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PoE 3.22 Fantastic Choice for Farming Currency Puncture Bleadball Gladiator Build

Greetings, Exiles! Today, we're going to dive into a unique and exciting Path of Exile build - the Puncture Bleadball Gladiator. This build brings a fresh perspective to the game, offering a blend of speed, power, and flexibility that makes it a fantastic choice for Farming Poe Currency and boss encounters. In this guide, I'll explain the key components of the build, from gems and items to passive skills and playstyle.


PoE 3.22 Fantastic Choice for Farming Currency Puncture Bleadball Gladiator Build


Introduction to the Bleadball Gladiator

The Bleadball Gladiator is all about combining physical damage, bleeding, and fast-paced gameplay. It utilizes the Gladiator ascendancy, taking advantage of key mechanics to create a satisfying and effective build. Bleadball refers to the combination of Bleed and Blade skills, making it a unique and engaging playstyle.


Gems Setup

Let's start by discussing the gem setup for this build.

These are the core gems that make the Bleadball Gladiator shine:

  • Split Arrow (Clear): This skill serves as our primary clearing ability. We'll link it with additional projectiles, Brutality, and Pierce support for maximum efficiency. While you can consider using Awakened Gems for more damage, it's not necessary on a budget.
  • Bleed (Single Target): To deal with single-target encounters, we'll use the Panther skill linked with Snipers Support. This combination provides excellent damage output, making it ideal for melting bosses.
  • Pride: Pride is a critical aura for this build. It significantly boosts your physical damage, and we'll make it cost no mana using an amulet and passive skill choices.
  • Dash: Dash serves as our mobility skill, allowing us to quickly navigate through maps and evade danger.
  • Berserk: To further enhance our damage, we'll use Berserk. It provides a significant damage boost when used properly.
  • Auras and Utility: We'll also use a number of auras and utility skills, including Grace for extra evasion, and a Vaal Haste for increased attack and movement speed during tough encounters.


Gear and Items

The choice of gear and items for the Bleadball Gladiator is essential to maximize its potential.

Here's a breakdown of the key gear pieces and considerations:

  • Weapon: The core weapon for this build is a bow with high physical damage. Look for modifiers that enhance physical damage, bleeding, and critical strike chance. Crafting or purchasing a suitable bow is crucial for your damage output.
  • Chest Armor: Aim for a chest piece with high life and resistances. If possible, add modifiers that increase physical damage or life regeneration.
  • Helmet, Gloves, Boots, and Rings: These slots should prioritize life, resistances, and any available physical damage modifiers. Rings should ideally have physical damage or attack speed modifiers. You can also consider unique items that synergize with the build.
  • Amulet: Obtain an amulet that grants Supreme Ostentation, allowing you to use any gem or item regardless of attribute requirements. This amulet should also provide life, resistances, and physical damage.
  • Jewels: Focus on jewels that boost your physical damage, life, and attack speed. Prioritize searching for jewel sockets on the passive skill tree to maximize your customization options.


Passive Skill Tree

Here's a general outline of the passive skill tree for the Bleadball Gladiator:

  • Prioritize physical damage, attack speed, life, and resistances.
  • Allocate nodes that enhance bleeding damage and duration.
  • Obtain Keystone passives like Painforged, Versatile Combatant, and Gratuitous Violence from the Gladiator ascendancy.
  • Customize your tree based on your gear and preferences, adding or removing nodes as needed.



Your flask setup should include a Quicksilver Flask for additional movement speed, a Basalt Flask for extra armor, a Jade Flask for evasion, and a Granite Flask for physical damage reduction. You can also consider utility flasks like Stibnite, Silver, or Atziri's Promise for added benefits.


Bandits and Pantheon

For bandit rewards, consider helping Alira for increased critical strike multiplier, mana regeneration, and resistances.

As for the Pantheon, Lunaris and Shakari can be excellent choices, providing increased physical damage reduction and poison immunity.


Customization and Flexibility

One of the strengths of the Bleadball Gladiator build is its flexibility. You can customize it based on your preferences and available gear. Experiment with different armadillo totems, jewels, and unique items to fine-tune the build to your liking. Don't hesitate to try out different combinations to find what suits your playstyle best.



The Bleadball Gladiator is a unique and powerful Path of Exile build that offers both speed and damage. With the right gear, gems, and passive skill tree choices, you can create a character that excels in clearing maps Farming Currency and taking down tough bosses. Remember to adapt the build to your own preferences and enjoy the thrill of playing a build that not only performs well but is also a blast to play.

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