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RuneScape Hero Pass Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Jagex, the developer of RuneScape, has recently rolled out the Necromancy update, which introduces significant changes not only to the Necromancy skill itself but also to other aspects. With a mere 22 days since the previous release, the Hero Pass has taken center stage, bringing forth a new dimension of progression and rewards to the game. This guide will delve deep into the intricate details of this major update, breaking down the mechanics, benefits, and changes players can expect.



RuneScape Hero Pass Guide: Everything You Need to Know



The Hero Pass is a new system that replaces the old Yak Track. The reason behind this change is that the mods believe the Yak Track needed to fit better with all playstyles and integrate naturally into the game. The Hero Pass offers a revamped version of the same concept but with a more versatile approach.


Earning Hero Points

With the Hero Pass, you'll earn hero points to progress through level tiers by engaging in various activities within the game. These activities include Clues, Skilling, Bossing, Quests, and more. Additionally, there are daily, weekly, and special missions that offer extra hero points, helping you advance more quickly.


Daily, Weekly, and Special Missions

  • Daily missions are activities that you can complete every day to earn extra hero points.
  • Weekly basic missions must be completed within their respective week.
  • Weekly General missions are added to your Hero Pass and can be completed at your convenience within the duration of the Hero Pass.
  • Special missions encourage you to engage with recently added content, such as new quests, bosses, or Skilling activities.


Content in the First Hero Pass

The first Hero Pass is centered around necromancy-related content, particularly involving the necromancy skill.


Rewards and Tiers

  • The Hero Pass has 99 reward tiers, each requiring 1,000 hero points.
  • The progression system is designed to be achievable by moderately active players, but the exact definition of "moderately active" isn't specified.
  • Beyond tier 99, each level up to 120 will cost 3,000 hero points.
  • The Hero Pass store allows you to spend emblems earned while levelling up to unlock old cosmetics you might have missed.


New Cosmetic Types

The Hero Pass introduces new cosmetic types, including overhead icons, tool overrides, and conjure overrides. Conjure overrides offer randomized appearances for conjures, which is a novel feature.


Contemper Buffs

Contemper buffs are new to the Hero Pass. You gain charges for these buffs at different level tiers. The buffs include:

  • Trailblazer Buff: Reduce a clue score step by one (costs a charge).
  • Ford Artisan Buff: Grants a 10-minute-long crafting buff.
  • Headhunt Buff: Allows you to repeatedly choose your Slayer task by spending charges.
  • Chaos Ward Buff: Reduces incoming damage in certain locations by 20%.
  • Lumberjack Ingenuity Buff: Enhances woodcutting, similar to the Solder perk.


Transition from Yak Track

  • Booster Yakscapes and challenge tokens will be converted into new Hero Pass points.
  • Existing players with Yak progress boosters will gain 10 levels upon release.
  • Daily challenge tokens will be converted to 125 points each.


Changes to Daily Challenges

  • Daily challenges will be replaced by daily missions in the Hero Pass.
  • Daily missions will no longer reward treasure hunter keys and will offer reduced experience.
  • The intention behind this change is to prevent players from stockpiling large numbers of keys, promoting a more balanced approach.


Shaping the Future of RuneScape

Next, we will delve into some of the major shifts introduced by Jagex through the Necromancy update that has the potential to influence the game's direction.


Non-Degradable Gear

One of the notable shifts in RuneScape is the introduction of non-degradable gear with the Necromancy update. Unlike most gear in the game, Necromancy gear doesn't degrade over time, eliminating the need for repairs or upkeep. This change has far-reaching implications for the game's economy and player experience.


In the past, players often hesitated to invest in high-level gear due to the ongoing repair costs associated with degradation. Now, with non-degradable gear, this concern is eliminated, encouraging more players to invest in and use powerful equipment. This shift could lead to a healthier in-game economy and a more diverse gear meta.

Drop Rates of Tier 95 Gear

Jagex has made a significant move to address the accessibility and cost of high-level gear by adjusting the drop rates of tier 95 gear. This change aligns with Jagex's goal of making high-level gear more accessible to a broader player base, enabling more players to enjoy endgame content without being hindered by prohibitive gear costs. While this shift might decrease the perceived value of certain RS items, it ultimately promotes a more inclusive gaming environment where players are not locked out of challenging content due to gear constraints.


Combat Overhaul and Streamlining

The Necromancy skill introduces a combat system that feels more intuitive, smooth, and fluid compared to traditional combat styles. This shift has raised questions about the future of the existing combat styles (magic, melee, and ranged). Many players have expressed a desire for a similar revamp to these styles to ensure a consistent and enjoyable combat experience across the board. Jagex's potential plans for reworking the combat styles to align with the streamlined and intuitive nature of Necromancy combat could significantly impact the way players approach combat encounters and potentially lead to a more balanced and dynamic combat ecosystem.


Balancing Value and Reward

The non-degradable nature of Necromancy gear has led to discussions about potential impacts on the game's economy and the value of items obtained from Necromancer encounters. Since the gear doesn't degrade, its value might remain relatively stable over time, possibly impacting its desirability. This presents Jagex with the challenge of ensuring that valuable gear remains rewarding while also preventing market oversaturation. The relationship between gear value and the viability of boss encounters is complex; maintaining a balance between gear accessibility and boss appeal will be crucial to retaining a healthy player base.



The Hero Pass marks a significant shift in the way players engage with RuneScape's content. While some changes may feel drastic, Jagex aims to enhance the overall experience by encouraging players to interact with the game more naturally and eliminating elements that could create imbalances. It's essential to embrace these changes with an open mind and see how they shape the game's future.

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