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PoE Currency Farming Guide: Maximizing Profits with Quantity Relics

Are you a Path of Exile player looking to farm poe currency for a high-end build like MageBlood, but find the cost of certain strategies prohibitive? In this guide, we'll explore an alternative approach to currency farming in the sanctum, focusing on the power of Quantity Relics. This method can help you accumulate divines and valuable unique relics without the hefty investment required by other strategies.


PoE Currency Farming Guide: Maximizing Profits with Quantity Relics


Quantity Relics Explained

The conventional method of currency farming in the sanctum involves using the expensive Two Additional Room Reveal relics, which can cost a fortune. Instead, we'll focus on Quantity Relics, specifically those with 25% increased quantity, which are the highest-tier rolls for this stat. These Quantity Relics increase the number of relics that drop during your runs.


The Unique Relic Drop Mechanic

One of the most valuable unique relics dropped in the sanctum is Lysa's. She always drops one unique relic, but the intriguing part is that with a relatively high quantity increase (around 89% or more), you can consistently get her to drop two unique relics. These unique relics often include the Sensor and the Gilded Chalice, both of which are in high demand among players who run additional room reveals.


The Value of Sensor and Gilded Chalice Relics

The Sensor and Gilded Chalice relics are prized by players who run additional room reveals because they duplicate rewards. The Gilded Chalice is worth approximately 1.5 divines, while the Sensor can fetch around 6 divines. Essentially, in each run, you're likely to get one of these valuable relics, and sometimes you might even get duplicates, significantly boosting your earnings.


Regular Relics Hold Value Too

Apart from the unique relics, the regular relics that drop during your runs also have value. Most of them may be worthless, but occasionally, you'll find ones with useful modifiers. For example, a relic with two additional rooms can yield 16 divines when used.


Flexibility in Relic Choices

You have the flexibility to choose which two-slot relic to use alongside your Quantity Relics. While the guide recommends using Balance of Terror, which grants additional loot but makes the Lysa encounter harder, you can opt for other two-slot relics based on your build and preferences. Even without a challenge relic, you'll still benefit from the increased relic drops.


Profitable Outcome

This strategy is cost-effective and doesn't require substantial initial investment. You can run it without expensive challenge relics, making it accessible for many players. The consistent flow of divines and unique relics, combined with the potential for high-value drops, makes this strategy a profitable way to farm currency in the sanctum.



In the pursuit of farming currency for your high-end Path of Exile build, consider using Quantity Relics as a cost-effective alternative to the pricier Two Additional Room Reveal relics. With the potential to consistently double your unique relic drops and valuable regular relic modifiers, this strategy offers a solid path to accumulating divines and unique relics without breaking the bank. Try it out and see your currency stash grow as you embark on your Path of Exile journey. Good luck, Exiles!

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