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Poe 3.22 New Passive Skill Tattoos Coming to Trial of the Ancestors

Passive skill tattoos are a revolutionary addition to Path of Exile, introduced in the 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors expansion. These unique tattoos open up exciting possibilities for character customization, allowing players to further refine their builds. In this guide, we'll delve into the various types of passive skill tattoos, their effects, and how they can enhance your gameplay experience.


Poe 3.22 New Passive Skill Tattoos Coming to Trial of the Ancestors


Journey Tattoo of the Mind

The Journey Tattoo of the Mind offers a remarkable bonus of 30 additional maximum Mana per allocated node. It replaces 30 dexterity notables on your passive skill tree. This is a game-changer for Mana stacking builds, as it replaces key dexterity nodes like Agility, Alacrity, and Expertise. If your build heavily relies on Mana, this tattoo archetype is a must-have.


Journey Tattoo of Soul

Similar to the Mind variant, the Journey Tattoo of Soul replaces intelligence nodes with Energy Shield. This tattoo is particularly useful for Energy Shield-focused builds, where the 40% bonus Energy Shield from strength can significantly boost your defenses. However, keep in mind that accessing intelligence nodes in the upper parts of the tree can be challenging, making this tattoo archetype more niche.


Journey Tattoo of the Body

The Journey Tattoo of the Body provides 25 additional maximum life for each allocated strength node. Considering that many life-based builds cluster around the strength nodes on the tree, this tattoo can be a game-changer. With a maximum potential of +400 life, it's a valuable addition to your build. However, the limited number of available anointments makes this choice a strategic one.


Honor Tattoo of Makanaga

The Honor Tattoo of Makanaga is a standout among the new tattoos, requiring eight adjacent passive skills to be allocated. Its unique interaction with the Crimson Jewel, A Warrior's Tale, allows for incredible synergy. For instance, doubling the effect of +4% all Maximum Resistances can turn your build into an unstoppable force. Expect this tattoo to be highly sought after and potentially expensive in the market.


Ancestral Tattoo of Bloodlines

This tattoo archetype provides 2% increased recovery rate of Life, Mana, and Energy Shield per tribe where you have an allocated tattoo. With up to 10 tribes available for allocation, you can achieve a maximum of 20% increased recovery rate. This tattoo is a boon for builds that rely on over-time recovery mechanisms like life leech, energy shield regeneration, or mana flask usage. However, it won't benefit builds using instant life gain on hit or instantaneous leech.


Journey Tattoo of Makanui

The Journey Tattoo of Makanui is unique in that it grants a random Keystone when applied. The exact mechanics of this random Keystone acquisition are not yet clear, but it opens up exciting possibilities for experimentation. If the random Keystones are granted upon dropping the tattoo, players may have several chances to obtain powerful Keystones. However, if the randomization occurs during application, it might lead to a different market dynamic. Expect this tattoo to have varying rarity and cost depending on how it functions.


Rarity and Availability

The rarity of these tattoos varies based on their function and impact on gameplay. Journey tattoos are expected to be of medium rarity, potentially becoming more accessible after reaching a higher Atlas rating, while Honor tattoos, like Makanaga, will likely remain rare due to their game-changing effects. Ancestral tattoos' rarity is uncertain, while Journey tattoos of Makanui may be determined by the ease of obtaining specific Keystones.



Passive skill tattoos are a game-changer in Path of Exile, offering exciting new ways to customize your build. As the 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors expansion unfolds, these tattoos will undoubtedly shape the meta and become sought-after additions to your character. Stay tuned for updates on these tattoos, and be prepared to adapt your strategies as you explore the new possibilities they bring to the world of Wraeclast. For more in-depth information and pricing data on skill tattoos, check out Maxwell GG, where we collaborate with Grimrow to bring you the latest insights into Path of Exile's ever-evolving gameplay.

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