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Path of Exile 3.22 Oscillating Sceptre Crafting Guides

In Path of Exile, crafting can be a rewarding endeavor, whether you're creating gear for your own character or looking to make some PoE Currency. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of crafting a Plus One Poison Spark Oscillating Sceptre. This unique Oscillating Sceptre can significantly boost your damage, and base cast speed, and benefit from Arcane Surge. So, let's dive into the crafting process step by step.


Path of Exile 3.22 Oscillating Sceptre Crafting Guides


Step 1: Choosing the Base

We'll begin by selecting our base item, which is an Oscillating Sceptre. This item comes from the Heist expansion and has an implicit mod of Elemental Overload. To enhance our Oscillating Sceptre, we'll add 30 quality using a Perfect Fossil, which will be crucial later in the crafting process.


Step 2: Rolling Essences

Our first goal is to roll the "+1 to level of all lightning skill gems" modifier on the Oscillating Sceptre. To achieve this, we'll use Deafening Essences of Torment. At this stage, this is the only mod we need, so keep rolling until you hit it.


Step 3: Isolating Desired Mods

Now that we have the "+1 to all lightning skill gems" mod, we want to isolate the mods we actually need, which are the "+1 lightning" and "added lightning damage to spells." To do this, we'll first craft "Cannot roll Caster modifiers" using the crafting bench. Both of our desired mods have the Caster tag, so using an Orb of Annulment won't remove them. Once those mods are gone, we've successfully isolated our desired mods.


Step 4: Protecting Desired Mods

To ensure we don't accidentally remove our desired mods, we'll use "Prefixes cannot be changed" as a crafting bench modifier. This protection is crucial for the next step.


Step 5: Unveiling with Ashling

With our prefixes protected, we can now use Ashling's Unveil option to replace the bench modifier. Whether we hit a prefix or suffix unveil doesn't matter much at this point, as the craft is flexible from here.


Step 6: Completing Prefixes and Suffixes

Depending on whether you unveiled a prefix or suffix, you'll need to craft the remaining two modifiers from the provided list on your Oscillating Sceptre. If you hit none of the desired modifiers, you may need to re-lock your prefixes and start the Ashling process again.


Step 7: Adding Suffixes

Remove the "Prefixes cannot be changed" modifier and replace it with "Can have up to three crafted modifiers." Then, add the veiled crafts you obtained earlier, starting with "Chaos damage over time multiplier." Finally, include "Cast speed" and "Arcane Surge on kill" as your crafted modifiers. These crafts come from unveiling weapons looted from the Betrayal league.


Step 8: Enchanting

To finalize your Oscillating Sceptre, use the Harvest bench to enchant it with "Increased Elemental damage per quality." Since we added 30 quality earlier with a Perfect Fossil, this enchantment will provide a significant boost to your Oscillating Sceptre's damage.



Congratulations! You've successfully crafted a powerful Plus One Poison Spark Oscillating Sceptre. While this crafting process involves some challenging steps, especially with Essences and Ashling, the end result is well worth the effort. This unique Oscillating Sceptre can be a valuable addition to your character or a profitable item to sell in the market.

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