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PoE 3.22 Righteous Fire Replica Dragonfang's Flight Inquisitor Build

In this Path of Exile build guide, we'll be discussing the latest updates to the RF (Righteous Fire) Inquisitor build before reaching level 100. We'll cover changes in character progression, unique item interactions, and delve into the intriguing world of tattoos (Passive skill tree clusters). 


PoE 3.22 Righteous Fire Replica Dragonfang


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Unique Item: Replica Dragonfang's Flight

One of the newest additions to the build is the Replica Dragonfang's Flight, a unique Onyx amulet. This amulet has the unique ability to roll any plus skill, making it an attractive choice for RF players seeking clear speed. While it may not be as well-rounded as Ashes of the Stars, it offers an affordable alternative for those who don't want to invest heavily in crafting.


Maven Jewel: Impossible Escape

Obtaining a Maven Jewel called "Impossible Escape" for around 70 chaos is another valuable addition. This jewel grants various benefits, including One Max Cold Resistance and One Max Frenzy Charge. The price of these jewels may increase, but they offer a cost-effective way to improve your character's survivability and damage output.


Cluster Jewels for RF Builds

Cluster Jewels can enhance RF builds by providing additional passive skills and notable passives. However, they are not typically considered essential for RF builds. One budget-friendly cluster jewel option is to use a large passive cluster jewel with 12% increased fire damage and various defensive bonuses.

For more damage-focused options, you can opt for an 8-passive cluster jewel with two good notables in the front and another medium notable. Double medium jewels can provide additional life, energy shield, and damage, making them a solid choice for advanced players.


Tattoo Interactions

Tattoos, or Passive skill tree clusters, play a crucial role in character customization. We'll briefly discuss various tattoo options that can enhance your RF Inquisitor build.

  • Max Cold Resistance and Frenzy Charge: Replace a 30 Dexterity node to gain One Max Cold Resistance and One Max Frenzy Charge. This is a good choice for Inquisitors seeking added defenses and damage.
  • Onslaught on Hit: Replacing a 30 Dexterity node with Onslaught on hit is an interesting option for increased clear speed, especially against unique enemies.
  • Chaos Resistance: A tattoo that grants Four Max Chaos Resistance can be an excellent way to boost your chaos resistance.
  • Aura Effectiveness: If you are using auras like Purity, consider a tattoo that offers 1% increased effectiveness for non-curse auras.
  • Attribute Conversion: Tattoos that convert one attribute into another can be useful for adjusting your character's attribute balance.
  • Global Defense: Some tattoos provide bonuses like 3% armor and 3% energy shield, offering additional protection.
  • Fire Resistance and Endurance Charge: One Max Fire Resistance and One Max Endurance Charge tattoo can be beneficial for Chieftain builds.
  • Intelligence and Crit Immunity: Tattoos that grant intelligence can help Inquisitors achieve critical strike immunity.
  • Life Regeneration: For improved sustain, consider tattoos that provide life regeneration.
  • Crit Damage Reduction: Reducing critical damage taken is a valuable defensive option, especially for Inquisitors.



In this RF Inquisitor build guide, we've explored the latest updates and unique item interactions, such as the Replica Dragonfang's Flight and Maven Jewel "Impossible Escape." We've also discussed various tattoo options for enhancing your character's performance and defenses. Remember that your tattoo choices should align with your build's specific needs and attributes. Whether you're pursuing the ultimate RF Inquisitor or exploring other PoE builds, these insights can help you optimize your character for success in Wraeclast.

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