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Path of Exile Sanctum Boons and Afflictions Tier List Guides

In this article, we'll take a different approach by presenting a tier list for boons and afflictions. Boons are the blessings you can acquire in Sanctum, while afflictions are the curses that hinder your progress. We'll categorize these based on their overall impact and importance to your runs. Without further ado, let's dive into the tier list!


Path of Exile Sanctum Boons and Afflictions Tier List Guides


Boons Tier List


- S Tier (Must-Have Boons)

  • All-Seeing Eye (Major Boon): Nullifies all afflictions, an absolute game-changer.
  • Adrenaline Vial: Recover 50% of Max Resolve on Boss room.


- A Tier (Great Boons)

  • Assassin's Blade: Instantly kills the next 10 cards, especially useful for lower damage builds.
  • Gold Magnet: Increases gold gain, useful for Gold runs.
  • Build Trophy: Provides an excellent investment for Gold runs.
  • Careful: Grants 60% movement speed, great for dodging hazards.
  • Lilting Melody: Rewards 150 inspiration if you take no damage in the next two rooms.
  • Prospector's Plight: Reduces the cost of vendors by 50%.


- B Tier (Nice to Have Boons)

  • Enchanted Dagger: Increases damage by 50%, a significant damage boost.
  • Prayer Beads: Provides Resolve on safe room entry.
  • Trap Steel: Reduces trap damage by 50%.
  • Rusted Chimes: Grants inspiration on inspiration gain, beneficial for specific builds.
  • Mercenary's Coin: Increases Warrior's Coin gain when below 50 Resolve.


- C Tier (Relevant, but Limited Boons)

  • Tarnished Disarray: Affects every run but more relevant in some.
  • Ancient Crystal: Reveals one extra room ahead.
  • Overton: Reduces vendor prices by 50%.
  • Silver Chalice: Converts a minor boon into a major boon.
  • Fountain of Youth: Provides Microtransaction points upon Fountain use.


- D Tier (Mostly Irrelevant Boons)

  • Beginning of the End: Minor boon gain at the start of each floor.
  • Glowing Orb: Recovers 50 Resolve when below 20 Resolve.


Afflictions Tier List


- S Tier (Run-Enders)

  • Cursed (Prism): Grants an additional random affliction when gaining a minor affliction.
  • English Wings: Makes monsters immune to slow effects, a significant hindrance.
  • Sword: Damages you upon room entry, potentially fatal.


- A Tier (Major Challenges)

  • Black Smoke: Hides Divine orbs and mirrors, detrimental for farming.
  • Owned Claws: Increases monster damage by 25%, a substantial threat.
  • Powdered Blindfold: Temporarily blinds your character, making navigation difficult.
  • Rapid Quicksand: Increases trap speed, challenging for trap-heavy areas.


- B Tier (Moderate Hindrances)

  • Poison Water: Grants afflictions upon Fountain use.
  • Purple Smoke: Obscures room types on the map.
  • Deceptive Mirror: Occasionally prevents access to valuable rooms.


- C Tier (Inconvenient Afflictions)

  • Door Attacks: Drains 30 coins upon room completion.
  • 50 Fewer Vendor Choices: Reduces vendor options but manageable.
  • Unholy Urn: Adds an affliction room but can be strategized around.
  • Weekend Flash: Reduces Max Resolve by 100, recoverable upon boss kill.


- D Tier (Minor Inconveniences)

  • Chains of Binding: Slows your character after attacking monsters.
  • Dark Pit: Increases trap damage by 100%.
  • Unhallowed Ring: Raises vendor prices by 50%.
  • Voodoo Doll: Decreases Resolve when under 50 Resolve.
  • Weakened Flash: Reduces Max Resolve by 100.
  • Wearing Sandals: Reduces movement speed by 40.



There you have it, Exiles! A comprehensive tier list for Sanctum boons and afflictions. Keep in mind that the importance of these boons and afflictions may vary depending on your playstyle, build, and skill level in Sanctum. Use this guide as a reference to make informed decisions during your runs, and remember that practice and experience will help you master the art of Sanctum. 

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