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Path of Exile 3.22 Profitable Harbinger Map Farming Currency Strategy

In today's guide, we're going to explore a unique Path of Exile farming strategy that focuses on maximizing profits by leveraging the underrated and underpriced aspects of the game. Instead of targeting new keystones or mechanics, we're delving into the world of scarabs, compasses, and crafting to unearth a highly profitable Harbinger map farming Currency strategy. 


Path of Exile 3.22 Profitable Harbinger Map Farming Currency Strategy


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Skill Tree and Optimization

Before diving into the farming strategy, let's take a look at the skill tree used for this build. Our goal was to capitalize on every possible opportunity for additional currency shards, focusing on the small Harbinger nodes for increased currency stack chances, and essential notables. We opted to exclude mechanics like heist and prioritized essence and strongbox nodes. While the tree can be further optimized by reallocating some points, the strategy was still highly profitable. We will provide an optimized tree in the description.


Atlas Tree


Map Nodes

To maximize the effectiveness of this strategy, we singularly focused on running City Square maps. Initially starting with 20 maps, we ended up running a total of 137 City Square maps, significantly over-sustaining our map pool. In addition to City Square, we also ran one Crimson Temple map.


Farming Strategy

Now, let's break down the key components of this farming strategy:

  • City Square Map: This map was chosen for its three bosses that benefit from the Harbinger compass we're using. Map bosses in City Square are accompanied by Harbingers, which drop additional currency shards.
  • Rusted Ambush Scarab: These scarabs are criminally underpriced, currently available at around 1.3 chaos each. Using these scarabs, you can spawn strongboxes that yield valuable items, including six-link items, scarabs, awakened sextants, and divination cards.
  • Polished Harbinger Scarab: These scarabs are also underpriced, costing just above 3 chaos. By using them on your maps, you get the same amount of Harbingers as you would by paying six chaos on the map device, making them a steal.
  • Harbinger Compass: This compass allows Essences in your maps to have a 50% chance of containing a remnant of corruption. These compasses are currently undervalued at around 15 chaos each, providing excellent value.
  • Red Alters: These round out the strategy, ensuring you have a comprehensive approach to maximizing returns.


Map Strategy:

When running City Square maps, prioritize finding and defeating the map boss and Harbingers. The additional bosses will drop Harbinger shards, increasing your chances of obtaining valuable fracturing orbs. Collect Essences, click on the Altars, and clear the map thoroughly.


Loot and Profit

Here's a breakdown of the loot and profit you can expect from this strategy:

  • Consistent Loot: You'll receive valuable items such as maps (City Square and Crimson Temple), Essences, various scarabs, awakened sextants, divination cards, and Eldritch currency (which is currently in demand).
  • Harbinger Loot: From Harbinger encounters, you can accumulate a significant number of annulment orbs, orbs of regret, and remnants of corruption.
  • Fracturing Shards: On average, you can expect to earn around 46 fracturing shards or 2.3 full orbs per map, resulting in roughly one fracturing orb every 0.46 maps or every seven Harbinger encounters.


Investment and Profit

With an investment of less than four divines, you can run 100 maps with this strategy. The returns are exceptional, with a profit of 46.95 divines over a six-and-a-half-hour period, averaging at 7.22 poe divines per hour.



This farming Poe Currency strategy combines underpriced scarabs, compasses, and crafting to yield significant profits. By optimizing your skill tree and running City Square maps with the right scarabs and compass, you can generate a consistent income in the game. As always, adapt the strategy to your playstyle, and don't hesitate to tweak it further for even better results.

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