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FFXIV Determination and Direct Hit: Why are these two overrated statistics?

In Final Fantasy XIV, players have a multitude of stats to consider when optimizing their characters. Two of these stats, Determination and Direct Hit, often find themselves in the middle ground of priority for many players. While they may seem like powerful choices on the surface, there are several reasons why these stats are only sometimes the best options. In this detailed guide, we will delve into the intricacies of Determination and Direct Hits, explaining why other stats, such as Critical Hit, often take precedence.


FFXIV Determination and Direct Hit: Why are these two overrated statistics?


Determination: A Solid But Limited Stat

Determination increases all your damage and, notably, your healing output as well. However, its effect on healing is limited to specific actions, primarily healing spells. This means that not all jobs can fully capitalize on the healing bonus that Determination provides.


Furthermore, Determination does not directly interact with any in-game effects or grant significant damage bonuses. In contrast, other stats like Critical Hit have more profound impacts on damage output through their critical damage modifiers and interaction with various buffs.


Direct Hit: The Underappreciated DPS Stat

Direct Hit is often viewed as a DPS stat more valued by tanks and healers than by actual DPS players. It provides a chance for attacks to deal 25% more damage, with the chance increasing with more Direct Hit points. While this may seem impressive, the math reveals that it lags slightly behind Determination in a vacuum, making Determination around 1.8% better than Direct Hit.


However, Direct Hit has its advantages. There are buffs that grant bonus Direct Hit chance, and some attacks guarantee Direct Hits, which can significantly boost damage. Additionally, the base damage of Direct Hits benefits from having more Determination, making these stats somewhat interdependent.


Why Are Tanks and Healers Stacking Direct Hit?

Stats in FFXIV do not exist in isolation; they interact with each other. More Determination increases the damage of Direct Hits, and conversely, more Direct Hit makes Determination more valuable. This relationship means that, in most cases, a balanced distribution between Determination and Direct Hit results in more damage than focusing exclusively on one stat.


For tanks and healers, the choice between Determination and Direct Hit often comes down to their gear. Tank gear typically includes Critical Hit, Tenacity, Determination, and Skill & Spell Speed, but not Direct Hit. This means that they can safely prioritize Direct Hit for better damage output. Healers, on the other hand, can focus on Determination because it improves their healing spells, although the extent of its benefit varies depending on the job.


Comparing Determination and Direct Hit to Other Stats

To understand why Determination and Direct Hit are not the best stats, we need to consider the other stats available.


Tenacity This tank-specific stat requires 40 more points to provide the same damage bonus as Determination, making it objectively worse for damage output.
Piety Piety offers no damage bonuses and is strictly worse than Determination for damage.
Skill & Spell Speed These speed stats can be valuable for some jobs but are generally less effective for most. Their impact varies depending on the job's mechanics and damage sources.
Critical Hit Critical Hit starts relatively weak but scales exceptionally well with more points. It boosts both critical chance and critical damage, making it the most valuable stat for most jobs when fully committed.


The Uniqueness of Critical Hit

Critical Hit's unique property is that it double-dips as you increase it, boosting both chance and payoff. This means that once Critical Hit catches up to Determination or Direct Hit, it continues to outperform them.


Determination and Direct Hit are not inferior stats by any means. They are reliable choices for damage and have their unique strengths. However, Critical Hit's unparalleled scaling and versatility make it the preferred choice when fully committed, which is why it is often prioritized over Determination and Direct Hit.



In FFXIV, the choice of stats depends on your job and gear, and a well-balanced combination of Determination and Direct Hit can yield good results. However, the overarching reason why Critical Hit takes the crown as the best damage-boosting stat lies in its unique scaling properties. Understanding the intricacies of these stats allows players to make informed choices when optimizing their characters for maximum effectiveness in the world of Eorzea.

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