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Poe Currency Farming Guide: Expedition Up to 10 Divines Per Hour

In Path of Exile, maximizing your poe currency gain is a crucial aspect of the game. One highly profitable strategy is the Expedition Extreme Archeology / Oppenheimer keystone Setup, which can yield an astounding 6 to 10 Divine Orbs of profit per hour. In this guide, we will delve into the details of this setup, including the Atlas skill tree, map configuration, and gameplay strategy.



Poe Currency Farming Guide: Expedition Up to 10 Divines Per Hour


The Atlas Skill Tree Setup

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of this farming method, let's take a quick look at the Atlas skill tree setup that's essential for maximizing your currency gains. For this strategy, we'll be using 250 maps, including Shaper, Elder, Conqueror, Synthesis, and more. 


Atlas Tree


Atlas Setup

  • Map Selection: Start with a map like Beach or Tropical Island, which allows expeditions to spawn freely.
  • Modifiers: Use chisels and occasional scours for dangerous mods. Look out for modifiers like cannot regen, minus max resistances, and extra (monsters/players). Alchemy orbs should be used to roll maps.
  • Unique Maps: Avoid unique maps to maximize profits.
  • Additional Maps: Utilize Sacrifice Fragments if you have extra slots on your map device.


The Farming Strategy

This currency farming strategy involves running maps efficiently, focusing on Expeditions, and optimizing your clear speed.

There are two phases to this method: the first 150 maps involve partial clearing, while the final 100 maps employ a faster, non-clearing approach.


Phase 1: First 150 Maps (Partial Clearing)

  • Map Clearing: Spend around 2.5 to 3 minutes per map, partially clearing as you go.
  • Useful Items: Keep an eye out for items like the Opal Helmet with 21% attack speed, which can increase your profit potential.
  • Loot: During this phase, expect substantial loot, including Divines, currencies, maps, invitations, and more. Invitations can be quite valuable.
  • Profit: You can achieve an average of around 6 Divines profit per hour with this method. Even if you're slightly slower, 5 Divines per hour is achievable.


Phase 2: Final 100 Maps (Non-Clearing)

  • Map Clearing: Speed is the key in this phase. Aim for under 2 minutes per map without any partial clearing.
  • Loot: While you'll get less loot per map, you'll see a significant increase in currency per hour.
  • Profit: Expect around 8.5 Divines per hour. If you're faster, you can make 9 to 10 Divines per hour.


Running the Maps

Here's a step-by-step process for running the maps efficiently:

  • Map Selection: Choose your preferred map and use an Orb of Alchemy to roll it.
  • Expeditions: Once inside the map, locate the Expedition as quickly as possible. Expeditions are your primary focus.
  • Clearing: Skip past most monsters and focus on Expedition objectives. Do not clear the map fully.
  • Boss Fight: After completing the Expedition objectives, engage the map boss for additional rewards.
  • Loot and Exit: Collect loot, especially from Expedition chests. Skip any alters unless they are close to the Expedition objective. Open a portal and move on to the next map.



This Path of Exile currency farming strategy offers an incredible profit potential of up to 10 Divines per hour. Even with a slightly slower clear speed, you can still make a substantial income of around 5 to 6 Divines per hour. 

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