  • Notable replacements like Agility are transformed, empowering mana stackers to make the most of this newfound resource.
  • It synergizes well with builds that heavily rely on spellcasting, ensuring you have an ample mana pool for sustained casting.


Journey Tattoo of Soul

POE 3.22 Journey Tattoo of Soul Screenshot

  • The Journey Tattoo of Soul offers a strategic shift for energy shield-based builds. For each allocated tattoo, you gain 40 Energy Shields, replacing intelligence notables on your passive skill tree.
  • Particularly advantageous for energy shield-centric Juggernaut builds, this tattoo enhances your survivability by reinforcing your energy shield reserves.


Journey Tattoo of the Body

POE 3.22 Journey Tattoo of the Body Screenshot

  • The Journey Tattoo of the Body presents an enticing proposition for characters seeking increased survivability through maximum life. With every allocated tattoo, you gain 25 maximum life, replacing strength notables on your passive skill tree.
  • Capitalize on the natural layout of the tree, as strength nodes are strategically situated around the tree's periphery.
  • The cumulative effects of this tattoo can lead to a significant boost in maximum life, vital for characters diving into the heat of battle.


Honoured Tattoo of the Makanga

POE 3.22 Tattoo of the Makanga Screenshot

Among these intriguing new skill tattoos, the Honoured Tattoo of the Makanga stands out as a true powerhouse. Its potential to elevate your character's capabilities hinges on a unique mechanic: requiring eight adjacent passive skills to be allocated. This opens up the possibility of leveraging the Crimson Jewel "A Warrior's Tale," doubling the effects of the tattoo's attributes. Consider the following:

  • Strategically placing this tattoo amidst nodes that fulfil the adjacency condition, you can amplify its effects exponentially.
  • This presents an avenue for optimizing attributes like cooldown recovery rate and maximum resistances, creating unparalleled value.
  • Expect a competitive market for these tattoos due to their potency, making them a coveted asset for serious players.


Ancestral Tattoo of Bloodlines

POE 3.22 Ancestral Tattoo of Bloodlines Screenshot

For those who embrace a playstyle centered around gradual recovery, the Ancestral Tattoo of Bloodlines offers intriguing possibilities. This tattoo boosts your recovery rate for life, mana, and energy shield by 2% per allocated tattoo. While its value hinges on recovery mechanics, it brings significant benefits to specific builds:

  • Characters with sustained recovery mechanisms, such as energy shield regeneration and life leech, stand to benefit immensely from this tattoo.
  • Remember, instant recovery mechanics won't synergize with the duration-based nature of this bonus.


Journey Tattoo of the Makanui

POE 3.22 Journey Tattoo of the Makanui Screenshot

Among the new skill tattoos, the Journey Tattoo of the Makanui introduces an element of unpredictability by granting a random Keystone. However, questions regarding its mechanics warrant consideration:

  • The timing of the random Keystone grant remains uncertain, potentially influencing its value and cost.
  • If the Keystone is determined upon acquiring the tattoo, it could create a market for powerful Keystones, significantly impacting their prices.
  • If, instead, the Keystone is assigned upon application, players seeking specific Keystones might face higher acquisition costs, but the overall best Keystones could become rarer due to dilution.


Rarity and Acquisition

In terms of rarity, the Journey tattoos are anticipated to fall within a medium range, with players likely encountering them more frequently as their rating climbs. Honoured tattoos, on the other hand, are akin to precious gems, obtainable through victories and bestowed by Hinakora herself. Pricing speculation rests on the intrinsic power of these tattoos:

  • Journey tattoos could become accessible for determined players, offering a balance of reward and effort.
  • Honoured tattoos, being the pinnacle of power, may come at a premium due to their immense potential and limited availability.



As the 3.22 update approaches, anticipation for the arrival of these powerful skill tattoos is reaching a crescendo. The Journey tattoos, each with their unique attributes, and the remarkable Honor tattoo of the Makanaga are set to redefine the way players approach character customization. The Ancestral tattoo of Bloodlines augments recovery mechanisms, while the Journey tattoo of the Makanui introduces an unpredictable twist. As Path of Exile players embark on this new journey, the skill tattoos promise to reshape and build diversity, strategy, and the very fabric of the game itself. Prepare to delve into the unknown and seize the opportunity to craft characters of unprecedented might.

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