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FFXIV White Mage Guide: Core, Abilities, Tips and Strategies

In the world of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, mastering the art of White Mage healing is a crucial skill for success in endgame content. We provide comprehensive insights into White Mage healing techniques, abilities, and strategies to help you keep your raid safe and heal efficiently. From core abilities like Rapture and Plenary Indulgence to cooldown management and recovery tactics, this guide covers it all. So, let's delve into the realm of White Mage healing and unlock the secrets to becoming a proficient healer in Endwalker.



FFXIV White Mage Guide: Core, Abilities, Tips and Strategies


As a White Mage, your primary role is to keep your party's health topped up and ensure their survival. Remember that healing isn't just about reacting to damage; it's about proactive planning and anticipating incoming damage to prevent casualties. While you lack damage mitigation abilities, your extensive toolkit of healing spells and regens will be your main assets.


Core Healing Spells

Let's start by discussing the core healing spells and abilities that you should prioritize as a White Mage:


Tier 1 Spells

  • Afflatus Rapture (400 potency AOE heal) and Afflatus Solace (800 potency single-target heal): You generate Lily stacks passively, and these instant GCD heals are essential for efficient healing. Use Rapture more frequently in most raid scenarios.
  • Plenary Indulgence: A 60-second off-GCD ability that grants a healing buff when you use Medica, Medica II, or Medica III. It synergizes with Rapture, providing additional free healing.


Tier 2 Spells

  • Assize: A 400 potency AOE heal on a 40-second cooldown that also refunds MP. Use it on cooldown, even if the healing is not immediately needed, as it aligns well with your two-minute raid buffs.
  • Asylum: Creates a healing bubble providing a regen effect and increased health recovery for those inside. Use it strategically to prepare for incoming damage or as a burst healing tool.
  • Liturgy of the Bell: A three-minute cooldown that places a healing Lily on the floor. It can provide significant burst healing when used effectively, making it a core healing cooldown.
  • Temperance: A two-minute cooldown that increases your healing magic potency by 20% and reduces damage taken by the party. Use it to mitigate major damage spikes in fights.


Tier 3 Spells

  • Medica: A 400 potency AOE heal. Use it sparingly, mainly when other options are unavailable, or MP is tight.
  • Cure III: A 600 potency AOE heals with a shorter range than Medica. Use it situationally when multiple players are stacked.
  • Regen: Once a core spell, it's now used sparingly. Deploy it during downtime or pre-pull.


Single Target Healing Spells

  • Divine Benison: A 500 potency shield with two charges. Typically used on the tank for auto attacks or tank busters. It can be used on DPS in certain situations.
  • Tetragrammaton: A 700 potency direct heal. Use it for targeted healing when needed.
  • Benediction: A three-minute cooldown that fully restores a target's HP. Reserved for specific situations, like healing Warrior or Dark Knight invulnerabilities.


Healing in Raid Scenarios

Now, let's apply these spells to real raid scenarios in Endwalker to understand how to handle different damage profiles and keep your healer's life easier:


Scenario 1: Super Chain Theory 2A (P12S)

This mechanic is fast-paced and requires movement. Plan ahead:

  • Lay down Asylum before the mechanic.
  • Use Afflatus Solace and Rapture to heal after the mechanic.
  • Utilize Plenary Indulgence for additional healing.
  • Coordinate your cooldowns with two-minute raid buffs.
  • Be ready to adjust if necessary.


Scenario 2: Initial Mechanics (P9S)

Prioritize healing and mitigation:

  • Use Temperance to cover incoming hits.
  • Plenary Rapture can be used to top off the party.
  • Plan for future mechanics and adjust your cooldown usage.


Scenario 3: Super Chain Theory 1 and 2A (P12S)

Coordinate cooldowns for burst healing:

  • Use Liturgy of the Bell for both mechanics.
  • Plan for two-minute raid buffs to maximize healing output.
  • Adjust your cooldowns based on your healer's actions.


These examples illustrate the importance of planning, cooldown management, and synergy with your co-healer. Adapt your strategies to your party's needs and the encounter's demands.


Dungeon Healing Tips

In dungeons, healing as a White Mage is relatively straightforward:

  • Regen and Divine Benison the tank pre-pull.
  • Use off-GCD abilities like Asylum and Assize during pulls.
  • Build a Flatus Misery between pulls for damage.
  • Prioritize Holy for both damage and crowd control.


Recovery in Challenging Situations

Sometimes, things go differently than planned. Here's a step-by-step approach to recovering from unexpected situations:

  • Assess the Situation: Determine whether you need to resurrect players immediately or focus on healing incoming damage.
  • Prioritize Resurrection: Revive essential party members, considering the mechanics ahead.
  • Manage Mana: Use Lucid Dreaming to regain MP and consider using a Mana potion. Monitor your MP closely.
  • Team Effort: Communicate with your party to optimize mitigation, spot healing, and self-sustaining abilities.
  • Swiftcast and Thin Air: Use Swiftcast for instant resurrection and Thin Air to reduce MP costs.
  • Adapt and Resume: Once the party is back up and healthy, return to your regular healing rotation and MP management.


Remember that recovery situations require quick thinking and teamwork. Everyone should contribute to the recovery effort.



Healing as a White Mage in FFXIV Endwalker is both challenging and rewarding. Mastering the art of healing requires proactive planning, efficient cooldown usage, and adaptability to different raid scenarios. By understanding your toolkit and practising recovery strategies, you'll become a valuable asset to your party and ensure their success in challenging encounters.

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