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PoE 3.22 Rakiata Rage Vortex Slayer Boss Rushing Build

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on optimizing the Rakiata Rage Vortex Slayer build for Poe Currency non-budget play. While it may not be adorned with mirror-tier gear, this build has undergone significant refinement to become a formidable force in the world of Path of Exile. At level 99, it offers exceptional boss rushing capabilities, excels in Ether or X Arc influence, handles Guardian maps with Maven influence, and tackles Uber encounters with ease. In this guide, we'll explore the changes made to the passive skill tree, gear, and gems, all aimed at boosting your DPS, movement speed, AoE, and overall performance.


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PoE 3.22 Rakiata Rage Vortex Slayer Boss Rushing Build


Key Passive Skill Tree Changes

  • Removed Totem Wheel: The Totem Mastery wheel has been sacrificed in favor of Dawnstrider boots, offering a significant build enhancement.
  • Abandoned Iron Reflexes and Unwavering Stance: Stun immunity is achieved through alternative means, allowing for greater flexibility in the passive tree.
  • Invested in Elemental Cluster: The build now features an elemental large cluster, emphasizing notables like Prismatic Guard, Sadist, and Widespread Destruction for substantial damage gains.
  • Incorporated Crit Cluster: A critical medium cluster with notables Basics of Pain and Quick Getaway has been added to further amplify your build.
  • Forbidden Jewels: Arena Challenger from Gladiator is introduced, providing 10 Challenger charges that boost attack and movement speed, acting as a multiplier for both.
  • Blood and Sand Stances: Inclusion of Blood and Sand stances to maximize damage. Killing enemies in Sand Stance or striking rare or unique foes in Blood Stance grants these crucial charges.
  • Makanga Tattoo: This jewel requires allocating eight adjacent passive skills, which has been achieved by repositioning on the passive tree.
  • Green Nightmare: Utilizing Green Nightmare to obtain suppressed chance based on elemental and cold resist in the radius, optimizing cold and all resistances on the tree.
  • Storm Shroud Jewel: Investing points in the tree to accommodate Storm Shroud for additional damage.
  • Spell Suppression: Adding spell suppression where necessary for extra survivability.

These changes collectively result in 100% suppression, significant damage improvements, and a more adaptable passive tree.


Notable Gear Adjustments

  • Dawnstrider Boots: Replacing the Totem Mastery wheel, these boots offer a substantial upgrade to the build.
  • Kikisaru Ring: Substituting Immortal Flesh, Kikisaru becomes the primary source of rage regeneration.
  • Oxygen Vise Belt: Crafted with torment essences to provide shock avoidance. Combined with other gear pieces, it reaches 100% shock avoidance.
  • Corrupted Calm Spirit: Corruption for extra aura levels to enhance overall performance.
  • The Taming Ring: Used in conjunction with the regular stance to maintain elemental equilibrium.
  • Enhanced Berserk Setup: Featuring Enhanced, Berserk, Bloodrage, Intimidating Cry, and Phantasmal Ancestral Protector for substantial damage boosts.


Gem Modifications

  • Mark and Hit Setup: Remains unchanged.
  • Guardian Blood and Sand: Introduced in conjunction with Enlighten for reduced reservation cost.
  • Precision with Arrogance: Added for increased critical strike chance.
  • Enhance: Incorporating Enhance for higher gem levels, enhancing linked skills.
  • Phantasmal Ancestral Protector: A new gem inclusion for notable damage improvements.


Additional Tips and Considerations

  • Passive Tree Flexibility: Depending on your level, gear, and preferences, further adjustments to the passive tree can be made. Consider removing damage clusters or nodes as needed.
  • Mana Management: You can safely remove Live Tap from your setup, as it's not essential and doesn't significantly affect the build's performance.
  • Flask Choices: Utilize Granite, Quartz, Sapphire, or Topaz flasks based on the content you're tackling. For mapping, Orifice offers excellent clear speed.
  • Face on Kill: If you lack Face on Kill on your Abyss Jewel, consider obtaining it for smoother gameplay.
  • Life and Chaos Resistance: Prioritize life and chaos resistance on your gear, while armor is optional.
  • Shock Avoidance: Ensure you have shock avoidance on your gear to reach 100% shock avoidance.


This optimized Rakiata's Rage Vortex Slayer build promises exceptional boss-killing capabilities, impressive clear speed, and robust survivability. Feel free to adapt it further to your preferences and gear.

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