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PoE 3.22 Tanky for Mapping and Uber Bosses Determination Witch Build

In Path of Exile, survivability is crucial for both mapping and taking on Uber bosses. In this guide, we'll provide you with general advice on how to make your character tanky without diving into the specifics of every defense mechanic in the game. Whether you're on a Poe Currency budget or looking to enhance your character's toughness, these tips will help you stay alive and conquer challenging content.


PoE 3.22 Tanky for Mapping and Uber Bosses Determination Witch Build


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Pantheon Choices

One of the first steps towards tankiness is choosing the right Pantheon powers. In Act Seven, you can access the Pantheon system. For mapping and general survivability, opt for the "Soul of Lunaris" and "Soul of Solaris" powers. These provide valuable defenses against various threats, including critical hits and area damage.


Physical Damage Mitigation

Path of Exile is notorious for elemental damage, especially ignites and poisons. Many deaths occur due to taking massive physical hits that lead to these ailments. To counter this, focus on physical damage mitigation. Consider the following strategies:

  • Helmet and Body Armor Crafting: Look for modifiers like "Physical Damage from Hits taken as Cold" or "Physical Damage from Hits taken as Lightning." These conversions will help you mitigate physical damage.
  • Armor-Based Body Armor: If your character uses an armor-based body armor, aim for additional physical damage reduction. These modifiers further enhance your survivability.


Understanding Armor Mechanics

Armor becomes more effective when dealing with smaller physical hits. However, it loses effectiveness against larger hits. It's crucial to have percent conversions in place to ensure that armor is applied optimally. For example, if you have 50% physical damage taken as Cold, armor will protect that 50%. Getting these conversions is essential for effective tankiness.


Defensive Auras and Banners

Pair at least one defensive aura with a defensive banner to boost your character's resilience. For instance, use "Grace" or "Determination" alongside "Dread Banner." These combinations offer additional layers of protection against various types of damage.


Stun and Elemental Avoidance

While stun avoidance and elemental avoidance are valuable defenses, they can be expensive to obtain. If you're on a budget, focus on other defensive priorities, but keep these in mind for future upgrades.


Shock Immunity

If you have a shield, consider using Tempest Shield. This skill reserves 25% of your mana but grants immunity to shock and a chance to block spell damage, bolstering your defenses.


Spell Suppression

For boss fights and heightened survivability, prioritize spell suppression. Obtain this via passive skill tree nodes or Ascendancy class choices. Aim for a high chance to suppress spell damage, which reduces incoming magical threats.


Flask Setup

Ensure you have an effective flask setup. Consider including flasks that provide increased armor or evasion, as well as utility flasks like Quartz and Quicksilver flasks. These will help you survive challenging encounters.


Boss Strategies

When facing Uber bosses or tough bosses in general, adapt your strategy:

  • Flask Selection: Equip two to three life flasks and two to three elemental flasks like Sapphire, Quartz, or Ruby, depending on the boss's elemental damage type. Seek the Harvest enchantment for increased flask effect.
  • Maximum Resistances: Use a Purity aura matching the boss's primary damage type, such as Purity of Lightning for Maven. Combine this with anoints, unique items, and passive skills to reach close to 90% maximum resistance against the boss's damage.
  • Anoints and Unique Items: Consider anointing your character with defensive nodes like Crystal Skin, Sol of Steel, or Prismatic Skin. Look for items that provide additional maximum resistance bonuses.



By following these guidelines, you can make your Path of Exile character significantly tankier without breaking the bank. Surviving in both mapping and boss encounters becomes more manageable with the right choices in Pantheon powers, damage mitigation, defensive auras, and flasks. Additionally, understanding boss mechanics and adapting your resistance and enchantment choices will greatly improve your chances of conquering Uber bosses.

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