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FFXIV Iceheart's Attire: Is it worth your investment?

Greetings adventurers! Mioni here, and today we bring you exciting news from the world of Eorzea. On September 13th, 2023, Square Enix introduced a brand new addition to the Final Fantasy XIV Cash ShopIceheart's Attire. Now, we will delve deep into the details of this outfit, discussing its pricing, gender and race availability, and the versatility it offers for your character's customization.


FFXIV Iceheart


Iceheart's Attire Overview

Iceheart's Attire is a four-piece glamour set inspired by none other than the iconic character herself, Lady Iceheart (or Ysayle Dangoulain). This outfit offers players a unique opportunity to channel the aesthetics of one of Eorzea's most enigmatic figures. What sets this attire apart from many previous cash shop additions is its flexibility. Unlike previous one-piece glamour sets, this one allows players to mix and match individual pieces to create their unique look.



Before we delve into the outfit's details, let's talk about the pricing. Iceheart's Attire is reasonably priced across various regions:

  • United Kingdom: £7.44
  • United States: $12 USD
  • Europe: €9
  • Yen: 1320 JPY


Now that we've covered the basics, let's take a closer look at each individual piece that comprises Iceheart's Attire.


Iceheart's Attire Pieces

Iceheart Thigh Boots The Iceheart Thigh Boots are a standout piece in this attire. They boast a sleek design with a unique cross-stitch pattern and a striking white color. These boots add a touch of elegance to your character and can easily complement various glamour combinations. While it's unfortunate that these boots are not dyeable, the non-dyeable nature of this piece is balanced by the outfit's overall versatility.
Iceheart Leggings The Iceheart Leggings are another integral part of this ensemble. These leggings are reminiscent of Lady Iceheart's own attire and feature a captivating silver color with exquisite embroidery and a prominent belt buckle. This piece offers a unique flair that can enhance the overall look of your character.
Iceheart Robe The centerpiece of Iceheart's Attire is the Iceheart Robe. This robe exposes a triangular section of the leg and adds a touch of mystique to your character. With its striking design and intricate details, it's a versatile piece that can be combined with other items to create distinctive looks. The non-dyeable nature of this robe is a fair trade-off for the freedom it provides in mixing and matching.
Iceheart Gloves Last but not least, we have the Iceheart Gloves. These gloves are a standout feature of Lady Iceheart's attire, known for their flared design. They add a touch of elegance to your character's hands, making them stand out. The gloves perfectly capture the essence of the character and are a must-have for fans of Lady Iceheart.


Mixing and Matching

One of the most significant advantages of Iceheart's Attire is the ability to mix and match its individual pieces with other ffxiv items from your wardrobe. This flexibility opens up numerous possibilities for customizing your character's appearance.


Combining Iceheart's Attire with Other Gear

You can experiment with various combinations to create unique looks. For instance:

  • Long Skirts: Pairing Iceheart's Attire with long skirts like the Demon Skirt of Healing or the Rakasha Hakama can create a captivating and elegant appearance. The robes and skirts can often complement each other seamlessly.
  • Top Layers: Layering Iceheart's Attire with items that have top sleeves, such as the Xarchic Coat, can create a distinctive look. The flared section of the gloves may be obscured, giving the impression of fingerless gloves.
  • Baggy Trousers: Consider combining the attire with baggy trousers for a stylish and comfortable appearance.



Iceheart's Attire is a remarkable addition to the Final Fantasy XIV Cash Shop. It not only pays homage to the iconic character Lady Iceheart but also offers players the much-desired flexibility to mix and match its individual pieces. While the non-dyeable nature of the attire may disappoint some, the ability to create unique glamour combinations makes up for it.


Square Enix's decision to listen to player feedback and provide more versatile glamour options is a step in the right direction. We can only hope to see more outfits like this in the future, allowing players to express their creativity and style in Eorzea.

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