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Path of Exile Beginner-Friendly Farming Currency Strategy

Welcome back to Path of Exile farming guide! In this article, we're going to discuss a highly effective farming strategy that doesn't require the use of sextants, compasses, or scarabs. This strategy is not only lucrative but also beginner-friendly, making it an excellent choice for both new and experienced players earn Poe Currency. We'll cover map choices, Atlas passive tree nodes, Essences, and how to maximize your profits.



Path of Exile Beginner-Friendly Farming Currency Strategy


Atlas Setup

To implement this strategy, you'll be using delirium to reroll delirium orbs and focus on essences for consistent profit.

The key components of your Atlas setup include:

  • Delirium: Use delirium orbs to enhance maps and increase drops.
  • Essences: These are valuable and drop consistently, making them a steady source of income.
  • Map Sustain: Maintain a good map pool to keep your farming going.


Atlas Passive Tree

Your Atlas passive tree plays a crucial role in this strategy.

Key nodes include:

  • Searing Exarch Influence: Unlock this influence by completing the related quest. It grants you access to valuable rewards.
  • Altars: Pick up altars for additional currency drops.
  • Searing Exarch Progress: Take the 10% chance to award double progress toward encountering the Searing Exarch, which leads to valuable invitations.


Map Choices

For this strategy, focus on maps that are efficient for delirium farming. Two excellent choices are Beach and Strand. Adjust your favorite slots accordingly, favoring one map over the other to influence connected map drops. Beach is suitable for six delirium stacks, while Strand can easily reach seven.


Atlas Strategy

  • Favorite Slots: Allocate your favorite slots to Beach and Strand to increase their drop rates.
  • Connected Maps: Use the two percent chance for one monster to drop an additional connected map to maintain map sustain.
  • Upgrade Map Tiers: Keep your maps at tier 14 or higher to maximize the rewards from Searing Exarch encounters.


Essence Strategy

  • Farm Essences: Collect and sell Essences as they drop consistently in white, yellow, and red tier maps.
  • Upgrading Essences: Use Remnants of Corruption on specific Essences like Misery, Envy, Dread, and Scorn for a chance to upgrade them to higher-tier Essences.


Delirium Orbs

  • Reroll Delirium Orbs: Utilize blue Life Force to reroll Delirium orbs into Divination or Scarab orbs.
  • Hoarder Crafting Station: Place Delirium orbs into the hoarder crafting station to reroll them.
  • Selling Divination and Scarab Orbs: Sell Divination orbs for 10 for 1 Divines and Scarab orbs for 7 for 1 Divine.


Selling Essences

  • Sell Essences: Use your Essence tab or a trade tab to organize Essences for sale.
  • Pricing Essences: Set competitive prices or use the TFT Discord to sell your Essences.


Bonus Strategy

  • White Maps: Occasionally run white maps without Essences to trigger Delirium for progress.
  • Altars: Focus on popping altars to accumulate progress for Searing Exarch encounters.



This no-sextant, no-compass, no-scarab farming strategy provides a reliable and profitable way to farm in Path of Exile. With the right map choices, Atlas passive tree nodes, and a focus on Essences and Delirium orbs, you can steadily build your wealth. Remember that this strategy is suitable for both new and experienced players, allowing you to earn currency and enjoy the game to the fullest. So, get out there and start farming!

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