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World of Warcraft Patch 10.1.7: What You Should Prioritize and Avoid?

Patch 10.1.7 has finally arrived, bringing a slew of exciting new content to explore and enjoy in your favourite World of Warcraft. With new outdoor world content, storylines, gear opportunities, and special events, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the plethora of choices. This guide will help you make the most of your time in the new patch by highlighting what you should prioritize and avoid, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable experience.


World of Warcraft Patch 10.1.7: What You Should Prioritize and Avoid?


New Seasonal Story

Patch 10.1.7 introduces the first chapter of the next seasonal storyline. As soon as you log in, you'll receive a prompt to visit Chandra's Feathermoon in Val Draken, initiating the quest A Sentinel Summit. Chandra is conveniently located near the front steps.

In this chapter, the primalists are causing trouble, and it's your chance to make an unlikely ally among them. Not only does this story content provide context for Patch 10.2, but it's also essential to progress further into the upcoming storyline. Take your time; complete this chapter before Patch 10.2 arrives to stay ahead in the narrative.


Bronze Dragonflight Quest Line

Another intriguing storyline introduced in this patch revolves around the Bronze Dragonflight and their complex relationship with the Infinite Dragonflight. To kick off this quest line, seek out Chromie in one of the dragon's nests atop the Seat of the Aspects. This quest might have gone unnoticed on your map, so be sure to talk to Chromie for a chance to witness a unique discussion between Nozdormu and an Infinite Dragon.

Delve into this story to its conclusion and earn some stylish transmog rewards in the form of sand timer hourglass shoulder transmogs, available in both bronze and infinite colours. Unraveling this tale could hold significance in future patches, so take it.


Tier Reforging Quest

Patch 10.1.7 expands the tier-reforging storyline with Part 3. Your mission is to hunt for the remaining discs of Tier and aid in his restoration. However, to access this quest, you must have completed the Chromie quest line mentioned earlier and attained the necessary Val Draken Renown levels.

Ensure that you have completed the previous quest lines involving Tier's reforging process to unlock this chapter. While it's not directly tied to the main story campaign, it's essential for advancing some side-story quests.


Engage in the Drakthea Story

There's yet another thread to follow in this patch concerning the remnants of the Sun-Died Flame and how the Drakthea are processing Sakuras' death. Initiate this quest in Val Draken, located on the West Side, under the name "A Single Wing." If you're curious about the Drakthea's evolving story, take advantage of these quests.


Dream Surge Event

The Dream Surge event is a fantastic opportunity to gear up your characters. This event cycles through the four Dragonile zones weekly, starting with the Waking Short. Visit the Dream Surge icon on your map and meet Hamill Rune Totem, who offers two weekly quests.

One quest rewards you with a Dream Surge Chrysalis, while the other grants a BoA box of 402 gear. These Chrysalises allow you to purchase 415 gear or Worm Crests from Rune Totem, giving you greater control over your gear upgrades. Worm Crests are essential for upgrading your gear to 437, a crucial feature for many players.

Keep in mind that Chrysalises seem limited to one per week, making Worm Crests the more valuable currency for many players. It's a fast way to gear up if your items level is below 402.


Heritage Armor Sets

In Patch 10.1.7, you have the opportunity to unlock two Heritage armour sets: one for Night Elves and another for Forsaken. To start the Night Elf questline, ensure your Night Elf character is level 50 or higher and find the quest The Clarion Call in the Stormwind Embassy.

For Forsaken, you'll need an Undead character at level 50 or above, and it's essential to have completed the "Return to Lordaeron" quest. These Heritage armour sets offer a thematic and cool look for your characters.


Dawn of the Infinite Mega-Dungeon

For those who have yet to venture into the Dawn of the Infinite Mega Dungeon, now's the time to challenge it with Heroic difficulty. You can queue into either wing of the mega-dungeon through the Dungeon Finder. Heroic mode offers a more accessible experience compared to Mythic difficulty and provides an opportunity to explore the storyline.

While the gear and rewards are not as high as in Mythic mode, it's an excellent way to experience the content and potentially gather valuable loot.


Upcoming Events

Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events in Patch 10.1.7:

  • September 12th: Progress through the new Draenei story content to unlock new skin colour options for your Draenei characters.
  • September 26th: The Turbulent Timeways event returns, offering back-to-back weeks of time-walking events with increased weekly rewards.
  • October 4th: The Eastern Kingdoms Cup event begins, featuring dragon-riding races across Eastern Kingdoms, a fantastic opportunity for unique experiences and rewards.



Patch 10.1.7 is a significant catch-up patch, offering levelling and gearing opportunities for players of all kinds. By following these priorities and taking advantage of the new content and events, you'll be well-prepared for the next chapter in the Dragonflight saga. Whether you're a lore enthusiast or a gear-focused player, there's something for everyone in this patch. Good luck, and have fun in your adventures, and as always, stay tuned for what's next in the world of Azeroth!

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