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How to complete Sprout's FFXIV MSQ Surprise Mount Showcase Quest?

The main storyline quests (MSQ) often lead adventurers on epic journeys filled with surprises, challenges, and unique rewards in FFXIV. One such quest, known colloquially as Sprout's FFXIV MSQ Surprise Mount Showcase, takes players on an adventure involving mysterious mounts and unexpected encounters. In this guide, we will provide a detailed walkthrough of this quest, complete with lists and tables to help you navigate through its various stages.


How to complete Sprout


Quest Background

The quest begins with the player receiving a task from an NPC named Russ. Injuries to several of his comrades have left him short-handed, and he requires a capable sword to complete an unfinished duty. The task at hand is relatively straightforward: eliminate the local Chigoe population to acquire three of their egg sacs. Once obtained, the player must deliver these egg sacs to a character named Rangoon at Gilbert's Spire.


Quest Walkthrough

Let's break down the quest into its key components and provide a step-by-step guide:

Stage Objective
1 Speak to Russ to receive the quest.
2 Eliminate the local Chigo population and collect three of their egg sacs.
3 Deliver the egg sacs to Rangoon at Gilbert's Spire.
4 Retrieve survey records, a surveyor's rope, and two boxes of surveyor's instruments from a nearby cave.
5 Return to Russ and deliver the surveying equipment and records.
6 Proceed to Pauline at Gabino's Bower and help thin out the Anol population.
7 Collect an Anol egg while reducing the Anol threat.
8 Deliver the Anol egg to Pauline at Gabino's Bower.
9 Travel southeast to Spirit Hold Dungeon to resolve a crisis.
10 Search for the hero and rescue any remaining party members.


Detailed Quest Description

Stage Objective Location NPC/Task Rewards/Outcome
1 Speak to Russ Starting Location Russ Initial quest briefing
2 Eliminate the Chigo Population Designated Area Defeat Chigo population Collect 3 Chigo egg sacs
3 Deliver Egg Sacs to Rangoon Gilbert's Spire Locate Rangoon Valuable information, gratitude
4 Retrieve Survey Equipment Nearby Cave Retrieve survey records, rope, and instruments Survey equipment and records
5 Return to Russ Starting Location Hand over surveying equipment Brief conversation
6 Help Thin Out the Anol Population Gabino's Bower Assist Pauline Reduce Anol threat
7 Collect an Anol Egg Gabino's Bower Collect Anol egg Essential for the quest
8 Deliver the Anol Egg Gabino's Bower Deliver Anol egg to Pauline Thanks for restoring balance in the forest
9 Resolve the Crisis at Spirit Hold Spirit Hold Dungeon Resolve the crisis Mission completion
10 Search for the Hero Inside Spirit Hold Dungeon Search for hero, rescue party members Face formidable foes if necessary



Completing the Sprout's FFXIV MSQ Surprise Mount Showcase quest is not only an exciting adventure but also a rewarding experience. Along the way, you'll encounter various challenges and meet intriguing characters. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to Eorzea, this guide should help you navigate the quest smoothly. Remember to stay vigilant, and may your journey be filled with success and surprise mounts!

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