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New World Rise of the Angry Earth: Is this expansion worth the $29.99 investment?

New World's highly anticipated expansion, The Rise of the Angry Earth, is set to launch on October 3rd, with a price tag of $29.99 on Steam. For many players who initially experienced New World in its buggy and rough state back in 2021, the question looms large: Is this expansion worth the investment? In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the key features of the expansion, including the level cap increase, the introduction of mounts, a new weapon, and the intriguing El and Wildstone area. We'll provide you with insights and highlights from gameplay on the test server to help you make an informed decision.



New World Rise of the Angry Earth: Is this expansion worth the $29.99 investment?


Mounts and Riding Skills

  • Mount Types: The expansion introduces mounts to the New World, enhancing mobility and exploration. Players can choose from various mounts, including horses, wolves, and lions. These mounts not only offer faster travel but also provide unique abilities and aesthetics.
  • Riding Skill Upgrades: As you level up your riding skill, your mount gains additional benefits, such as increased speed, better summoning times, and improved mount dash on roads. Mounts can be customized with attachments and charms, allowing you to tailor them to your preferred playstyle.


Exploring the El and Wildstone Area

  • Transformative Changes: The El and Wildstone area, once neutral territory, has undergone significant changes. It's now an area players can vie for control over. The landscape has transformed, presenting new challenges and opportunities.
  • New Settlements: The expansion introduces new settlements within the El and Wildstone area, complete with crafting stations and forts. Players can now engage in territorial conflicts to claim these settlements, adding a layer of strategic gameplay.


Influence Races and Open World PvP

  • Cutlass Keys Conflict: In the open world, players can influence the fate of Cutlass Keys, a contested area. Engage in open world PvP events to push it into conflict, where you'll compete to earn points and control the region.
  • PvP Dynamics: New World's classic PvP experience remains, with multiple abilities, dynamic battles, and environmental hazards. The expansion maintains a solid frame rate, ensuring smooth PvP encounters.


Artifact Gear and Crafting Upgrades

  • Artifact Gear Perks: Players can acquire artifact gear with unique perks. These perks change based on the primary attribute invested in by the player. Completing specific quests and defeating enemies in the El and Wildstone area unlocks additional perk slots for this gear.
  • Crafting Advancements: The expansion introduces crafting upgrades that allow players to improve their gear further. It's essential to explore these enhancements to unlock the full potential of your equipment.


Dungeon Experience

  • New Dungeon: Fist of Kurok: The Rise of the Angry Earth brings a new dungeon to the New World. Unlike the challenging mutated versions, normal dungeons are designed to be more accessible, offering a less intense experience for players.
  • Dungeon Gameplay: The new dungeon features engaging mechanics and a fixed health bar display for bosses, improving the overall dungeon experience. Rewards from dungeons may include legendary gear with specific perks, such as healing effects tied to removing debuffs from allies.


Preparing for the Expansion

  • Dark Matter and Its Uses: Dark Matter, a valuable resource, can be obtained from various sources, including salvaging items and participating in the Siege of Sulfur Spools. It's crucial to keep your gear intact for now, as you may obtain Dark Matter when salvaging items after the expansion's release.
  • Perk Customization for Gear: With the introduction of armor perk customization using the Armor Matrix, players can fine-tune their gear to suit their playstyle better. This feature opens up new possibilities for optimizing your character's abilities.


Is this expansion worth the investment?

Now that we've highlighted some key features let's discuss whether New World's "The Rise of the Angry Earth" expansion is worth the $29.99 price tag:



  • Significant Improvements: Amazon has worked diligently to improve New World since its rocky launch, and this expansion continues that trend.
  • Mounts: The addition of mounts enhances mobility and adds a new dimension to exploration.
  • El and Wildstone Region: The visually stunning new region offers exciting content and opportunities for territorial control.
  • Casual Dungeons: The introduction of more accessible dungeons caters to a broader player base.
  • Artifact Gear: The customization options and quests to unlock perks make the acquisition of artifact gear engaging.
  • PvP Events: Open world PvP events like Influence Raids provide dynamic and competitive gameplay.



  • Pricing: While $29.99 is reasonable for an expansion, some players might expect more content for the price.
  • Previous Issues: New World had a rough start, and players who were initially disappointed may remain cautious.



The Rise of the Angry Earth expansion brings a plethora of exciting content and improvements to the New World. Whether it's the introduction of mounts, new territories to conquer, or enhanced gear customization, the expansion promises a more polished and engaging experience. If you enjoyed your time in New World and are eager for fresh challenges and content, the expansion is likely worth the investment. However, as with any gaming purchase, it ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and priorities.

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