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PoE 3.22 New Player-Friendly Currency Farming Strategy Guides

In Path of Exile's 3.22 league, you don't need complex strategies involving sextants, scarabs, or heavy juicing to make Poe currency. This guide will introduce you to a super easy and beginner-friendly farming strategy that allows you to steadily accumulate wealth while maintaining a straightforward approach.


PoE 3.22 New Player-Friendly Currency Farming Strategy Guides


Getting Started: Filling Your Atlas

Before diving into the farming strategy, you need to ensure that your Atlas is adequately filled with maps. Press 'G' to open your Atlas and aim to complete as much of it as possible. Ideally, you should aim for around 108 out of 115 map completion. While obtaining all the unique maps is helpful, it's not essential for this strategy.

If you're unsure how to efficiently complete your Atlas or need a quicker way to gain Atlas passive tree points, consider checking out a video guide on the topic to streamline your map progression.


Understanding the Farming Strategy

The primary focus of this farming strategy is map sustain, which means ensuring that you always have enough maps to run. To achieve this, you'll invest in certain Atlas passive nodes and prioritize specific map choices.


Atlas Passive Node Allocation

  • Chance for One Monster in Each Area to Drop an Additional Connected Map: Allocate points to these nodes to increase your chances of getting additional maps when you kill monsters in your selected map.
  • Essences and Searing Exarc Alters: Allocate points to these nodes to improve the quantity of your maps and increase your chances of encountering valuable items.
  • Quantity Nodes: Prioritize nodes that increase the quantity of items dropped in your maps, enhancing your overall returns.
  • Boss Drops: Allocate points to nodes that increase the chances of bosses dropping valuable items, including boss-specific maps and items.
  • Elder Guardian, Shaper, Synthesis, and Conquest Maps: Prioritize nodes that make these map types more likely to drop, as they can provide lucrative rewards.


Map Choices

For this strategy, focus on two primary maps: Beach and Strand. These maps are straightforward to run and offer excellent results. The goal is to alternate between these two maps, maximizing their drop rates using Atlas passive nodes. You can run Beach maps with three favor slots and Strand maps with two for efficient map sustain.


Remember to use watch stones to raise the tier of these maps to at least tier 14. If you're unable to handle high-tier maps yet, you can start by running them as white maps and gradually upgrade them as your character becomes more powerful.


Map Quality

It's recommended to enhance your maps' quality by chiseling them. You can also use Orbs of Alteration or Orbs of Alchemy to modify your maps. Enhancing map quality increases your chances of getting better item drops and map returns.


Essence Farming

Keep an eye out for purple Essences (Misery, Envy, Dread, Scorn) while running your maps. Use Essence of Corruption on these purple Essences to upgrade them. Upgraded Essences can be sold for valuable Chaos Orbs or other currencies.


Trading Essentials

You'll want to use tools like awakened Poe Trade to check item prices and trade effectively. This makes it easier to sell your boss-specific maps, essences, and other valuable items. Consider joining the TFT (The Forbidden Trove) Discord for bulk trading if you have a significant amount of items to sell.


Invitation Farming

While completing maps, pay attention to red altars that spawn. These altars offer a downside for an upside, such as dropping valuable scarabs or currency items. Always check the first altar that appears in your maps, as it can provide lucrative rewards.


Additionally, focus on filling the Searing Exarch progression bar to receive invitations. You'll need to reach the halfway point in the bar to trigger a boss fight and obtain these invitations, which can be sold for a decent profit.


Managing Portals

To save time and streamline your farming, consider using a portal gem or a weapon swap with a portal skill to quickly create portals in your maps. This allows you to exit the map, sell items, and return to your farming grind efficiently.


In Conclusion

This straightforward farming strategy doesn't require advanced mechanics or significant investment in additional resources like sextants or scarabs. It's a new player-friendly approach that can steadily generate currency while allowing you to focus on improving your character. Remember to adapt the strategy to your playstyle and character strength. Keep an eye on the comments section and notes for additional tips and community insights. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, this strategy offers an accessible path to currency farming in Path of Exile's 3.22 league.

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