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PoE Divines Guide: Low to Medium Investment Farming Strategy

Are you looking for a profitable farming strategy in Path of Exile that doesn't require a massive investment? Look no further. In this guide, we'll explore farming strategy, which has yielded significant returns for many players, including 71 Divines in revenue and around 60 Poe Divines in profit. This strategy combines map farming, Heist contracts, and delirium encounters to maximize your earnings. So, let's dive in and uncover the details of this successful strategy.


PoE Divines Guide: Low to Medium Investment Farming Strategy


Atlas Skill Tree Setup

Before we jump into the strategy, let's take a quick look at the Atlas skill tree setup that is used for this farming strategy:

  • Target Shaper, Elder, Conqueror, Synthesis Maps, and Invitations.
  • Increase the effect of modifiers in non-unique maps.
  • Prioritize farming Wrath of the Cosmos, Exceeding Exarch Altars, Essences, and Heist Contracts.
  • Utilize the Nico pact with Energy Nodes to generate Resonators and enhance map-clearing speed.
  • Allocate Operative Storm Boxes for more Heist content, Essences, and Strongboxes.
  • Include Delirium to boost your profits.


Atlas Tree


The Map

choice for this farming strategy is the Tropical Island map, known for its synergy with Delirium encounters. The map setup is straightforward, involving Alchemy orbs, Chisels, occasional Vaal Orbs, and Runic Scarecrow Maps to reach at least 75% quantity. Consider using Scours to remove unfavorable modifiers like "Magnetic Monsters" or "Cannot be Chilled."


Running the Maps

With this strategy, you can complete maps in approximately three minutes on average, making it efficient for farming. The key is to clear maps quickly, maximize loot, and take advantage of Delirium encounters when they appear.


Loot Highlights

Shares the loot from 200 maps, revealing a plethora of currencies, Essences, Heist Contracts, Simulacrum Splinters, valuable cards, maps, and invitations. Additionally, some significant drops include:

  • Divines: 17 Divines from currencies, 19 from scarabs, and more.
  • Notable Cards: Several valuable cards.
  • Valuable Items: Unnatural Instinct, Foible amulet, and high-value Cluster Jewels.
  • High-end Maps and Invitations: Shaped Elder conqueror maps, Synthesis Maps, and Deception Contracts.
  • Lucky Delirium Drops: 19 Divines from running Delirium maps.
  • Investment: 6 Divines for 200 maps or approximately 1382 Chaos Orbs.
  • Profit per Map: Approximately 56 Chaos Orbs without including lucky drops, and 75 Chaos Orbs with lucky drops.
  • Profit per Hour: Depending on your build and efficiency, you can expect anywhere from 5 to 7 Divines per hour with this farming strategy.

We emphasize that while he achieved remarkable results, your numbers may vary based on your build and gameplay speed. The farming strategy remains accessible for all players, offering substantial profit potential.


Running a Delirium Map

We demonstrate a Delirium map run with his Minion Army build, showcasing the strategy's efficiency even when dealing with tough modifiers like increased monster life and extra damage as extra elements. The key is to use skills strategically, exploit broken-bloom explosions, and prioritize valuable rewards.



A low to medium investment farming strategy is a viable option for Path of Exile players looking to generate substantial currency and profit. With a clear map setup, efficient gameplay, and the potential for lucky drops, this strategy can be highly rewarding. Whether you're farming for personal gain or to fund other projects, give this strategy a try, and watch your riches grow. Remember to adjust the strategy to your build's capabilities and enjoy the journey in Wraeclast!

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