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Poe 3.22 Magic Find Helmet Step-by-Step Crafting Guides

Are you looking to boost your item drop rates and maximize your Magic Find capabilities in Path of Exile? Crafting a Magic Find helmet can significantly enhance your character's rarity and mana reservation while providing some essential life bonuses. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of crafting a rare Magic Find helmet to improve your Path of Exile gameplay.


Poe 3.22 Magic Find Helmet Step-by-Step Crafting Guides


Step 1: Starting with the Right Base Helmet

To begin, you'll need a suitable base helmet. Look for a rare helmet that can accommodate your chosen aura skill. Depending on your build and preference, you might use auras like Wrath, Hatred, or Purity of Elements. In this guide, we'll assume you're using Wrath.


Step 2: Acquire a Base Helmet with Desirable Modifiers

Find a helmet with the Wrath aura or your chosen aura as a modifier. This can save you crafting time and resources. In the example provided, we started with a helmet that already had the Wrath aura.


Step 3: Use Essence of Loathing for Increased Mana Reservation Efficiency

The next step is to use the Essence of Loathing on your helmet. This essence adds increased Mana reservation efficiency to skills, which is essential for maintaining your auras effectively. Acquire Essence of Loathing and apply it to your helmet using your crafting bench. Aim for T1 or T2 increased Rarity as a prefix, if possible.


Step 4: Prioritize Life and Rarity Mods

Your goal is to have a helmet with both increased Rarity and a substantial life roll. Ideally, you should have an open suffix slot for further crafting. You may need to use the crafting bench to remove unwanted modifiers.


Step 5: Divine Orbs for Perfection

To fine-tune your helmet's modifiers, consider using Divine Orbs. These orbs can reroll values within the same tier of modifiers, helping you maximize the effectiveness of your helmet. Aim for high-tier Rarity and life modifiers.


Step 6: Slamming for Additional Mods (Optional)

If you have an open prefix or suffix, you can attempt to add more desirable modifiers using Exalted Orbs or Annulment Orbs. This step can significantly improve your helmet's stats, but it's also riskier, as you might remove valuable mods.


Step 7: Crafting the Final Magic Find Helmet

Once you're satisfied with your helmet's modifiers, craft any missing attributes or resistances you need to balance your character. In the example provided, the helmet ended up with an impressive increase in Rarity, life, and evasion rating.



Crafting a Magic Find helmet in Path of Exile can be a rewarding endeavor. While your results may vary, the guide above outlines the general steps to follow when creating a powerful Magic Find helmet. Remember that crafting is an iterative process, and you can always revisit and improve your helmet as you acquire more resources and knowledge. Good luck, and may your Magic Find journey yield plenty of rare and unique items! 

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