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Poe 3.22 Boss Rushing Farming Divines Tornado Shot Deadeye Build

In Path of Exile, the pursuit of riches and power can take many forms. While most players focus on various aspects of the game, like farming poe currency, delving into the mines, or grinding through endgame content, today, we're diving into a unique strategy – boss rushing with a Tornado Shot build. This exhilarating approach is all about speed, efficiency, and maximizing your loot. Let's explore this exciting build and how it can help you farm divines like a pro.



Poe 3.22 Boss Rushing Farming Divines Tornado Shot Deadeye Build


Build OverVeiw

Our boss rushing strategy revolves around a Tornado Shot build that excels at high-speed gameplay. The character is designed to kill map bosses quickly, occasionally taking out some Essences along the way. The core of the build centers on a cookie-cutter skill tree with every map duplication node, including increased quantity. Additionally, it features some Essence nodes, Red Alters, and the coveted Unrelenting Torment, which grants a 10% chance for the boss to be surrounded by tormented spirits.


PoB link:


Alters Tree:


Gear and Investment

This strategy focuses on running Red Alters with a 10% chance for double progress, primarily for obtaining Red Invitations. Keep in mind that Red Invitations might be pricier than their blue counterparts due to increased demand. As for gear and map investment, we go for the scour and go approach. The maps are categorized as rare, magic, or normal, with an emphasis on maintaining a favorable map mod for your build. The investment per map averages around 4 Chaos.


The Gameplay

With your character primed and maps prepared, the gameplay is all about speed. Your goal is to blitz through the maps, focusing on boss encounters and some Essences along the way. Your build's speed and efficiency allow you to clear maps rapidly, but keep in mind that rushing through bosses too quickly might prevent Maven from spawning extra bosses. So, occasionally, you may need to delay your boss kills by a few seconds to ensure you get all the loot opportunities.


Loot and Rewards

Now, let's talk about the loot, which is the primary motivation for this boss rushing strategy. The loot haul can include a wide variety of items, such as Conqueror Maps, Shaper Maps, Synthesis Maps, Maven-related items, Scarabs, currency, and Essences. While you won't go out of your way to farm Essences, they can still be a part of your loot. Your primary focus will be boss loot, map rewards, and valuable drops like Divination Cards.



Here's a breakdown of the results after running 576 maps in two sessions.

The total investment was approximately 2,304 Chaos, but the returns were substantial:

  • Maps: You received 420 maps of various tiers, valued at around 1,260 Chaos.
  • Essences: The Essences collected amounted to an impressive 4,000 Chaos.
  • Unique Drops: Notable unique drops included Divination Cards, Conqueror Maps, Shaper Maps, and Elder Maps.
  • Memorable Moments: Throughout your journey, you encountered unique situations, like the appearance of the Fiend and precious Einhar memories.


Calculating the Efficiency

When we calculate the efficiency of this boss rushing strategy, we find that, on average, it takes around 40 seconds to clear each map, including loading screens and dumping loot. This means you generated roughly one Chaos per second during your sessions. In terms of in-game time, you invested approximately 6.4 hours to farm a staggering 100 Divines.

Removing the exceptionally lucky Fiend encounter still leaves you with an impressive 86 Divines in the same time frame, equating to 13.4 Divines per hour, or 8 Divines per hour when factoring in time for selling items.



The Tornado Shot boss rushing strategy in Path of Exile is an exhilarating and efficient way to farm valuable items and currency. By optimizing your build, clearing maps rapidly, and focusing on boss encounters, you can achieve substantial returns on your investment. Whether you're aiming to build wealth or chase the thrill of high-speed gameplay, this strategy is a fantastic option to explore in the ever-evolving world of Wraeclast.

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