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Path of Exile 3.22 Cyclone Impale Slayer Build

In Path of Exile, pushing the limits of a Cyclone build can be an exhilarating experience. Forget about cast-on-crit setups or Shockwave; today, we're diving into the pure power of an Impale Cyclone build. We'll explore how to harness the latest additions from Grinding Gear Games, including Forbidden Jewels and Legacy items, to create a monstrous belt that devours everything in its path. Welcome to our Cyclone Impale Build Guide!


Path of Exile 3.22 Cyclone Impale Slayer Build


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Ascendancy - Becoming a Slayer

Our journey begins with selecting the right ascendancy, and for this build, we'll ascend as a Slayer. The Slayer ascendancy is a classic choice for Cyclone builds, offering a perfect blend of damage, area of effect (AoE), and sustainability. Here are the key nodes we'll be grabbing:

  • Impact: This node provides much-needed accuracy, AoE, and melee damage based on proximity. It's crucial for our Cyclone build's success.
  • Brutal Fervor: This node doubles our maximum leech recovery and ensures it doesn't expire at maximum life. It also grants us 10% global introduction while leeching, a significant boost.
  • Overwhelm: Overwhelm sets your weapon-based Critical Strike chance to 8%. The lower your weapon's base Critical Strike chance, the more damage you'll gain from this node.
  • Bane of Legends: This node grants a straightforward 10% more damage if you've killed recently and 20% more damage against unique enemies. We usually take this node last, focusing on in-game boss encounters.


Passive Tree - Prioritizing Key Stats

Our passive tree revolves around enhancing life, attack damage, melee critical strike chance, crit multiplier, AoE, sword nodes, two-handed nodes, and reservation efficiency. Some notable choices include:

  • Investing in life nodes to ensure survivability.
  • Prioritizing crit chance and crit multiplier for devastating hits.
  • Enhancing AoE for better Cyclone coverage.
  • Allocating points into sword and two-handed nodes for weapon bonuses.
  • Efficiently managing reservation efficiency to accommodate our auras and buffs.


Mastery Choices - Tailoring Your Build

For Mastery choices, consider the following options based on your preferences and playstyle:

  • +3 Melee Strike Range with Swords: Expanding your melee range can be incredibly beneficial.
  • +25 Critical Strike Multiplier against Unique Enemies: Boosting your crit damage against bosses.
  • 8% Increased Damage Per Aura or Herald Affecting You: Leveraging auras for damage.
  • +50 Maximum Life: Prioritizing survivability.
  • 3% Chance to Deal Triple Damage: Unleashing devastating hits.
  • 8% Chance to Gain a Frenzy Charge Upon Hitting a Unique Enemy: Generating additional Frenzy charges in boss fights.


Items - Equipping for Power

Here are some key items to consider for your Cyclone Impale build:

  • Kaom's Heart and Mantle: A powerful chest piece that offers various benefits, including elevated life, crit chance, crit multi, explode mod, and more. It's a cornerstone for this build.
  • Star Forge: A perfectly rolled main-hand weapon with high physical damage, life, increased AoE with attacks, and the ability to shock enemies with your physical damage.
  • Amulet: Look for an amulet with life, crit chance, crit multi, reduced mana cost of skills, and Pride reservation efficiency. You can also craft -3 Mana cost prefixes on your amulet and rings for the same effect.
  • Helm: Prioritize a rare helm with increased Blood and Sand buff effect, resistances, crit multi, and life.
  • Gloves: Seek rare gloves with elevated Impale and Cyclone strike, along with life, attack speed, and a resistance mod.
  • Belt: Opt for a rare belt with increased Global physical damage, attack speed during any flask effect, resistances, and a substantial life pool.
  • Boots: Choose Elusive and Onslaught boots with movement speed, life, Elusive, and a resistance mod.
  • Rings: Look for rings with vulnerability or Assassin's Mark on hit, life, crit multi, flat physical damage, and resistances.
  • Watcher's Eye: An ideal Watcher's Eye provides Impale-related mods while affected by Pride, with a chance to deal double damage. The first mod is crucial.


Gem Setup - Unleashing Cyclone's Power

For your primary Cyclone 6-link, use the following gems:

  • Cyclone
  • Awakened Melee Physical Damage
  • Close Combat Support
  • Impale
  • Awakened Brutality
  • Anomalous Pulverize

Set up your primary auras with Pride, Herald of Purity, Precision, and Level 3 Enlighten Support. Additionally, run Flesh and Stone (Blood Stance), Maim Support, and Level 1 Vitality.


Lastly, for leftover gems, consider adding Thread of Hope, Blood Rage, Summon Ice Golem, and the Portal gem to your setup. Ensure your mana reservation accommodates all these gems.


Jewels - Enhancing Your Build

  • Watcher's Eye: Look for Impale-related mods while affected by Pride, with a chance to deal double damage.
  • Forbidden Flame and Forbidden Flesh Jewels: These jewels synergize with the Gladiator's Arena Challenger ascendancy node, providing Challenger charges while running Blood and Sand. This grants 20% more attack and movement speed while in combat.
  • Fill any remaining jewel sockets with rare jewels that offer life, crit multi, area damage, and resistance as needed.
  • Bandit's Quest: Help Alira for crit multiplier, mana regeneration, and resistances.
  • Pantheons: Choose the Soul of the Brine King for stun protection and the Soul of Abberath for fire damage mitigation.



With this Cyclone Impale build, you'll harness the raw power of Path of Exile to become an unstoppable force. From carefully selecting ascendancy nodes and passive tree investments to acquiring powerful items and fine-tuning your gem setup, this guide provides all the tools you need to devastate your foes. So, dive into the game, unleash your Cyclone, and devour everything in your path! 

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