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Path of Exile Accuracy Stacking Guides: Achieve up to a billion DPS

Accuracy stacking is an incredibly underrated build archetype in Path of Exile that has the potential to reach astronomical levels of DPS. With the right investments, you can achieve up to a billion DPS and have a character capable of unleashing 30 attacks per second. In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover the basics of accuracy stacking, how to get started, how to set up an accuracy stacker, ways to improve it, and everything you need to know about the upsides, downsides, and intricacies of this build archetype.


Path of Exile  Accuracy Stacking Guides: Achieve up to a billion DPS


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Core Concepts

The Basics of Accuracy Stacking: Accuracy stacking involves increasing your character's accuracy rating to boost damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance. This is achieved through a combination of gear, passives, and unique items.

  • Core Uniques: There are specific unique items that are essential for an accuracy stacking build. These include the Obscurantis helmet, a bow with the Elder modifier for increased projectile attack damage, the Oskarm gloves for increased Critical Strike chance, the Additional Accuracy Support gem with the Divergent version for increased damage per 1000 accuracy, and unique boots like Ritual Base Storm Rider or Cloud Whisper Windbreak for flat attack lightning damage per 200 accuracy.
  • Critical Strike Multiplier: While accuracy stacking provides various damage modifiers, it doesn't boost Critical Strike multiplier. To address this, Abyss Jewels with accuracy and Critical Strike multiplier are crucial additions to your gear.
  • Triple Jewel Combination: Utilize a combination of two Transcendent Spirit Jewels and one Brutal Restraint Jewel. These provide substantial flat accuracy, but they come at the cost of reduced movement speed. Consider swapping them for faster clearing during mapping.


Getting Started

  • Melee Version: As a beginner, consider starting with a melee version of accuracy stacking using skills like Lightning Strike. Replica Last Resorts, Storm Rider boots, and key passives should be your focus. Melee skills are less reliant on movement speed, making them a good starting point.
  • Low Life Aspect: Replica Last Resort's low life bonus can be achieved through Petrified Blood and Life Mastery that counts you as low life at 55% reserved life. This allows you to activate the unique weapon's bonus while maintaining a buffer for overleech.


Choosing a Class

Consider the choice between the Juggernaut and the Berserker for your accuracy stacking build:

  • Juggernaut: Offers better defenses with abilities like Unbreakable, Unstoppable, and endurance charges. Ideal for those who want a tankier character.
  • Berserker: Doubles your damage output but sacrifices some defense. Choose this if you prioritize pure damage and can handle the glass cannon approach.


Future Investments

For high-end investment and min-maxing, plan for further upgrades such as additional Abyss sockets on Shroud of the Lightless, new cluster jewels, and Iron Reflexes for added defense.



Accuracy stacking in Path of Exile offers an exhilarating gameplay experience with the potential for astronomical damage output. Starting with a melee version and progressing to a high-budget projectile build can be a rewarding journey. Remember that achieving perfection in this build can be extremely expensive due to the rarity of certain items.

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